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he's got a saber too? nice. Is he force sensitive?


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I think he keeps the same model sawed-off blaster, might be a Blas-tech, not sure which model. E-11's the stormies....


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

There are quite a few different colour variations to Mandalorian armour which do you think looks the best and why?

I love Boba's, mainly because it's the original and that's what I expect to see. cool

original? hardly. and i'd have Gold beskar'gam, with a 3-sided blade and a custom Verpine sidearm AND sniper. and a coupla blasters and 'nades, for when i want things to go BANG!!! lol


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

big_smile I went out to get Tripple Zero, True Colors, and Deathstar. And instead I picked up the first two and the Star Wars Vault (HALF PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

nicccccccccccccce. and alliegence is great. Zahn's a great author.

A full suit of Gold Beskar'gam. lol

Nah. Xbox stuff.

Eualia (Redwall book)

tons of cash and cards

other stuff i don't remember. need to get Darth Bane, and some of the NJO series to re-read. Can't wait for revelation!!