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Did you know: A mythosaur was a real dino? -wait no, my memory is bad- Never mind.

SWEET!!! Thats an airsoft rifle, right? I love airsoft! I have two CYMA spring pistols, a CYMA MP7 spring rifle, a Well D-94s electric, a UHC M-92 heavy spring pistol, and soon I might get a CYMA MP5 electric.


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Masterchief wrote:

(( AA, please stay! Si has Pmed Seco to say what it's going to be like, k? ))

((Masterchief said so. It look like I'm going to have to hit the gas agian and keep this thing from dieing -on the next post. (I need to think a little.)))


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((Is this dead, or can I still join?))


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Vyyk and Ronun got to the control panel. "What now?" Ronun asked. "Just do sompin'" Vyyk replied

((It's been a week, and Si hasn't PMed me yet...))


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Cool one terra!


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((Really? Hey Ronun, if we do use your plan of going to the apartment, we'll have the edge on them cause I rigged it up, remember? And when will Si PM me?))


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((Hmmmmm...We need a really good plan, what say we end up at your old apartment and do somthing there, or do you want to have a humdinger of a fight in here?))


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It's a freakin' droid!!! Boba could just set his jetpack missle to home in on it and-BOOM-Fett woulden't even have to look at the droid-right?


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(Hey AA, Does that mean that when you get out of that locker, I can kill you?)


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(Let's get back to the story before it dies sad  And I'm also helping to build Ronun-Daric's background, so I am trying to help. Time for action!)

Vyyk felt tuned up after his one way shoot-out, and finished cleaning up. Then he heard blaster fire from the door way down below, and later he heard a thermal detonator explode somewhere in the building. Fun. He dropped a concussion grenade on the roof and took cover. BOOM!!! He then lowered himself through the roof and began sneaking around. Hearing blaster fire from somewhere, he decided to go away from it, and looked around a corner where he saw a very bruised Daric asking a gaurd for somthing and then slipping and grabbing some credits laying on a table.

Vyyk set his blaster to stun for eight minutes and shot the gaurd unconcious (Sorry Bareth). He went to them and quickly tied him up, then put him in a storage locker. He wondered what had happened to the last guy he did that to.

He finished locking the locker, then turned toward Daric, his best friend, who was supposed have died a few years after he'd been married, but had accidently messed with the Hutt's and Black Sun.

"Daric." Vyyk said.

"Vyyk?" said Ronun.

But then they heard more blaster fire and Vyyk tossed his friend the gaurd's gun and yelled "Follow me!"

(Hey Bareth, since you beat up Ronun so much, I didn't figure you would mind getting knocked out from behind for eight measely minutes befor you bust out. wink)


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As Vyyk was finishing rigging everything, he strapped demolition bombs all over the building, just in case, then he strapped one of the triggers to his pulse, and destroyed the de-armer. As he layed the last explosive on the roof, he looked out over the cityscape. As he steadily looked acoss it, he noticed several small groups of armed men who all had a resembalence in their armor. Strange. Then he noticed that they were searching for somthing.

"Oh well, who cares" he thought.

"But with my luck, they're most likely looking for this building, and they'll most likely come just as the action starts." Vyyk thought with humor. But as he watched an even smaller group with a very important-looking man in it met one of the teams. But then Vyyk felt a gun at his neck, and heard a gaurd say "Don't move put your hands behind your head don't move."

"Sad little man," Vyyk said, "you never put a gun to my head."

With that, Vyyk ducked, spun around while taking out his DL-18 out and blasting away at the gaurds. All three of them crumpled and fell. Too late, he rememberd that those gaurds didn't even have working blasters. Too bad.


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Vyyk was set on waiting until the time felt just right. But in the mean time, he was going to start hotwirering cameras and jamming gaurds's guns. As he worked, he thought about his best friend, Daric, who had changed his name after a mix-up with the Hutts and Black Sun, then married and had some kids, who were living on another planet not far from here. He continued to break cameras and gaurds's guns.


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Si- Love it, so cool. 10/10
AA- Ummm, what is it? 5/10
Alo- Cute 8/10
Masterchief- Awsome 10/10
Grim- Too scary 4/10
terra- Clear 7/10
Dave- So Imperial 9/10
Miba- Boba 10/10

What do you think on mine? I LOOOOOVVVEEE LEGOs, and Fett to.(lol, Love the six shooters!)


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((Hey Nigzy, your guys can't ride thier speeder bikes toward the city, 'cause the whole planet is a city! You might try making your base on top of a building. Just a tip.;)))

Vyyk finished rigging the place up and decided to go and snoop around that place he'd been earlier, and see if things had slowed down any...but once he got there he realised that something was going on...and this time it wasn't just the lights. There were more gaurds, more cameras, and more guns. He wondered if those other Hutt goons where in there. But most of all he wondered if the voice of his target could be the same voice of his best friend...Daric Choard. But Daric was supposed to be dead...but the voices were the same and he coulden't change that.

"Looks like this will be the first job I quit on purpose." Vyyk thought.
"And anybody who tries to kill him this time's going to be sorry, very, very sorry."


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"Hmmmm. Nice place." Said Vyyk as he looked around the appartment and wondered how many armies had come through this place in the last few days. Man, with the door broken in, the window destroyed(and only some plastic to cover the hole), papers on the floor, a broken dresser, and a messed up bed, it looked as if a herd of banthas and aak dogs had come through. "Oh well, this'll work." he said as he turned the bed over and made it into a table, then rigged the place so that even a squad of Jedi couldn't get in(or out) alive.


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HEY!!!!!! I didn't ruin nothun, NOTHUN!!! If you want Nom to live, IT CAN JUST BE A DECOY, A DECOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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((That's OK, as you see, I just bolted the lid on him. He'll have a little problem getting out now))

Well, I think I'll go to the target's appartment, and make it a sort of base, I thought. But still, that scream was almost certianly the target. Hmmm.
*I go to appartment and am now in it*


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Oh, to finish this RPG, I'm going to join for a second.

Name: Skiffy Gaurd
Age: 30 or so
Home: Who cares
Weapons: DL-18, Disruptor rifle(Disintegrates people)
Job: skiff gaurd

Skiffy was standiing gaurd outside when he saw a guy drop from a helicopter who had a nametag that said "Hi, my name is Nom."
Skiffy watched as he tried to sneak around and was spooked by another gaurd chasing a rabbit. Skiffy walked over to him so that his shadow would cover him."'Nom" started to shake.
"Long way from home." said Skiffy. Then Skiffy whipped out his Disruptor and let a shot fly at him, melting him instantly to a pile of ash(Since this RPG is dead, I don't think he will mind too much. But if he does, this can just be a decoy).
Then Skippy's pager went off, and he hurried to the main room to assume gaurd duty. However, as soon as he arrived two guys blasted into the room, shooting away. Skippy raised his DL-18 and fired like mad, but a blast crashed into his face with the force of a thousand hammers. Skippy sank to the floor. His last thought was: "To...bad...nobody...gave...me...any...bantha...or...Rodian...sauce............


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Vyyk checked the gaurd. Dead. He'd been knifed in the back by someone who didn't want to be seen. Probobly one of those other doofuses the Hutt's said they had hired earlier. 'Well, He thought, 'I hate to see someone leave a vent open like this, so I'll just have to fix this.'

Vyyk then took the panel and replaced it. Then bolted it down, tight.

'That ought to do it.' he thought.


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((Just watch how fast I can get out!!! P.S. Hey Sunder, can I kill or capture your shadow, or do I have to ask you first? And Si, thanks for the idea, I'm going to use that idea in a little bit. wink ))

Suddenly the gaurd turned around and focused his glowstick in Vyyk's face, saying something about not liking visitors and that he would hang onto this one.

"Oh, I don't mind, but please don't shine that in my face." he said as he pulled his DL-18 out and then quickly whapped the gaurd in the head with it.

"OOhhh." the gaurd said as he slumped too the ground. Vyyk thought about knifing him but decided to drag him into a storage locker nearby. Using some lock tools, he managed to open and lock the locker. That done, he decided that this place was too fast for him.
So he went outside again to get a better idea of what was going on. As he left, he noticed the lights coming back on. He then snuck past the gaurd and walked to the back of the building, using his whipcord to zip up to the roof where he saw a couple gaurds standing around. He crawled around a bit, then noticed another gaurd laying on the ground next to him, next to some type of boxes. As he lay there, next to an open air vent he wondered about the gaurd and the open vent.


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((I told the gaurd I was here to see an old friend, remember? If it bothers you though, I can change it))


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And Rodians have long fingers with suction cups on the ends wink
Back to the subject.


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Suddenly, Vyyk heard a scream coming from a hallway. Funny, it kinda sounded like a guy he used to know...could it be...no, of course not...but then again.


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I don't know, but sometimes I feel like a Rodian. smile)


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As you can tell by most of my RPGs, I'm male. Oh yeah, if your wondering, girls, most of those males on here are really HUMAN MALES!!!