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I've listed a few, but you asked for more, so.

Did you know the Bible talks about "springs in the sea"? It does. Scientists didn't even know that there were springs in the sea until about 60 years ago, and yet God spoke about the in the book of Job.

Then there's the proof for the world-wide flood, which I could make an entire museum for. As a taste, how do you get fossilized trees standing strait up through multiple rock layers? That happened at Spirit Lake in Washington after Mt. Saint Helen's blew her top, and it didn't take millions of years for that to happen, so why couldn't a flood have caused the ones in the rock layers?

Don't even get me started on carbon dating.

And don't forget about salt build up in the ocean! Did you know that the oceans get saltier every year? It's a fact that a certain amount of salt is formed in the oceans each year. If the world was so old, there would be a lot more salt in the ocean than there is today. If you started with fresh water and went to the salt we have today, then the world should be about six thousand years old or so.

If these facts are right, and the Bible is correct about scientific matters, then what's to say it's wrong about spiritual matters as well?


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Join! We have a lot of fun!


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Hehe, I like it! 9/10

And mine? It's from a really cool poem I wrote.

Yeah, so now we're all chummy friends! That's what's so great about BFFC! And we don't even know why!

But just think, what if you're wrong? What a mistake that would be. If I'm wrong though, what have I got to lose? A purposeless existence? So what.


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I don't know who he is, but yeah, very well done list!


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Because me and my sis's boyfriend are going to have so much fun!

As for red wine, it may be oh-so-good for your blood pressure, but it sure does kill your brain cells! No kidding.

And in Japan they can use the cell phone like a credit card, too. THAT'S why I don't have one. LOL

I don't "just believe". I've went out and found proof.


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I'm a huge LEGO fan, and those were awesome! Reminded me of some of the movies I've made. Thanks Tach!


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Come live with me! I need someone like you who can draw like that! You're awesome! The only tipsy part about that was how Boba was kind of leaning back. LOL

Since I don't go to school, I don't need one. I love making fun of my sister 'cause she always has her phone out(she's in her last year of college), and I say "I'm not addicted to anything!"


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yeah. thanks. friend. smile


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Do you play air soft, LEGOs, Star Wars figures(of course you do), and do Civil War reenactments? If so, I might have an opening. If you don't mind 35 degree winters and 90 degree summers. Spring is nice though. If you like flash floods and tornadoes. And winter ice storms on a schedule like the ones in Arkansas. And droughts.


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Sometimes I go into a type of self-exile. Or my computer crashes. It does seem much quieter than the last time I was on. I don't know why.


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Right now...South Carolina is the Promised Land...flowing with grits and sweet tea. LOL

My sister's BF, sometime this year to be her fiance, lives there and we have so many plans, it'll be better than even Japan! He's as close as a brother to me even though we haven't known each other that long.



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Try...not...to...think.......Arrrggghhhh! We have to know! Do they want all they're fans to die of expectation before it even comes out? LOLOL

((I've decided to not post on the RPG forum anymore))

Then Seco Fett made his contribution to this thread...


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I didn't mean it like that! I give up, my life is pointless!


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Like always, apparently my praise of someone has been misinterpreted.

I'm glad you were in the Air Force, I'm an Air Force Junior ROTC cadet, and very proud. Thank you for serving your country ma'am.(Let's hope I didn't offend anyone that time.)


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Oh yeah, I meant Japanese grammar. I could never dream of learning the 6,000 Kanji, let alone the other two main alphabets taught in Japan! Way to go T!


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I've always wanted to go to Australia! Maybe someday I will go and visit you guys! Stay safe! smile


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I never said I think atom bombs are funny! They kill people. It's wrong!


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Actually, I can personally say that Japanese in easier to learn than Spanish. Trust me! I know some German, Romanian, Russian, and Japanese. I gave up on Spanish like four years ago.

God commands us to love the sinner, but hate the sin. God does love everyone. Sadly many "Christians" are out there for themselves. I hate to admit it, but my current pastor is just here for the good pay and the respect that he wrongly demands from everyone.