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Karson- I believe in dinosuars and everything, but like Fett_II said, to believe they lived a long time ago is comprimise.

Fett_II-I'm sick of the yom thing...

And carbon dating is inacurate. I know a guy who sent the same bone to three diferent carbon lab and these are they're dates: 207 years, 354 years, and 85 years. a small diference...

They also carbon dated an item with the date "1854" on it, and it came out 1337!


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We've been through the Yom thing like a million times already!!!!!

And God made plants a day before the sun, so if each day was millions of years, woulden't all plant life die???

And the Sabbath was a day to HONOR God, not ignore Him!

I have a question: Do you read your shool HISTORY book at bedtime?


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draco- A lot of stuff is made from what archealogists cal "bone"- but they don't know what kind.

Karson- I thought you said you believed in Biblical creation! "they have ran around the world before God made man." Yes they did- FOR ONE DAY!!! Look it up. God made sea animals and birds on the 4th day, land animals on the 5th day, and man on the 6th day! I also have strong reason to believe that Noah took young dinos on the ark! and why woulden't God put man with dinos?

Fett_II- Not again! We've already been through the fact that the world is young! It's not scientific if it's not testable, observable, and repeatable, and repeatable. smile


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Sev-I think Behemoth was a type of sauropod. And I'm really think Leviathon was have a T-rex cause he could breath fire.

draco-We do have proof of dragons-Dinosaur fossils. And with the Yom thing, something couldn't have been lost, because it was originally WRITTEN in Hebrew!!! And people who speak and read Hebrew say that that's what it means! And Science IS Religon! No one would believe in something he coulden't back up!


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And Sev, That "Karson or someone said" was me-I'm glad to see someone agrees with me.

And draco, how can you explain thousands of legends about the same animal! Why didn't they pick a hamster or something? And some dino-dragons did live underground, and those cultures were just guessing something-THEY HAD NO PROOF that dragons were causing earthquakes!


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Yaeh, they said they were covered with dirt. And the guy who found it said,"It looked like a whole Egyptian army sank there.".  And there's also a dip in the sea floor there!

((((And what's with the WWII U-boat, They were already on the coast.
I'm in the Civil Air Patrol(Air Force ROTC), and we were created back then for the purpose to sink U-boats,and we did-Sixty of them-in fact, our civilian planes themselves sunk THREE!!!))))


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"He also teaches that the earth itself is NOT six thousand years old as often taught, but only this EARTH AGE is six thousand years old.  The earth is far older then six thousand years.  The dinosaurs and other ancient creatures were God's first creation, and existed during the First Earth Age."-Ralin Drakus

Please. It's proven that dinosaurs and man lived together-recently, too. The other day they found a man's footprint next to a dinosaur print, and it was in the same rock layer! Men also have TONS of stories and legends about them(It's been proven that dinos and dragons are the same thing-the anciets coulden't have called 'em "Dinosaurs 'cause the word wasn't invented 'till 1848!),and pictogliffs and pictographs have tons of dinosaurs painted on them!!!

"Ships sink Karson."-Adeptus_Astartes

Yeah, but these artifacts were Egyptian CHARIOTS and on the shore they found Egyptian commemoration pillars.

"It states in the Bible that God created animals before He created man, so isn't it possible that He evolved man from apes?"-draco fett

It goes back to the Hebrew word "Yom", one day, and evolution takes time. Second, it SAYS in the Bible that God made Adam from dust in God's image, and breathed HIS life into him. And He made Eve from Adam's rib. Therefore God SAID He didn't use evolution.


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GOD DID NOT USE MACRO EVOLUTION!!! Many Chistians today claim that evolution fit with the Bible, and that God could have used evolutionary processes to create. First of all, You have to question the Bible to believe that, beacause the Hebrew word "Yom" used in Genesis as "Day", Means "A normal, twenty-four hour day". Therefore, the Bible couldn't have meant "Mllions of years".


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What's the chance of every little thing falling into place? 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,984947,578,564,826,269,841,357,589,437,776,879,342,141,564,231,619,356,789,987,454,535,356,765,434,567,543,989,777,547,345,678,654,667,564,354,325,645,765,465,758,689,057,925 to 1-BESIDES the fact that the Bible says that God created the world in six days and the bible is infallably true(I can prove that to). And I can prove creation!!!


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Fett_II wrote:
Seco Fett wrote:

I have a question for all you athiests. Prove there ISN'T a God.

And the atheists will fight back, saying "Prove there IS a God." and so on and so forth. sure, Christians have the Bible and atheists have the flying spaghetti monster, what's the difference?

I expected them to say that-that's why I'm here-because I can PROVE there IS a God-but they can't prove there ISN'T.


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I have a question for all you athiests. Prove there ISN'T a God.


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I don't know, you made this. Maybe you could ask the admin?


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Lock It Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm a Free Will Baptist(Which is almost identical to Baptist), and I think that you, Karson, are fulfilling your duty in the Lord's Army with perfection. I want to join in your campaign agianst Satan and his followers. My Dad is a deacon in our church, and I go every Sunday(I can't go on Wedendays cause my parents work). Keep up the faith-I'm very proud of you! I'm in this with you all the way!!!


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Vyyk and Daric were blasting away when suddenley a huge explosion destroyed everything, sending the hovering Rekkor flying hundreds of miles pe hour into space, burning and flaming. They'd ecsaped barley alive...

((Can I do this-or is this RPG done-or will there be a Coruscant Attack 2?))


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All right


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Yoda talked like Grover (freom Sesame Street).

Chewbacca is a big whining teddy bear that makes endless Tusken-like sounds, but more annoying.(Tuskens sound cool while Chewie sounds retarded!)

Twi'leks, Rodians, and clone troopers rock!!!


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I live in Missouri-and noo, I don't mind you asking. smile


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((Of coarse I wouldn't mind-me go fix now.))

Vyyk remembered the explosives he'd planted, and hit the detonation button-but for some reason only five out of the thirty bombs he'd placed exploded- succeding in only shaking the place, and blowing some holes here and there.


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I can use my airsoft guns to knock him out. ((Hey Alo, now you can make a bisuiness selling fake models of your scalp))


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((Oh, sorry. I thought that since there are explosions and blastings and everything, someone nearby might call them- and I'll change that to CSF.))


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OOOOHHHHHHHH. AAAAHHHHHHHH. Those are illegal in my state, so I didn't think about other states.


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Daric and Vyyk ran towards the hanger. Once there, Vyyk and Daric blasted they're way into the small cruiser and tried to figure things out, but the activation code was beyond Vyyk's skills, so they threw a homing device in it and then blew a hole in the wall of the building. They ran out of the hole into the daylight to see mercenaries and gaurds all battling everywhere.

"To my ship!!!" yelled Vyyk as he blasted a gaurd with his blaster and stabbed a mercenary with his knife. Daric fought using a gun he took from a gaurd and a lightsaber he produced.

They finally managed to reach the ship, just as a squad of mercenaries arrived at the scene. The two jumped into the Rekkor and hovered above the ground blasting with it's lasers at the men running beneath.

((Where's Nigzy?))

"I think my career is wasted."

All Hail The Great One!!!