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( lol, CCDF! smile )

Is chocolate classed as " candy " over in the USA there?

lolz tongue

I thought " candy " was just another names for sweets... hmm. hmm


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Huh? I thought Prince Xizor was around in the GCW ( Galactic Civil War era )

PX wasn't born then..... was he?

that's confusing.... shadows of the empire's american novel clearly says... but never mind. tongue

that were currently in.........


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it's done and dusted

but mine was good. I only got a few easter eggs. But I'm not fussed over Easter. Sure, it's a holiday, but still, it's not christmas or a birthday.

I wonder how much that chocolate coloured marble egg is? ( see top )


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whatever. I was just saying, but never mind...


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yeah, Mandalore takes you to Onderon in one, and if you choose Talia's side, Tobin's men fire at you, and gunned me down about 10 times straight. It has hard....


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Adeptus the Speedomancer decided to wedgie some Year 1 kids........


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What's it aboot, Regimas?


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I got two chcolate easter eggs....... one my dad's dog Katie got..... lunged at.......... and ............ consumed... wink

GAHHH! tongue

I got a Maltesers one from my neighbour, Mabel. She's 92 years old! yikes

Also, Val, I think that egg is made from shiny brown marble, not chocolate. smile

It is very pretty though! big_smile


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yeah, they're cool. I played KOTOR II and flew in one

others will have if they played Kotor II smile

Also, I like the Tank Droid in the Telos' surface hangar! It's pretty easy to defeat!


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lol, a sith quiz! smile


I got " Sith God! "


( kills all members tongue )



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okay, april fools is oover


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yeah, the neck can get real achy sometimes when you lift it of your pillow.


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and you're avatar Sev! big_smile


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oh, and also, it would be good if there was a sarlaac action figure. IF it was big and wide that'd be class

boba needs a heroic death, so why not the sarlaac, as he fell into? tongue wink


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is something wrong Si?

why don't you like it?

you're kinda talking odd, like Visas Marr hmm


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Recon Clones? hmm

The clones were cool in the film though. Like when Rex pretended to be dead, and shot that BD, then at AV

I liked the ROTJ BF.

His armour shone bright green when he was on jabba's sail barge. And he fought well. When I first watched ROTJ, I thought he died in the sarlaac. I was so sad. sad



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I hope you do a new one DG! I really like you're work. I think it's great! ' Aye!

Also, you must've had patience to do it too, I haven't got much patience. sad

But still smile


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cool everyone. I get usually 9 or 10 hours, as I said.

Everyone here obviously likes sleep. Sleep is important to us, without it, we would be grumpy, upset and weak at the end of the day, unless some ppls here go at like 3.00am like my stepdad does tongue wink

sleep is like a mobile phone being charged up at the adapter.

Sleep = humans = happy humans tongue


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I make some of them, to see the results. To see if ppl like or dislike it

it's only a question. If it was like:

" what is you're favourite quilt? "

or " what is your favourite shoe? "

that'd be random... hmm


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I would like purple and yellow, or purple and green.

For a boy, Purple is one of my favourite colours.

( no, I'm obsessed with girl colours. I like purple though. A LOT smile )


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I go on it. Though it is flawed sometimes, I suppose. smile

I like it though. smile


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Mel, you have every right to criticize it. I didn't like it that much... I'd give it 5/10 or 6/10

I think the real movies are SO much better. tongue

I'm fond of Boba himself. I like his Green armour. After all, my surname is Greenhow, lol. smile

some ppl call me greenhouse at school. Or Red Bungalow

House =bungalow

red = green

get it?

sorry, I'll GBOT