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you know what i think?I think Mando'a is stupid. Travis thinks she can do all that all by herself? All of a sudden she can create a Mandolorian language and not talk to the old Fandalorians? she's full of herself. she has no right to write about Boba, no one does, but all the Boba Fett fans should. This goes for Mando'a too.

Is Huttese stupid? Is Klingon stupid? No...they're not. You know why? Because someone actually took the time to create the language, same as Ms. Travis did.  If you think the languages are "stupid" create one for yourself, you'll see how hard it is to do (Trust me, I created several. Not an easy task.) so give her some credit. At least she gave us a language for our Mandos. Besides, she has to get permission from Lucas or whoever is in charge of those things to get it published, so she probably isn't doing it all by herself.

About that writing. You say she can't write Boba but a fan can? Isn't that kind of counterdictive? Besides, she's probably a Boba/Mandalorian fan herself, otherwise why would she write stories for him?

have you seen her site or her blog on starwars.com
she is obsessed with the mando the way she has been using them is one of the main reasons im so into them... ive always loved the mando'ade but she has brought out my true fandom
Ni briikase! Oya! Ni Mav Parji! cuir tuur ner Gota'tuur:cool:


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and gold is for vengeance

skirta has the gold
vau was all black

and skirtas adopted father was black green gold...


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Does anyone know what the colors mean?
i was reading true colors, the 3rd republic commando that black stood for justice and yeah