Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. You need to follow the format I gave you, if you want to add additional info along with it, fine, but be clear about what is.

Merciless Mandalore wrote:
rc1022 wrote:
Merciless Mandalore wrote:

I would probably go with Space Wolves too, but a Spartan can flip a 66-ton vehicle (Scorpion main battle tank). I'd say that's pretty strong, maybe stronger than a Space Wolf. And they do rely on energy shields, but that is a strength. By the time their shields were down, they would be in melee range and could easily hold their own in a hand to hand fight. Although at that point, the Space Wolves' chainswords would be superior, and ceramite is probably stronger than Spartan armor. What is Spartan armor, anyway? Titanium? I think so.

I can't exactly remember what the armor was made out of, but it got this gel thing on the surface, and it's not impossible to break through the armor. For example, I remember this part where there were a few spartans in space, then Sam pushed MC out of the way so he'd get shot instead then the plasma bolt broke a hole through. And sometimes their armor goes "dead" and their shield doesn't recharge anymore, if they were unlucky and that happens to them, the Space Wolves would win.

Well, that was the armor they had when they were kids, that part of the story was 20-30 years before Halo 3, where he has the Mark 6 armor, which is more durable. Master Chief fell out of space and was fine. I remember that in Space Wolf, the ceramite armor was cracked by some of the nightganger's weapons. Granted, it was enchanted or something, but still I don't know of Chief's Mark 6 armor getting cracked. I might have forgotten a part, though. knowledge about halo is limited, and the only reason is because I don't have Halo 3 (sadly, it'd be nice if someone can give theirs to me for my birthday). But I do remember someone telling me about MC having a better armor in Halo 3. So I guess you're right. followed my character format...:'(

Guys, this is important, for example, I don't even know what MC is now...a Spartan? What's with the Armor 100% thing? Please follow my character format, otherwise it will be very confusing, for example, I don't even know what the "Power: 50" is about.'s time for me to do something...

  Sam quickly checked his SMGs. He only gets one shot at this. He waved at the marines behind him, as if commanding them to come forward. As soon as both the hunters turned around, he quickly jumped out of the bushes and fired both his SMGs at the flesh that was shown through the hunters armor. Both the hunters quickly turned around, the nearest hunter tried to smash Sam's face his metal shield, missing by inches. At the same time, the hunter further away charged up his fuel rod gun then was ready to shoot. Sam quickly pushed the walking tank in front of him, so then he was shot by the other hunter instead.

  The other hunter made some sort of war cry, then starts charging at Sam and charges up his fuel rod gun. Sam held down on the dual SMGs trigger, bullets rained down on to the hunter, but the metal walking tank ignored the bullets clattering on his shield and hitting his armor. Then just before he can smash the Spartan's face with his shield, he fell on the ground and the charged up fuel rod gun aimlessly shot upwards at the sky as it fell.

  He nodded at the other Spartan with a sniper rifle, to the spartans, that's the most enthusiastic way of saying good job. He scanned the area, and looked at the building the two hunters were protecting. Then looked at his motion sensor, nothing.

"Oly Oly Oxen Free!" He said quietly, then whistled the six note rythem. He caught slight movements within the bushes, then the spartans came out.

Merciless Mandalore wrote:

I would probably go with Space Wolves too, but a Spartan can flip a 66-ton vehicle (Scorpion main battle tank). I'd say that's pretty strong, maybe stronger than a Space Wolf. And they do rely on energy shields, but that is a strength. By the time their shields were down, they would be in melee range and could easily hold their own in a hand to hand fight. Although at that point, the Space Wolves' chainswords would be superior, and ceramite is probably stronger than Spartan armor. What is Spartan armor, anyway? Titanium? I think so.

I can't exactly remember what the armor was made out of, but it got this gel thing on the surface, and it's not impossible to break through the armor. For example, I remember this part where there were a few spartans in space, then Sam pushed MC out of the way so he'd get shot instead then the plasma bolt broke a hole through. And sometimes their armor goes "dead" and their shield doesn't recharge anymore, if they were unlucky and that happens to them, the Space Wolves would win.

RP setting: The planet Reach. Reach has been glassed by the convenant forces, but there are still survivors within battling for their life. There are still a few of the very first "super soldiers" known as SPARTANS, their only hope would be getting back to Earth.

The Rules:

1. You may create any character you want. You don't have to name them the same names that are in the actual halo series.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a magical toilet, don't just walk into it on the next post.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow others throughout events, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. You do not have to follow the original storyline as it is in the halo game or book series.

8. Doing funny stuff is fine, as long as it sensible (resembling a little of red vs. blue), so don't suddenly start dancing in the midst of battle.

9. No god-moding, if you're a spartan, you can easily kill an engineer. But if you're being surrounded by 2 hunters and five squads of Elite, you either escape or it's very likely you'd die.

9. Have fun.

About Halo: For those who doesn't know much about halo, you don't have to worry about not knowing the story, because like i said before you don't have to follow the original storyline. Basically, we have these super soldiers known code-named SPARTANS, just then these alien that called themselves the convenant attacked...and now the planet we're currently in is being glassed, so we're trapped with a bunch of convenants.

Primary Objectives:

1. Prevent the convenant from locating Earth: If the convenant locates our homeworld Earth, then they will use their full force to wipe out humankind.

2. Survive and escape from Reach.

Second Priorties:

1. Bring an unharmed convenant warship back to Earth: The convenant's technology is far more advanced than mankind, if we can steal their advanced slipspace, plasma cannon, camoflage, and force field technology then upgrade it ourself, we will have a better chance of winning. This is very hard to do since the convenat make their battleships self-destruct when they are about to lose, we have to surprise them and quickly finish them all.

2. Return to Earth without the convenant noticing: Return to Earth without the convenant noticing will help defending Earth when the convenant locate and attacks Earth

Character format:

Name: Name of your character
Gender: I think this is obvious why you should fill this in
Height: Your height...Spartans and Elites should be very tall
Race: You can choose to be an Elite or Spartan or a marine, Elite's objectives are basically don't let the humans forfill their objectives.
Background (optional): background story of your character
Weapons: The weapons that your character is wielding at the beginning
Specialty: What your character's good at, it could be melee combat, or sniping, etc
Location: The location of your character.

Now for my character...

Name: Sam (this is not the same guy as the one in the halo books.)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Race: Human, spartan
Weapons: Double SMGS, Rocket Launcher (side arm), 2 frag grenades
Specialty: Sniping
Location: Somewhere in Reach

Ralin Drakus wrote:

*Sorry this has been moving so slowly.  If we must, we can call this one dead, at least for now.  But if there's still some interested parties out there, maybe we can get this show moving again.  Anybody willing?*

The ancient Vampire healer finally stepped back, his magica nearly drained.  Ralin stood in the shadows nearby, watching the entire time as the Mage and done his work.

"I don't understand it."

"Understand what?"

", if that's what he is, should be dead."

"I know that; that's why I brought him to you.  I want answers.  WHAT is he??"

"If I could tell you, my Lord, I would.  All I do know is that he is not of this world."

"I know the Daedra; he is not one of them."

You would know better then I, my Lord.  But he is no man, either."

Ralin studied the unconsious form before him.  It's not possible.  He couldn't be.......

Quickly turning, Ralin opened the heavy door to leave.  Turning back, he eyed the man again as he spoke to the healer.  "Let no one enter.  Keep him asleep.  I shall return as soon as I can."



Not yet loaded with plunder, Drakus led his Clan quietlly across the Gold Road noth of Anvil.  As the Legion patrol neared, the last of the Clan reached the other side, and dissapeared into the night as they headed for their next target........

*A_A, if you're still up for the EVIL PLAN, here's your in to start moving north from your hideout.  My Clan will camp outside of Fort Wariel  *west of Kvatch*  for the rest of the night to rest before our attack.  You may stumble into us when ready  big_smile*

Lucifer woke up. He stood up, and his eye swept over the environment. He was locked in a room,  and his wounds had been well treaten while he was unconcious. He examined his wounds, most of them had been sealed with a new layer of skin. Lucifer was sure that even with his enhanced self-recovering ability, there was no way he could have survived with proper treatment and a healer. Although he was sure nobody else in the room, he found himself won't stop checking if there's anything hiding in the shadows. He growled at any tinniest sound made by insects, and anything he saw at the corner of his eye.

  He tried to calm himself down, then locked his eye on his hand which he noticed was in daedric form. He flexed his right hand, then let it turn into it's normal human form. Sat down, and just wait until someone comes in the next time.

Sorry guys, haven't been around for a while, that's because my mom messed up my computer.


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Wolverine does heal fast, but Boba will just tear him into shreds before he does.


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SOS haruhi wrote:

uh have you ever seen her fighting she could kill boba easily she could just her alien powers to slice him in to boba chops mmmm boba chops

First of all: Jesse Fett is right, she'll become yuki chops (whoever yuki is)
Second: Why would you even create this topic if YOU think that she'll beat Boba easily? Just so you can argue with every single one of us here?


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Si Titran wrote:

Ah now that Alor has given the go ahead, I can fully welcome you to Aliit Drakus Rc!

(I still can seem to find the right Mando'a word for welcome. Perhaps its something not said amongst Mandos?)

YAY *HAPPILY DANCES AROUND FOR NO PARTICAL REASON* Ehm...see, I kind of accidentally found this thread and I just happened to be interested. So I wasn't exactly looking for a BBF fan somebody tell me where to find out about Mando words?

Thanks, it's alright anyway. it goes.

  Lucifer slowly tried to open his eyes, then realized the lost of blood made his vision blurred out. He tried feeling some of his wounds, some of the cuts had a layer of new skin on it, while blood still oozed out of the other wounds. Lucifer cursed under his breathe as he remembered the fact that he doesn't know one single healing spell. As he was cursing, he felt the air was pulled out of his lungs by brutal force, so he decided to stop murmuring to himself.

  More than he ever wished, he hoped that he could somehow bring back some of his Daedric powers back. If one of his old Daedric skills recovered, he might recover faster from the wounds. He tried remembering how it feels to use some of his powers, before he was half-human, he could see when and how one will die by a simple eye contact. He locked his eyes on to his reflection of his blade on his belt, and tried concentrating, nothing happened. Focused all the strength he had on his eyes, he kept them wide opened with concentrated daedric power. He watches his own reflection as his eye turned red and the inner eyeballs turned yellow, and beast-like.

  Lucifer saw glimpses of himself dying in a bloody battle, the sky was overshadowed by blood red clouds, and the ground was burning on black flame. The vision also shows blades sticking out of his body, and his hands were burning on fire. Then the vision slowly gotten a little blurry, the vision was swirling around Lucifer. Unimaginable pain striked Lucifer in the eye, he screamed in agony but not willing to close his eyes. He NEEDS to see more. But by then the vision was already swirling around and was impossible to figure out what the image was trying to show. He shut his eye, and was unconcious again.


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Miba wrote:
Masterchief wrote:

I'm really annoyed with my brother now. HE CANT COME DOWN FOR MY 12TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! sad neutral

So, I'm not in a good mood.

...what does that have to do with having a bf or gf?

And I've had a long distance relationship once. It was hard. And sucky. My fiancee lives just across town from me right now, and, wow. The difference between having someone in the same town and having someone who lives so far away is amazing. I'm not entirely sure how I managed to stand having my old bf be so far away.

Not saying it can't work out for everyone. Just that I personally didn't like it and looking back on it I wonder how I did it. And he was quite a bit farther away than just across the state or in the next town over or even in the next state over. He was on the other side of the country.

Maybe...because he thinks that...his brother is his gf!? (sarcasm) Now everybody is telling the same story about how far are their gf/bf away.

There's one awesome hero that nobody named yet...ME!


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The Yautja wrote:

You can't just rush these things, you know.  A Bf/Gf is not a trophy or something to show off.  If you do, it'll end up badly.  Very, very badly.

Or is it? *sarcasm*


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I'm only 12 so...yeah, I'm like 5'1 the last time I checked...

You're not the only feeling sick


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thx, DS is awesome. Alo haven't check this forum for a while


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Any space left for me in Aliit Drakus clan? I would like to join big_smile

Name: My real name is Rocky Chow(yeah, weird Chinese last name stuff) and 10/22 is the date I'm born in so...yeah...rc1022
Title: No particle reason.

Personally thinks that the Delta Squad would win, because of their armor penetrating sniper rifles, and one marine would totally be, chainsword and bolt pistol probably won't come into hand because the Delta Squad would snipe him down before he comes near. But if he was able to somehow engage them in combat, I think he might win.


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rc1022 wrote:

I got a picture that I want, but it's too big, can you minimize it for me? Thanks. Here's the link: … sassin.jpg

Hey agh...Alo mind to minimize it for me if you got time? Thanks

Even when Lucifer was being surrounded, he was able to let out a grin. [i] What's life without fights? [i/] he thought to himself. A couple of knights cried out some sort of war cry and charged at him. He quickly transform his right hand into it's original daedric form, with all the powers he have left, that's the best he can do at the moment. Suddenly, at the corner of his eyes, he thought he saw a shadowy, unclear figure flashed by. That made Lucifer a little distracted, but he was still able to block off their attacks. He shoves a knight out of the way with his left hand, leaving the knight on his feet. Then  Lucifer quickly grabbed another knight's head and bashes it hard against the wall. Blood oozed out of his head, which seems like it's a part of the wall now.

  Quickly killing a few knights, showing off his skills, and taking one of their swords doesn't do much when you're being connered against the wall by dozens squads of knights and guards. More of them tried to advance towards Lucifer, but before they made the step forward, he growled like a beast and starred at his prey. Lucifer charged forward the knights, one of them tried to close up and engage in combat, and was rewarded with his head facing the guard behind him. The blade in his left hand flashed from side to side, randomly hitting guards and knights without even looking at them. He decided this would be a good time to reveal some of his Nightblade skills and his magical powers while he still can.

  He grabbed a knight by his neck and placed his left "normal" hand on to his face, the knight struggled as the burning had was melting through his armor and deforming his face. Soon, the knight's head burned on fire but Lucifer still refused to let go. Lucifer laughed with joy as he saw the face on the mortals' faces, but then it was too late to realize continue enjoying the joy was a mistake. One of the guards were in tears, screaming as if he was the one twas killed. [i] Foolish human [i/] Lucifer almost smiled at that thought, but then suddenly, he noticed the shadowy, mysterious figure was still there. Being distracted by the mysterious figure that had been watching him, the guard was able to stab his sword into his right shoulder.

  Lucifer growled with rage, then quickly grabbed the man's hand so he couldn't let go of the blade or pull it back out. The guard felt as an electricity current shoot out from the sword. Because Lucifer's right arm had lost the ability to fight, he quickly transfered the daedric powers to his left hand. He pulled out the sword, then threw it out of the way. Lucifer punched the shocked guard in the guts, he fell back flat on the floor. The guard was still concious, so he watched as Lucifer slowly squash his face with his foot. The others were afraid of Lucifer, but then a thought came through their mind. If Lucifer could be damaged by their weapons, that means they can kill him! They all charged forward towards him, Lucifer resisted most of the attacks, but was cutted badly all over. With all the powers left, he focused his magicka on his hand. He slammed his hand on to the ground hard, everyone felt an electricity pulse shot up from the ground and into their feet. They weren't damaged by the attack, but their legs were stunned. With one hand, he dug his daedric hand into the wall and started climbing upwards.

  Lucifer knew he was losing too much blood, with his high acrobatic skills, he jumped from one building to the other. Until finally they couldn't see him anymore. He was able to climb on to the tip of a clock tower, he rested leaning to the other side of the clock. From here, he can tell the way to the woods, where he can hide away until he get his strength back. [i] It's just a little to the south of this tower [i/] then he realized he couldn't jump, his legs were too tired and his vision was starting to blurred out. He tried to refocus his eyes, but by then he found himself looking at the clock tower, which seems to be getting really far way. That was when he realized he dropped from the tower, but then he felt the pain of falling flat on the floor. He was inches away from death and he knew it, he felt half the bones in the body broke, the only reason he haven't died yet is because of his high acrobatic skills. Then with his blurred vision, he thought he saw the shadowy figure was starring at him, but then his eyes blacked out.


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cloneapart wrote:

Is there something about guys and Mustangs?  tongue jk, nice cars, but most of them break before you even finish paying them off, not saying all, but most.  lol, there is a mustang around my area with lambro doors, I find that amusing big_smile

Break before you even finish paying them off, aye? If that's what happened to every single one of your car, you sounded like an awesome driver.

See, so MC has enough space to put all his weapons, AND he diffinitely has the strength too. His powered MJOLNIR armor gives him the strength to flip a scorpian TANK right back up even when it's up-side-down, how CAN'T he carry those weapons? Even if MC loses against the Delta Squad, I don't think he will lose by a lot.


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Devil May Cry

This RPG is based on the game [i]Devil May Cry[i/]. In the real actual game, the characters are almost close to god mode. So I have decided that YOU MAY NOT CHOOSE TO BE ANY OF THE CHARACTER IN THE GAME, but demons that existed in the plot such as Sparda (In case you don't know who the Dark Knight Sparda is, check this link: could be mentioned, but nobody can take the role as Sparda. Because nobody can play as the game characters, and the original game plot was around the main characters...THERE WILL BE NO MAIN QUEST. And there is no limit on just how big the mini-quests become as long as you don't blow up the world and force EVERYTHING to an end.

For those who have never played, the [i]Devil May Cry[i/] series is no where NEAR similar to the Lord of the Rings movies. Yes, they also use melee weapons such as swords, and Medieval-ish weapons...but it is a total different kind of fantasy story, they use weapons such as guns. Basically there are the devil and human race, and as for weapons they use magic, guns, sword styles, and devil arms (for those who never played the game, [i]Devil Arms are demonic, living weapons that are commonly the remnant of a defeated devil's soul or power.[i/] diffinition by the Devil May Cry Wiki) However, the concept is a little like hellgate: London, except they are devils instead of demons, and they are not as hard to kill.

For a rundown of the Devil May Cry storyline, check this link (Note: it will not be nessasary to know the story line because this RPG is different from the game and you don't need to know anything about the characters and this is about the plot of the first Devil May Cry game, check the other three if you wish):

Any species/races could be chosen in the game...devils, human, hybrids...and about weapons, I'll let you choose any kind of weapon except it must be appropriate and possible to wield. And say If you have a huge weapon like the Great Swords in the game MHF which is about the size of a human body then you probably can't do attack combos with it really quickly. Having devil arms are alright, you can either start with nothing or start off with one (you see, that's because nobody is very good at the beginning), with a maximum number of 5 devil arms just so there's no god moding. I'll let you start off with also 1 melee weapon, 1 fire arm (basically that means guns) and 3 sword styles. If you're the kind of person that thinks guns/fire arms are for one that's not a "True Warrior" like Vergil does, then you may Summoned Swords throughout the RPG instead (Don't know what Summoned Swords are? Just check the link:

Like I said before, no all powerful characters and god moding

*NOTE 2*
You see, the truth is I have never played the game, but I just saw cool-looking screenshots and trailers. If there are some game pros at DMC1/2/3/4 and found that I have made some mistakes, please tell me.

*NOTE 3* 
Even items that are not in the game are welcomed, including edged weapons, devil arms, fire arms, etc...but as long as they are appropriate. If you don't exactly know if the weapon you want for your character is appropriate or not, pm me and we'll discuss about it.

*NOTE 4*
I don't think that there are actually values of material that your weapon is made of in the game. But you know, I can't be all that sure if I haven't played the game, I mean, I have researched about the game, but it's just that sometimes they don't tell you EVERYTHING you wanted to know. But even IF there are values for material, ignore it since it's hard to say which material is better than which in a written RPG

*NOTE 5*
No killing other people's characters without permission, but you can always wound them. Killing your own characters/NPCs are highly encouraged (just joking, you can kill your chacters, but don't create a new character and kill them on every post. That will be spamming)

*NOTE 6*

Here is are the lists for the devils that already existed in the game (You can make more unique ones through mini-quests) and the list of weapons that were in the game which is the second link: … Devil_Arms

  Unlike in Hellgate: London, there's no big high tech community, so for now, we're on our own. Just for the fun of it, people can make a shop of just like Dante did called Devil May Cry in the story if you wish. Of course, you can name it anything you want. According to my researches, his shop helps people get rid of devils, tell me if I'm wrong.
Have fun people.

*Ok, here's my character, I'm using Dante's name but that's it, this is a total different Dante then in the story*

Name: Dante
Affiliation: Devil Hunter
Age: 19
Appearance: 5"11" when stood up straight, A red coat and black pants (like Dante's). Has black hair and eyes.
Race/Species: Half Devil
Personality: Fortunately, his personality is more to his human side, his devil side is only revealed during Devil Trigger. Likes challenging enemies by draging his left thumb across his neck in a throat-slitting motion.
Devil Arms: Ifrit
Weapon (the sword that guy is holding on, except with a line right from the center of where the blade beings to where it ends and the blade will be named Merciless): … 5974644271
Fire Arms: None
Special Moves/ Styles:
Exceed (An ultimate charge attack. When fully charged, Merciless unleashes crimson flames and energy around it. Exceed increases the attack power and distance of the sword, but drains Dante's energy quickly)
Doppelganger style (Initiate a dimensional light-rift to create a shadow version of yourself, losing control of your Doppelganger often happens.
Summoned Swords (Magically created blades that looks like force edge, has variety of ways to attack)

Guards were messing around, until the inhuman roar. It had been a while since they had last heard of some beasts like that, not eversince the barrier came back up. The guard named Yeyak scratched on the scar that was across his face, from just below his left eye and to the right of nose. The roar reminded him of the Daedra that tackled him, it was like no other Daedras, Yeyak was sure the Daedric silver-werewolf was a unique individual with superior powers compared to the minions. More images of memory flashes in his head, how lucky he was that a powerful priest walked by and saved him before his head was cut opened...

"Guys, I got that thing guys go on, I'll be back within minutes." He whispered to the others. Yeyak always wanted revenge, of course, it might be something else but it will be an accomplishment.

"Sure you don't want someone else with ya?" Some else asked, but Yeyak had his back turned by then and was already running towards to scene. Not wasting time at all, chasing after it...

  Lucifer knew this means trouble, while the humans were still shivering and stunned. He quickly drew his blade, and started slaughter any human nearby that could be a witness. There was no mercy, blood flew everywhere as Lucifer laughed with joy. The delight of bloodshed had finally came to him, but it was never like it was before...why? There was one thing that's in the way...and it's the same that's keeping him away from being his same old self was humanity. He'll never be the same as he was before.

  Yeyak continued running, then finally he came to this point where human blood was painted everywhere. The bodies lied everywhere, it seems they were trying to escape, but whoever did this gave no mercy and cut them up in pieces. Although he had been a guard for a long time, he had never seen something like this, even Yeyak felt a disgusting feeling in his guts. Then he noticed this hole in this man's chest with the edges of the hole melted inwards, he was wondering why the man died more painfully than others and he saw the pickaxe in the man's hands. So the thing had killed people with weapons immediately with some neat tricks, that would meant it's scared of weapons and it can kill it. He found a man who stood---no, a young boy in around his 20s stood in the center of the bodies, laughing with joy. The boy had silver hair, and a sword in his hands. His eyes jerked from side to side as if a predator searching for prey that's hidden in the shadows, the delight of slaughter slowly faded, and his mouth was turned into horrible grimace.

Lucifer finally spotted the guard, and quickly got cool down and regain sanity. By the time he spotted Yeyak, it was too late to block the incoming assault, he ducked and nearly fell on the ground and quickly tried to grab for the guard's head. Yeyak jumped backwards, lunged back at Lucifer who just bearly dodged it as the blade cut him just across his face. Yeyak knew that could be his only chance, with all his strength on his fist, he punched Lucifer in the guts and send him almost flying into a tree behind him. Lucifer licked on the blood on his cheeks, by the time he looked back up he was revealing his Daedric side. His eyes were blood red instead of white, his hand was curling inwards as if the bones were twisted into a claw, his nails turned black claws. Before Yeyak could react, Lucifer ran up to him, dropped his sword and assaulted with his claws like an animal. His claws scarred the armor with five lines across it, then with incredible strength he sent Yeyak flying back with a punch as he found Yeyak was still alive, he decided enough was enough. He picked up his sword and slowly turned back into his normal human form.

Yeyak watched as he his shadow turned into an oval, and Lucifer was slowly sinking into it, dissapearing into his shadow. Yeyak quickly looked around---nothing, the boy was gone. Then at the instant he was about to leave, a sword was held from behind, and slit his throat opened. Lucifer had enjoyed it, he stole some new clothes from a shop, changed into it, and got rid of the clothes painted with blood. Then quickly ran away into a dark alley...

  That night, Lucifer's desire for bloodshed had increased, Lucifer acted like an idiot and roared again and tried to attraction. Obviously, people had noticed the amount of people that had died, so they had more people guarding the city, even some squads of knights were sent out. So things worked out a little different.

Lucifer quickly dragged the guard that he just knocked unconcious into the bushes, then ran away into the Imperial City. Walking aimlessly in the town, he wishes to find someone that would be an honor to fight or know something about the vampire artifact he heard of lately. A man was walking towards at his direction, with many pets such as dogs and cats following him. The man accidentally elbowed Lucifer as he walked by.

"Don't you touch me with your filthy hands, human!" Lucifer roared in an inhuman, deep, voice. Cold swept over the man, although he knew he should run away now, he was stunned. The man's pets knew Lucifer was danger with animal instincts, they shivered and ran away from every direction. That was something Lucifer shouldn't have done, he drew human's attention in the center of the city.