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Hey guys. I havn't been on for a while because my computer got 38 trojan viruses out of nowhere. Now my mom won't let anyone in the house on the internet. LOL I'll get on here every once in a while at the library, but until further notice I won't be on here very frequently. Love you guys!


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Windows Paint is pretty basic. It took me five days to make my favorite Boba Fett drawing.

I'd go into space and colonize some planet just to get away from this spinning rock full of arguements and problems. LOL


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That's rich! erd!!! LOL!

"Wise and persistent. He will be missed."


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Yes, computer art has it's own place. That's what I do. I use Windows Paint to make fairly good drawings. Don't wanna brag you know. I still enjoy using colored pencils sometimes though.


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Because if their government becomes "unstable", that's bad news for us along with all of Iraq's neighbors. We saw what happens when a country is unstable in WWII, with Nazi Germany. Surely we don't want that that to happen again mate!

(Hopefully my last post on this topic...)

Yeah, good idea, Tach. Maybe we should make a topic where people can discuss differences within they're own beliefs. That way, they always have a good strong unity. Good idea.

Good job Cece. As long as this thread still asks questions, and I've got answers, I'm not allowed to stop posting. God said in the book that if someone doesn't help someone who has a problem, then it might as well be on their head.


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Pretty scary. big_smile Raises lots of SW questions for me.


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Who's Richard?

Cool one AA, 8.5/10


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I live in one of the cheapest places in the US! I'm so lucky! Gas is like $1.68 or something. big_smile

Yes I now stop.


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Hmm, I might live there someday. My church denomination doesn't have any missionaries in Australia, so maybe that's what I'll do. Then we won't need the 'God or Evolution' thread, and we can fight or agree face to face. JK

But seriously, your national anthem rules!


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haha, actually, Florence SC, near where he lives, is the fifth most dangerous place in the US. LOL


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I told them that like twice now, but they just don't listen to me.


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Every time I read a post of his, I smile at his sig! big_smile


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Yep, here, we have all the natural disasters I mentioned earlier, then there's mosquitoes, hidden meth labs, three kinds of poisonous snakes, all kinds of limbs to scratch you, sheer drops, and pit bull dogs.

Yeah you could do those in any state, but it wouldn't annoy my sister near as much! big_smile She thinks people in the South are strange, with their sweet tea, grits, country music(which is big here too), and Palmetto Trees(SC).


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Cece, you talk as if it is fact. We're back to story number one now. It is just a theory as is everything else as to how life began.

As to a record of a ww flood, how about "Billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water, all over the earth." And about the ""How are we here?" question, it's Noah's Ark. Well, it was actually God's Ark, but Noah built it.


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Cool info man! I want some Dragon Skin!

It does seem that we aren't doing much to help over there now, but if we pulled out now, whats to stop the bad guys from taking over again. Personally, I'm not sure what to think about the issue. I know several people who are over there, and yeah, war is costly, but as long as we're keeping them busy over there, they have less time to think about coming over here.(terrorists)


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I could answer you guys, but to what end? We'll just go back and forth into eternity. Oh, wait, you don't believe in eternity. Oh, well. You guys need to be a little more tolerant. We all do.

And yes, the Catholics are messed up(in my view), but I don't know why the people say the Crusades were so bad. I mean, the Muslims invaded in the west, and the Christians defended and pressed forward in the east.

And what "scientific evidence" do you mean?


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If I was to move to Australia, just where would be a good place to live?


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A person that wasn't thinking wrote:

Well, if there weren't so stinking many civilians...I"D SAY BLOW THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO KINGDOM COME!!!!!!

Sorry to double post. Like I said, I wasn't thinking, meant it as a joke to lighten things up(that really worked well sad ), and now I'm sorry. Everybody happy now? (please)


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Ha ha...It's halfway across the country, so if I go visit him for a week or so, this is what we are gonna do:

Ride horses for a solid day or two

Ride four-wheelers

Build our own airsoft park

Play airsoft

Go to Myrtle Beach(he live like an hour away)

Visit Civil War battlefields

Make bombs

Watch movies

Do stuff on the computer


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I love your sig Appo! 10/10