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I wouldn't, I'd probably take a hammer to the thing, but him and R2 are pretty funny together.
Jar-Jar was obvoiusly aimed at the younger audience, where R2/C3po were the comic relief for all ages.
Just another reason the old trilogy is by far superior....:)


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Real people dying in an explosion caused by incomplete knowlege of the gases...
Not that cool in my book...


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That's happened to me a few times. Medpacks help with that. Or just shooting everyone w/ blasters instead of melee weapons.


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An 80 year old man whips the Chosen One. lol


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Something that pisses me off about Lucasarts is how they endlessly cater towards young kids. Ewoks, Jar Jar, ridiculously stupid KOTOR puzzles, the list goes on. Except not R2 and C3PO, they are classic. smile smile

On topic...
I also thought that Anakin was annoying in The attack of the clones too. Always whining about something.


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Just curious about the point...


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6'3" right here. I was about 5'5 or 6 when I was 13 as well...


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I hate Jar Jar and little Anakin because they are so annoying.


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It is an amazing RPG, one of the best SW games out there.
I felt the TSL story was better, in most parts, but that had more than it's fair share of problems.
KOTOR 1 is definitely worth it.


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Most likely, it's not like you would expect a plane to blow up underneath you, but it happens.
I don't understand what this topic is discussing, really.
The Hindenburg exploded and burned...


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I root for the Bills, the only NY football team smile

Go KOTOR 3, I don't like MMOs because they are usually full of stupid people and one has to keep paying for them(most of them at least)


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I thought it was kind of funny how often he used the words "trust" and "empower" in sequence.


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I can't take the Patriots being called "The greatest team to ever play the game."
Help me New York, you're my only hope!

Maybe part of his armor is from the Nulls.


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Yeah, they're on a hot streak right now but I don't think they have the talent to beat the Pack or the Pats.
The Packers are our only hope...

Well, yeah, in the RC books my namesake chose red or something because he liked the color.


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Yeah, the new guys set a record for not being good.
Of course, you don't need me telling you that...

I was happy that LSU beat Ohio State. Ohio's schedule was so easy...


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Yeah, everyone outside of Massachusetts wants the Pats to be taken down, and the Packers are probably the best team to do it because Favre can keep up with Brady.
I am a Bills fan by the way...

And green is for duty I think.

HIs armor might give him an advantage...


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I was kind of angry that there only was a 360 version.
Come on, give to the PC at least!
More Microsoft domination... smile


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I'm not sure his "wait for Florida, and everything will work out" stratagy was the best idea...
I mean, no frontrunner has emerged, but the news has stopped talking about him, which means people forget about him. And everyone else has delegates... But maybe he can pull it off. Who knows?
By the way, what makes him your #1?

I agree about Obama. Whatever happens, I think we need someone fresh, with new ideas.

How To Eat Small Annoying Creatures with Jabba's Rancor

At filefront for KOTOR
http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefron … ions;81423
and TSL
http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefron … ions;81698

Read the review and the readme for both files to avoid conflicts
Something about 2da files...