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Or as a Mandalalorian jetpack engineering flaw
Kind of like the Death Star...

It's like an EE3 or something...

I got a good laugh out of the Wilhelm scream because it is in every movie.
That probably doesn't count...

Intensify forward firepower!

It's too late!

As the A-Wing fighter his the Executor's bridge.

I like that fighter too, but I would have to go for the original Basilisk from KOTOR
The huge war droid that can fly smile

Of course, the only people who would know that are..... us, soo

@Ralin Drakus
Especially since it has been mentioned that he had bested several other Jedi and would know their powers
Short-sighted Lucas

Terron wrote:
Mereel wrote:

I'd have to say Bandon's fiber armor for K1
Good protection, force powers, upgradable, looks cool

Incorrect. Using the Force when equipped with an armor = Impossible.
I tried, trust me.

I forgot that I had I a mod that changed that...
By the way, how dumb is force-restricting armor?
It doesn't even make sense.


Sev Fett wrote:

The "grunt Jedi" was a Jedi Master who sat on the council.  He obviously wasn't some grunt.

I stand corrected. He made him look like a "grunt Jedi" though. smile

Alo Fett wrote:

Jango killed a lot of jedi. Heck, Jango is one of the only major characters that we see kill a jedi in the movies.
really it was Mace that did him in.

Yeah the rest of the Jedi are killed by multitudes of clone soldiers or Sith not a "mere" bounty hunter.
It figures, though; he wastes some grunt Jedi and then faces the best swordsman in the galaxy.
Cosmic injustice smile

@ Werda Verd
Well, he did have a flamethrower gauntlet to show off for a few seconds...

I'd have to say Bandon's fiber armor for K1
Good protection, force powers, upgradable, looks cool smile

Havent played TSL enough to have a favorite

I guess it works like a regular crossbow, except requiring immense strength.
Although how it hurls energy as well as explosive rounds is beyond me.

I'd probably have some thing that could do it all, like a DC


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It's makes me think of spiderman...

I guess it isn't suprising that most of the people here have some version of fett or someone with a T-Visor smile


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Well Order 66 will be out during the summer
and Revelation in Feb.
It will be sad to see it end though...
(like always) smile


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Something crazy...
Maybe he hasn't brought balance to the force yet...
His "afterimage" could affect Luke in the future or something
I'll have to think about this more

I'll put my money on the forthcoming HD-DVD set that will be coming out when someone wins the DVD war

I'm sure this has been beaten to death, but
It was ridiculous how a blind man almost killed the best hunter in the galaxy
And of course Jango should have won, but Obi-Wan is a bit of a plot point


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I would have to go with black or red Mando armor, a red saber, and one of those shatterguns

And the fact that he simply survived so long in a cutthroat buisness means he is the best
Jango must have been a heck of a hunter too...
Until he met the Jedi

Hello everyone!
Don't know what to say really...
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