John John screamed and screamed and stopped. What was this?

A pair of legs were standing up in mid-air. They started creeping up towards him. John John threw a vacuum tube at the pair of legs, but the legs kicked it aside. John John picked up an object from the ground, thinking it was a sword, but when he looked, it was a pair of socks.

The socks laughed evilly, and JJ screamed for the sixth time and ran away back to his home of Kent, where mutant tractos and farmers turning into Flood type characters destroyed the yearly crops and cereal.

John John said " NO MORE! " bravely, but ran away and screamed. He was very good at screaming.... unfortunately, the tractors and farmers ran towards him.

JJ wet his pants, but then an almighty bang exploded and knocked the T's and F's out.

It turned oot tay be his wife, with a really burnt plate of lasagne.

" Oh! There you are honey! Can you help me with this? It's a bit burnt..... "

" I can see that, " JJ replied


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okay, fine.


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awww! That's class, CCDF!

Like Terra, said, can we all see a picture of them?

My one's felt comfortable, now unforconfortable!!! GARRRGH!!! tongue


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and then the state of delusion ate a hotdog, which is impossible, because...


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My glasses feel comfortable now on my face. They've been heated up with a plasma projector thing, about 4 times now, and still not snapped.

Hopefully, I'll get new one's soon though.


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well they are arty, and I love art

I am doing quite well in my art lessons in Year 8.

On Animals and stuff.

* edit *

that's weird, on post 1159 my avatar request picture keeps changing to the one on my site......LOLZ


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same, though $100 is like still £50 over here.... moo. sad


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( umm, MM, JJ is from England. You're character is somewhere like Canada? tongue wink hehe )

John John awoke to find himself in a jellied stomach, obviously the hamburger. He got out a scalpel that was 16cm long and cut away at the jelly. It collapsed and the burger realised that John John was free.

JJ screamed for the third time and ran away. He kept running until he ran out of breath, only reaching 5 metres away.

The Burger threw grenades at JJ, but John John deflected them with his scalpel. The Burger exploded into 201 small pieces.

The extra one floated away, laughing evilly.

John John got out another camera and shot three pictures of the wreckage. Then the Mother Hamburger* came and disintegrated the camera....

JJ screamed for the fourth and final time,........ then screamed again.

He kicked the MB* out of rage that he's wasted about £8 on Tesco camera's.

" RARRGH!!! " he shouted.

thank you Aaron. smile

John John kept running as the giant burger continued to pursue him. He got out a dental needle..... or maybe 10 of them, and threw them at the burger to injure it. Unfortunately the burger got even more angrier and threw a ketchup bomb at him. Then a 3 metre layer o' cheese on him. The stickiness ground him to a halt and he stated " mmm! " as the cheesy delicacy sank into his teeth, and only then did he realise could he eat himself out. Unfortunately the giant burger shot a laser beam at him and fortunately it was on stun.

The burger laughed and formed razor sharp teeth and edged closer and closer to John John.

JJ screamed once more, and fainted like a sissy lass..............


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maybe get new one's?

unless you're oot o' money

I hate mine too, there uncomfortable on my face...

( LOLZ tongue )

Name: John John
Age: like, 30 or summin'?
Occupation: Dentists
WOC: Dental syringes, needles, drills and head-lamp
Description: John John is a dentists who lives in England with his wife and four children ages, 3, 8, 13 and 19. John John is always talking and can never shut up, due to this, people have ACTUALLY punched him, to make the point more clearer. John John is a terrible dentists but does not really realize it. Thus, he has no customers, apart from people who don't know him.
Personality: Odd, weird, and such...

John John sipped some stale orange juice that had expired a year ago, and sighed with sadness. He wished he could be a better dentist, somehow..... but he was a nice person. Or he thought so... He continued to sip the OJ, when an almighty bang appeared and a giant Hamburger operated by a giant squid, followed by an army of them. Lasers shot down tree's, destroyed cars and crushed the pavements.

John John got out his camera, which he bought for £4.99 at Tesco's and snapped a couple of shots, running outside his dental office.

" Oh my god, this is AMAZING! " he said.

Then a laser shot disintegrated his mortal camera in hundreds of pieces, which melted into the ground, forming a cheese and onion crisp sort of smell.......

John John screamed.........


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no, terra it is...


Me and my mum make raspberry jam. Or we did, last year, but there's loads left over!!! big_smile


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I said fruit .......

don't make me say it again....

it's a simple question

I can see it's a joke, but really, BOT everyone, apart from those who DID contribute. smile


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I don't know how I got it, I just did.

MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ( count dracula organ music )

( lightning and thunder )

is there a link towards this comic, V_M?


it sounds gid


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lol, Everettj!

Yeah, Jordan, but wouldn't Boba be somewhat stronger and a better hunter than you? wink


Boba's the best hunter in SW


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I know. smile


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If I was Boba's bounty, I'd run like mad then if he continues to track me doon, hide and wait for him to blast me

as J. Fett said, he's relentless

Anthony Horowitz said I have cool hair when he was signing Snake-Head for me

links to AH and SH: … k1LYkcGGQQ


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it doesn't mean he likes Reeses...

it's just a humourous picture.

anyway, hersheys in really good too. My stepdad brought some home from NY, when he was on work duty over another country, and it said that you could buy two hershey bars for one $

which I thought was pretty gid stuff. smile

cadbury's is the best. It's british, second it's galaxy, third it's milka, fourth it's hersheys

( in my opinion, but they all rock! )


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hmmm, sweets is basically maowams, haribo, sherbet lemon, etc

chocolate is chocolate....... wink

unless there's haribo stuck inside Cadbury Dairy Milk bars!!!!!!! tongue big_smile

here is the chocolate that us brits consume a lot … FXSUixhBOQ

mostly, everyone has the plain ol' chocolate, fruit and nut, caramel etc

I haven't heard of a peanut butter or orange flavoured... lol


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HB mandoGirl!

I turned 13 on March 25 2009!