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"9 you're fine. 10 you're mine."-Police Saying


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Fett_II wrote:

Oh, Seco. Next post, realize what you type before clicking the 'Submit' button.

Oh no...What did I say wrong now. sad

Name: Shimaten Zukkoket
Species: Male Human
Appearance: No armor(easy to kill)
Age: 38
Weapons: A rifle
Ship: Something resimboling IG-2000
Personality: Dumb
Note: ANYONE CAN KILL THIS GUY. I expect that Mr. Kraddosk(I know sp...) will get him. Or the police.

Shimaten was ordered to find and kill some diva and then he would get paid. That's all he knew. He flew over Alderaan, wondering where he should land his ship. His plan was simple. ((oops. gotta go. I'll finish this post later. For now I'm floating in space. Don't kill him till I land.)


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Cool! I might be a cop, in America or otherwise. I hate it when people drive even a mile over the speed limit. After all, it's called the speed limit!


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I'm glad I stayed out of you twos' little discussion. Thats one good point to me at least...and patience. I have a lot of patience.


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That's how I am about The Lord of the Rings. I have every word memorized!


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Not a bad idea, Miba! Or, you could homeschool yourself. You know, buy some curriculem, books, and start reading and working in them. It looks to me like the subjects of English, Spelling, and Literature are the most immidiate.


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Yeah, the pay isn't too good, but there are plenty of openings! lol
And yeah, I know college is good. I just don't have any idea what I'm going to get a degree for. I've got the whole world in front of me and I don't know what part I want!

(man. Imps rule. They really do! LOL. Can I creat numerous characters who get killed? One at a time of course...)


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It's on Facebook too. I failed...Believe it or not.


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My mom is going to make me go to college even though I don't want to. I don't even know what I'm going to do, really. I know! I'll be a full-time, professional Boba Fett Fan! LOL!


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Poetry? Hmmm. Maybe a Haiku?


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Yeah, in Japan, just because it's cute, or it's a cartoon, doesn't mean it's innocent or for kids. EVERYONE in Japan loves Hello Kitty, which is great for kids cause it teaches them manners and stuff. Don't tell, but I love Hello Kitty... big_smile


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Like me. LOL. How am I putting word in mouths? I'm trying to be as correct as possible. And I'm sorry if I made Americans out to be impolite, but I never meant to insult them! I only meant that the Pygmies of the Congo are very polite. I didn't mean to "compare" you to Hitler, just to say he thought certain races of people were inferior too(not meaning to put words in your mouth!). And who said the scientists dated the skulls? They just ordered and bought them from Australia.

By the way, I'm really a nice person in real life, it's just...I don't know. I reckon I have just as many friends as I do enemies. 0. Like Jango said I guess. "No friends no enemies. Only allies and adversaries." I hate that.


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I'm not into anime. Just a little in manga.


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I'm self taught-homeschooled. I know what you mean man. I'm in the Civil Air Patrol in the US.


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Then we have something in common!


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So now you are being racist! The Pygmies are nice people who are probably more polite than most Americans, and yet you are calling them inferiors! Hitler did too. I should call the hotline on you for being so mean to them! If I said that about black people, I'd be in jail!

The Smithsonian has a nice collection of "prehistoric" skulls right? Most people don't know that in the 1800's the Aboriganies of Australia were hunted and slaughtered by the thousands to get they're skulls and sell them to museums. Next thing you know, they'll be out there killing pygmies.

And I have no reason to believe that God used Evolution to create. I do not believe in macro evolution AT ALL.


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Find something that has the "free shipping" thing on it. Nice.


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I thought that was funny. I know some Japanese...don't ask about the other three languages. AND NO, SPANISH IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Not everyone in the US speaks it you know.


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Yeah! I have a friend that can't type AT ALL! I have a dad who is a senior. Believe it or not, I really respect my elders.

P.S. I've never been to a school, and I type OK. It's not TOO hard. Just keep practicing! smile


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I know. I was just being funny!


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Not really, considering the Pygmies of the Congo in Africa are similar, but they're just as smart a everyone else. Or if you want to be stubborn, there's always monkeys with arthritis, like good 'ole Lucy!


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(Instead of signing every single post, why doesn't bats just make a signature that says "Bats"?)

I always figured that bats was a 10 year old...Why does bats sometimes have trouble with grammer and caps? And I always wondered why bats refers to herself in third person...


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Islam has the right to dominate all other religions, because the Koran says to. Similarities? Isn't it possible then that religion is just a copy of an original? What is that original? "Well it coulden't be...Christianity!"