Well three years of war is an awfully long time, on a day by day basis.



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What I'm thinking is that they'll finish Revan/Exile's story in this game somewhere. Still, a poor excuse for, you know, playing the end of their story. Or they will just leave with that statement. I don't know about everyone else, but the reason I like the first two so much is the main character's storyline...

It'll be interesting to see what happens, although I doubt ill get it. Hate monthly fees, same here, not enough time and not really worth it.


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If it is online I refuse to get it. Like Devil Girl said, part of the reason I got it was because it was an RPG that WASN'T an MMO. I HATE paying monthly fees, another strike against them(MMO's)
If they do this they have lost a fan.


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George Bush is not in league with bin Laden.

I suspect the reason why Bin Laden has vanished for so long is because he has enough support in rural Pakistan and will survive there indefinitely. He was a multimillionare after all, some funds to throw around.

You where he would be if he was really smart? In the USA. No one would ever think to look for him here.

Of course Boba Fett would get bin Laden. Too bad we don't have any real life avatar of him.


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Ah, I forgot about Sion, the Sith rep from Scotland smile
Yeah, he was interesting.

It's a tossup between Finland and Norway for me...Finland fought off the USSR for a while even so I guess I would pick them....

It took me about 35 hours for the first one and 30 for the second one. But the time went up the second time when I went out to complete all the quests.

Darth Maul was a beast. Best lightsaber fights ever, because the actor actually was a martial arts guru. Otherwise they sucked. The third movie was OK, but not a patch on the originals. Missing the magic and having the annoyance factor.

I'm not on here much at all, so there's a lot of things I do....
I don't know, my life I suppose, another website or two(Werda Verd) games, etc.


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Revan is the best Sith since Darth Vader as far as I am concerned. smile

I liked Kriea as well, the ambiguity was refreshing.


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Yeah, you got that right.

I picked mine because I liked RC, and wanted a name recoginsable, but unused. (like boba/jango fett)


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Well the USA and Canada are the only ones I have been to....



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Fetterthanyou wrote:

Oh man, this topic just made me do a 30 minute search of my massive pile of disks. I actually have my Battle Chess disk in my hand right now. It's not loaded on my pc right now, but it definately will be soon. I actually learned how to play (and love) chess from playing against the computer for hours.

I hate playintg the computer; it never makes mistakes, it just uses less successful stratagies.


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Since the KOTOR series are the only games that don't have many bad points, I would have to go with them.
I also liked Xwing Allaince, 10 years old but quite fun!

Ralin Drakus wrote:

Sadly enough, I've been enjoying my time here MORE then with my parents    tongue

And Green, =  ='s  Equal     tongue    *he meant he likes spending time with family and here equally*

HAHA, programming joke! Assigning your parents to yourself doesn't make sense... lol
Wow that was dumb...
For forums in general, I enjoy being with my family and friends more, but these places have their moments.


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I am near the US east coast.


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I am ok, I can beat lots of people, but I make too many mistakes to be good.


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Imagine by John Lennon
I know what he sings isn't realistic, or even possible, but the hope that it can be is there.


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In order...
1.Firefly--the greatest show ever!
3.Stargate Atlantis

Of course those are the only three shows that I watch(ed)

Yeah, those are great!--There's many good mods at KOTOR's filefront page. A good one for KOTOR is the Brotherhood of Shadow and there's others of course but I am drawing a blank.

TSLRP-3 years in the making-Coming out when it's done...
Been waiting for that one for a while

Pazakk is either fun or frustrating for me; some of the characters in the cantinas cheat I think, which is pretty annoying.

You have to level up before you can pester Carth again.

Well the biggest mystery to me is the Force...
It never really is explained, which is good; more food for the imagination.

Darth Revan
*insert word(s) here*

TSL Character- "If only the ending was worse..."

I'm pretty sure it was 3 years.
10 years was between EP1 and EP2, 3 between EP2 and EP3--which was the Clone Wars

Star Trek can be fun, but I have to go with SW--without that I wouldn't be here. It was my introduction to sci-fi, and remains my favorite. It also was more believable, more real.