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((Oh how I wish this RPG wasn't dead!!!!!))

I thought I'd stop by and say hi. I haven't posted in about 3 years and feel like a jerk for not doing so...BFFC used to consume my entire life back in the day, I registered in 2008. Seems like the forums have slowed way down since then. I remember people posting every few hours.

Anyways, I may be a bit older now, but I can honestly say that I'm very close to the same person and Fett fan that I was 5 years ago. Thank you BFFC for shaping me and being an influence in my life! Love you guys!

The droids were almost ready to be armed. He was now working on the last one. There. It was ready. He quickly activated all the droids and gave them orders to follow him and act as a small body guard until the captain told him what to do with them. He set off to locate the captain.

HAHA, Hi Infamous. You're infamous. Good to finally meet you.


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Yeah He'd be the same as his dad, but I bet there's some scars and other distinguishing features.

Ralin Drakus wrote:

I don't know if it's the economy or what, but it just seems like everybody's taking a serious hit to the jaw from so-called "real life" lately.  Me for instance, I've been slammed for the last couple weeks in a row at school wrapping up my Emergency Medical Tech. class, and there's no break in sight, as they're sending us straight into the next phase of the academy...

It's good to see that the site is moving a little more then it was before though; there seems to be a bit more life lately.

Haha that made me laugh cause I'm like fifteen. lol

Yeah I think you're right, tachyonblade.

Tanks Miba, I always liked you too!

Yeah, but you met Jeremy once! lol

I guess I took my vacation because it seemed as if no one liked me. Perhaps that's what more people should do. If people don't like you, just leave and come back later. Now basically all the people who didn't like me are gone.

Welcome, friend! Yes, we need more posts, as people have been slacking off lately. Looking forward to doing stuff with you!


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I know this is an old thread, but it's cool.

2. Go to Tatooine and set up a shack next to the sarlacc.
3. Get a stick and a blindfold.
4. Wait for Fett to come and pull what Solo did!


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*here more* lol

Well, I might star a thread on the Mando helmet I'm going to make. All my parts and stuff is in the mail.

It seems to me a lot of people misinterpret people online...But then they do it in real life too, so, lol.

I met one on Facebook the other day. I didn't know them, but they said they were searching for a friend and saw my profile picture(Boba, of course). They might join here too.

About a year ago, when I was in the Civil Air Patrol, a cadet came from the Illinois Wing to visit his cousin, in our squadron. During a model rocket building class, I handed him a piece of styrofoam, and noticed he had the skull tattooed on his forearm. Later I told him I like his mythosaur, and he told me he was a Merc. Pretty cool.


I invited a person who liked my Boba Fett picture on my Facebook to join. They said they would, I can't wait! We need more posters!

Yes, no, 1,2,3,4,5, How are you, thanks, I'm fine, how about you, stuff like that.

Yay! That's it! He is who he is!

That's what I try be-myself. Good for Boba! And don't worry Cin, his armor's so cool, there's just no way to get over it. I'll say it: His armor rocks!


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I think you and I came back just in time to share in the Great Post Famine.

Exactly! I'm glad to be back!

And I finally did learn a few basic Japanese words!

I'm a wannabe, but not one. lol

I think Green's a little lost, still trying to figure things out. Not solidly sure about himself. He want's to be friendly, I think people often take what he says the wrong way, like everyone did with me earlier this year.

As for random posting or saying odd things, I can't say, never really thought too much about it. And I think his parents have been through a divorce or something, 'cause he has a step dad.

Blimey I don't even know how to copy stuff. lol

I'm not much of a computer person. I can't even figure out how to ban somebody on my own forum. haha

((Sorry I was  gone for so long, let's see if we can't get this buggy started up again!))

After getting his 4 best techs to work on the engines, he got all the rest of his men together. Mireth had about 30 techs and engineers armed now.

Everyone, go to the main hall, and help hold down the barricade!" he ordered. He then quickly ran to the service supply room. He had stored 15 pit droids he bought on sale at a podrace store on Mygeeto the last time the ship stopped there. He sometimes used them to do jobs for him on the ship. he grabbed 15 blasters, and began messing with the droids wiring, preparing them for combat.

((Man, they weren't kidding about the post famine!!!))

Oh no, I just meant I'd be checking out the cool new stuff.

Green is a "bad" guy? I had no idea, he's always been a good friend of mine, I try to help him as much as I can.

What'd he do to earn your suspicion?


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Well, you've got a lot more posts than Green's site! I'm just about it's most active right now, not even Green has posted for four days.

In that case, I'll try to post some more for you guys!

Glad to see you too Sharra!

Might be posting some. Will be taking advantage of all the site's great resources!



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Forgot about this topic. I already posted on the main intro one, so.

Yeah, I'm Seco and I'm back. I haven't been on since spring. I really missed you guys!

Hello Family. Some of you might remember me. I haven't been on in more than a year.

I'm still a loyal Fett fan though.