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I find it hard to separate the sarcasm, jokes, and sincerity myself...I'm very distracted at the moment. Sorry. I do believe in God though! LOL

However, Boba's pet moose lived in a space capsule nearby...

((Actually, I eat weird food like crazy, eat about 5 or 6 meals a day, weigh 101 pounds(keep in mind I'm fourteen), and am sometimes prone to spasms of pain or respiratory difficulty(no, I don't have asthma).))


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I've hated my life since I was ten. I'm not a normal teenager. I don't like music that much, I don't have friends, I don't play sports, I don't play video games, I don't watch TV or go to the movies, I hate driving, and I don't give a rip about fashion or trends. I wear American and German BDU's(Battle Dress Uniform), I like shooting stuffed animals with foam rockets, and I can't stand anyone under the age of about 25.(accept those under 7).


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I believe in God. LOL! That's the real question here! Maybe someday I might create a topic where we can discuss our views or where it is "legal"(LOL) to force our views on others. Or maybe I'll make an "evangelistic" topic to share our beliefs with others. I really don't want to have to start anything like those though. Any brave souls willing to do that? *looks up at you wearily*


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Miba wrote:

Drinking should just be banned entirely, actually. It destroys families, lives, and people. If everything around you is so awful that you have to drink, then maybe you have to reconsider your life. It turns people into something else. It makes them do horrible things, things they would never even consider doing otherwise. What if an emergency happens while you're drunk? And you stand there and laugh at it cause it's funny, when if you were normal you'd never even have had the emergency. What about holidays? Especially if you have kids. What kind of message does that send them that daddy has to drink to make it through spending a day with them, a day where you're supposed to be with your family and have good clean fun with them? What about the taste factor? I've never tasted beer itself, the smell starts me gagging before I get that close. So how do you get started drinking it then? Plug your nose till your taste buds die? Wine's even worse! I've actually thrown up before just from the smell. I had a tiny sip before (holding my nose), and it wasn't there a millisecond before I spat it up all over the place, the reaction was so immediate. People claim it's fun, or that it enhances fun things. What about good fun? Clean fun? The kind of fun you get from, say, sitting down and reading a good book? Or playing a video game? Or hanging out with friends? Must it involve making yourselves into lesser, more inhuman versions of yourselves? Me and my sister used to hang out all the time. It involved pizza, ice cream, music, games, and movies. We had so much fun, we were laughing and having the best time of our lives. All without drinking. It's really not hard to have fun without it. Oh, and then there's the health thing. What happens when your liver finally says, "**** you." and dies? Besides, what of the money wasted on it? 15.99 for a pack? Do you know what 16 dollars can get you? It can get you two, maybe three days, worth of meals. It could by you some action figures or other toys. It could get you a new keyboard for your computer. It could get you some sort of improvement for your house. Or you could save it and at the end of the year when you look at all the money you might have spent on alcohol you'll be surprised by how much money you have. Also I've heard it makes you depressed. Does anyone really need to be any more depressed? Do we really need any more suicides? What about drunk drivers? What about all the innocent people who have died because someone just had to go and drink. What about people who get drunk and wake up next to someone they don't know and don't remember? How is that good in any way? What about if you don't remember where you live and end up two towns over? What about the addictive factor? Cause it IS addictive. And I just feel sorry for those who are easily addicted to things who think they might want to have a drink. Or two. ...or maybe three. One more. Just one more. ...ok, I'll stop. No, just one more. ... What about the wife and/or kid/s that get beaten whenever he drinks? And people with kids who drink I don't even look at as being humans anymore, they're complete monsters, not only destroying themselves and their lives, but destroying their kids lives too. They don't deserve kids. Beautiful, pure, innocent, helpless, little children. It's like taking an angel and tainting it with the darkness of hell. Who knows, that poor little kid will probably, after a lifetime of seeing mommy and daddy doing it, will fall into that darkness completely. Especially if they see their friends doing it and their friends pressure them into doing it.

The age limit is there for a reason. On drinking, it should be a lot higher. On other things, I don't care so much. I mean, I understand the other things, because when I was 18 I was a complete idiot. Looking back on it, let's say there's something you can do at 21 that I wanted to do at 18. Now that I'm 22 I can go, "Wow, thank God that limit was there I would have done something that would have made everything awful." Not that there was, but I can see it from that perspective. It's to stop the stupid people from, well, doing something stupid. I don't think they should work at an actual liquor store, but I know that here at least you have to be 18 to sell it.

And I know there'll be some people who respond back to me and try to start an argument or discussion, but don't bother because I'm not coming back into this thread just to avoid that kind of thing. I can make great opening statements, but once I get into a discussion I'm hopeless. I can't keep anything straight inside my head and I word everything wrong. So, this is all I have to say and I'm out.

Yes!!! Miba you are now my hero and my god!


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I try to read everything at least twice, if not thrice. I still hate my life though.


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Yay! Now I can not have to discus all this without God being disappointed in me for quitting! Good Idea. I guess.


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Me neither...It seems like everything I say in the past year is taken wrong! Even my hero(Yes I know. He's a really good concessions stand manage in his 60's) told the Higher-Ups that he didn't want me to work in his stand anymore. I know it was probably because of something I said that sounded bossy or maybe because I was the unlucky one to make the first mistake of the day!

I dunno. It seems like if all I can do anymore is make mistakes, I don't even have a purpose in life. I CAN"T SAY ANYTHING RIGHT!!!


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My sister said if they ever filmed another TV show that was called something like "Hell's Kitchen", The Tater Stand East would be it. LOL I'm glad I've never had to work in that particular stand. LOL

((I'm sorry! I meant to make the bomb adjustable to your plans...I'll fix that. I'm thinking of not being on BFFC for a while again. I'm really a good RPG'r, I've just been off my ball in my whole life lately. Sorry. My guy died on impact. AND MY DUDE NEVER WENT THROUGH CUSTOMS! HE JUST CRASHED ONTO THE PLANET. I CLEARLY STATED HIS PLANS.))

Man I hate my life.

Edit: Man, my day was ok I guess, but not very fulfilling. I feel like all I do is make mistakes. I wish I could just get out of everyone's way!


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Omg! I Was Joking The Whole Time Anyways!!!!!!! Lolololol!!!!!!!! Yes< I Know That Is Totally Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yeah I know the fashions there arn't too hot, but hey, It sure beats working at a concessions stand!

Well, collectively, I've gotten more than 5,000 yen($50) from the tooth fairy...but but then she put a bunch of stinking braces on my mouth so I am mad a her...LOL


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How am I sick? If we automatically killed every terrorist there it would have the same effect! Like I said...IF THE CIVILIANS WERE OUT OF THE WAY.


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It insults people just like it insults any other race. Wait...extinct? The Pygmies are very alive! They are a tribe of short people who live in the Congo. And of course Hawaii would use they're own god! A perfect example of how the story changed over the generations.

And yes, I watched the video, but it didn't really answer all of these questions. And yes, people died for it. All the Disciples except two were executed for they're faith. But seriously, who would die for something that is not real? I live in the "Show Me" state. I something isn't proved to me, I don't believe it. Do you think I am ready to die for something I just "have faith" in? I've seen more than you think, friend.

And according to the dates that video said, the Bible stuff happened(and was recorded) before most of it. The Christians have created a very likely time line.


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You use the Law-giver names to prove your point. But unfortunately for you, I've been using those names to prove my point before you! Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe the others are the copies? That would make a ton more sense! And even HAWAII has a great flood legend. In fact there are hundreds of flood legends all over the earth! Has it ever occurred to you that maybe they are all about the same Biblical flood? It makes sense that fathers would pass down these things to they're children. Oh yeah, pretty much everything in that link applies to this. NO ONE EVER THINKS THAT MAYBE, JUST MAYBE ALL THOSE LEGENDS AND STORIES WERE COPIED OFF THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how dare you say that "Christianity is built on a lie"? Just because you don't happen to agree with someone else's belief, you don't start slamming it like that!

Yes the first commandment does say that to worship any other god than God is a sin. however, God will ALWAYS forgive us our sins! Otherwise everyone would go to hell. No one has never sinned!


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Yeah, I have no idea what the subject of a book with a broken stormie helmet would be.


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Well, if there weren't so stinking many civilians...I"D SAY BLOW THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO KINGDOM COME!!!!!!


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Science is NOT at war with the Bible! We don't take man's idea's and try to make them fit in the Bible, we do just the opposite! We take the Bible and try to see how man's ideas can fit in.

((as I was saying...))((Oh yeah the bomb this guy has is a normal thermal detonator... I reckon Kraddossk won't get my guy now. LOLOLOLOL!))

His plan was simple...land quickly and run from security like mad until the girl is found and...out of the way...

He proceeded to carry out his plan, speeding like crazy towards the planet's surface. When he was about 20 M off the ground, his dumb old ship stopped working...completely! The ship landed with a bang and a thump. People were everywhere! He had apperently landed in some sort of stadium. Suddenly, guys were running around! The security, or police or someone!

He quickly jumped out of his seat and ran towards the ramp. It wouldn't open. A thermal det will fix that. Quickly, he went to a cabnet and pulled out the biggest explosive there. He went to the ramp and put the bomb next to the door. He pushed the button.

"That'll do the trick!" he said, smiling.

Two seconds later the arena floor was blackened, and the dumb man was no more.

((And no, I did not kill any of anyone's characters! I just edited it, I hope it makes your lives easier.))


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Man. I'd die to work at the GAP in Tokyo! But you're right, 2,400,000 yen a year is nothing in Tokyo. What are you're housing arrangements?(if you don't mind my asking. wink )

Fett_II wrote:
Seco Fett wrote:

So now you are being racist! The Pygmies are nice people who are probably more polite than most Americans, and yet you are calling them inferiors! Hitler did too. I should call the hotline on you for being so mean to them! If I said that about black people, I'd be in jail!

The Smithsonian has a nice collection of "prehistoric" skulls right? Most people don't know that in the 1800's the Aboriganies of Australia were hunted and slaughtered by the thousands to get they're skulls and sell them to museums. Next thing you know, they'll be out there killing pygmies.

And I have no reason to believe that God used Evolution to create. I do not believe in macro evolution AT ALL.

All wrongness in bold.

Not to mention that The Smithsonian also actually does research, hence why they have their jobs. It isn't as simple as "ordering a ton from Australia."

Sorry if I over-reacted but insulting a whole people group isn't just conversation to me. And the Smithies didn't NEED to do any research. "The skulls were obviously a missing link." Nobody even found out they did that until rather recently. Remember that was back in the 19th century.(1800's for those of you who go or went to public school)


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LOL. That is great! This makes a play off of the different types of Imperial troopers.

What do you call a father whose been exposed to radiation? A Rad Dad


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Nice cover...hmmm. Love the...blaster hole? On the forehead.