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Vyyk landed the Rekkor on a public landing pad near the warehouses where the Hutt's had told him they thought thier other goons were. He pulled out his DL-18 and plugged a fresh power pack into it. He knew it was going to be tough to try and be up to three different people at once and should things go wrong...he needed to be ready. He made his way to one of the warehouses that looked like the most protected, and stopped at the security booth where the gaurd was.

"Stop right there." the gaurd said, "What's your busines here?"

"Oh just here to see a friend."

Vyyk noticed something move on the roof. Most likley a matinance man or a gaurd or something.The gaurd called another gaurd to take Vyyk in.

"Follow me." he said.

Vyyk noticed it was very dark inside, and the gaurd he was following pulled out a flashlight.


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((Good, I'm starving for action!!!!!))


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All Right, Here's where I come in.

Name: Vyyk Drago
Age: 27
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Ship: YT-2400 named the Rekkor
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Appearence: Short black hair and deep, black eyes. White shirt with lightweight, silver chest and back armour that faintly resembles Mandolorian armor. Action shoes and tan cargo pants with blue dash stripes on the sides.
Weapons: DL-18(Skiff guard pistol), Concussion grenades, Vibro knife, whipcord on wrist, and a Dur-24 wrist laser.
Desription: Experianced spacer and bounty hunter that's good with a blaster and has a steady hand on the controls of his YT-2400 light frieghter.

Vyyk was just piloting the Rekkor onto Coruscant, and he decided to recall his briefing. He turned on the recording device on his wrist comm, and the fat old translated Hutt's voice came to his ears..."Ah, Drago, it's good to see you. I have a job for you on Coruscant..."

Oh. Well, is'nt it posssible to PM the other characters and tell them to help ressurect it?

Why don't we revive it? If nothing else, we could at least do something with me and Aphotic. Heeeeey, if it's so dead, why are you guys looking at it?

"It's good to see you back."

Hi. I started my own RPG, but nobody's playing on it, so I'm gonna join yours.

Name: Craxor D'sor
Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Freelance spacer
Home: Cloud City, Bespin
Ship: YT-2400 named the Rekkor
Weapons: Modified DL-18 (Skiff Gaurd pistol), concussion grenades, whipcord, vibro knife
Appearance: Short black hair and deep,black eyes.Tan cargo pants with blue dash stripes,white shirt,blue jacket
Description: Experienced space pilot that's good with a blaster. Sometimes uses alias Vyyk Drago. Pilots his YT-2400 frieghter with a steady hand. Of Mandolorian decsent.

It was a nice evening, and Craxor had just finished unloading a shipment of Oompa fruit to a guy who wanted it on Manaan. He then decided to see the town. As he walked out of Docking Bay 37, he decided to tour the docks first. He walked along and pretty soon he came to the large frieghter docks. A little bit later he  came to a more deserted part of the docks. Suddenly, he came upon several people who were standing around looking a bit strange. Not to mention he was a bit bored, and would have to start the harrowing search for another shipment to do sometime soon, so he decided to ask them what they were doing.

"Hello. What was that flash I saw a second ago?"

Yo, guys, I'm kinda new but brainy on Civil War stuff, so let's go! wink

Rules: No bad languge. No more than three characters per person. No killing other characters(you can only wound them). No more weapons than two rifles, three pistols, five hidden weapons(like knee-pad rockets), three blades, and one jetpack(or other backpack). Don't make battles last too long. Reload when needed. No more than three speacial abilities. Stay on the planet or in space around it(You can introduce your character on a different planet if you want to). Make it where everybody can understand you. Add a little humer if you feel like it. If you have a question during the game, put "Pause:" at the beggining of your post, and "Unpause" when your question is answered. And have lots of fun!!!

Your starting post should look like this:

Alliance:(Rebel, Imperial, locals, bounty hunters(specify who for))
Home:(Planet or spacecraft)
Other Vehicles:(Speeder bikes, Ect.)
Close Friends:(such as another character you have)
Appearance:(Eg. Blond hair, blue eyes, clean shaven)
Armour:(Eg. Grey jumpsuit with green and red Mando armour, 50%)
Gear:(Eg. Jetpack, gauntlets)
Special Abilities:(Eg. Terras Kasi, force, wisdom, stategy)
Description:(Past and reasons for involvment)

You can combine information, but try to include most of the stuff I asked for.

Setting: The Galactic Civil War is raging, and Rebel and Imperial forces are battleing for control of of a small, mild-weathered desert planet in the Mid Rim.(Let's call it Tyros) The small Imperial garrison is paying a nice amount of credits for any bounty hunters who are willing to help fight the Rebels. The locals are divided about these events, and many are organizing armed militias. The Rebels have a small base near lake Tiskosor, and have a small force of soldiers and marksmen. Combat landspeeders are they're main vehicle, while Imperial's maintain several AT-STs and a couple AT-ATs. The Rebels are willing to pay bounty hunters 3/4 of what the Imperials are paying. At the Rebel base, the leaders plan to infiltrate the Imperial base, kidnap General Faator, cuase some damage and ask for a randsome. The Rebels are asking for volunteers for this risky mission...

My Dude:

Name: Vyyk Drago
Age: 45
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Alliance: Bounty Hunter(Empire)
Home: Cloud City,Bespin
Ship: YT-2400 named the Rekkor
Other Vehicles: Imperial Speeder Bike
Close Friends: Imperial Leuitenant (Stationed on Tyros)
Appearance: Black hair, deep, black eyes
Armour: Purple jumpsuit, silver and purple light Mando armour and battle helmet 30%
Gear: Small repulsorlift backpack
Weapons: E-11 Blaster Rifle, DL-18 blaster pistol(Skiff gaurd pistol) Vibro-knife, Saberdart, and Backpack rocket
Abilities: Strategy, gunfighting, tracking
Description: Fiercly loyal to the Empire, he is a bounty hunter who admires Boba Fett, and was elated to buy some Mando Armour on the black market. Of Mandolorian decsent himself, he is wise and cunning, a foe to be feared.

One day, Vyyk Drago was lounging on his ship when he reieved an Imperial call to all Bounty hunters. And you know all the rest. Now he's in the Imp Garrison and planning his moves.


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Bossk did not finish 1st grade. A new tooth necklace for Boba.

Sooooo, Aparently Hett turned into a bad guy some how? Oh yeah, Fett would win any batttle.


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I'm in love with Cloud City, Bespin. Also Tatooine is pretty nice. HEY! can anyone tell me wha Mandalore is like? Please?

Oh yeah, Skiff Guard pistols are Blastech DL-18.


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Do they have Battlefront 2 or 3 on computer?


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First, Han's is a Blastech DL-44. I would like a Relby KYD-21 blaster. I think Bespin's wing gaurd uses them. E-11's are cool, but are bigger. (I like pistols)

P.S. Skiff gaurd pistols are cool too, but can somebody tell me what they're called? I can't remember.

P.P.S. E-11's are stormtrooper rifles. Boba's is an EE-3. Both by Blastech.

smile Hilarious!!!


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Hey, I need a helmet avatar. Start with Jango's helmet, and turn the blue into medium-dark purple, and above the left ear where the kill stripes go, put a Mandalorian skull symbol (same purple). Two virtual inches from where the symbol ends (going twards the back of the helmet), start the purple kill stripes and end them in the same place as Boba's. Please make six avatars if you can. (And 3-D's OK.) Here are the angles for the views: Front, front-left, left, back, right, and front-right. I'd like them to have either a black, white, or starfield background. Please make them big, at least the size of miba's avatar. Thank you sooooooo much! smile PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!!!

P.S. Ralin Drakus' is cool, but zoom out to get the rangefinder and everything else in it. Thanks!

P.P.S. Thank you for showing me the edit button. wink

P.P.P.S. Put them on this forum so that I can save them to Media Player. Thaaaaank you!!!