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Hey, I need a helmet avatar. Start with Jango's helmet, and turn the blue into medium-dark purple, and above the left ear where the kill stripes go, put a Mandalorian skull symbol (same purple). Two virtual inches from where the symbol ends (going twards the back of the helmet), start the purple kill stripes and end them in the same place as Boba's. Please make six avatars if you can. (And 3-D's OK.) Here are the angles for the views: Front, front-left, left, back, right, and front-right. I'd like them to have either a black, white, or starfield background. Please make them big, at least the size of miba's avatar. Thank you sooooooo much! smile PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!!!

P.S. Ralin Drakus' is cool, but zoom out to get the rangefinder and everything else in it. Thanks!

P.P.S. Thank you for showing me the edit button. wink

P.P.P.S. Put them on this forum so that I can save them to Media Player. Thaaaaank you!!!