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yeah. Help always....helps. Now, Kad'ika, if trained, would have an easier time of it. or all of the Omega and Delta.

cloned or mech arm?

yeah he was. but i think the only place the feels safe is Slave I. and i think that the doc was with Taun We on Kamino


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now THAT'S tough. those jedi don't go down easily, even to a mando......


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the verizon 8300. the mom phone, free with some plans, nothing special

He takes it off in public, too. When he first meets Mirta, in Bloodlines. and his wife, Sintas, and Taun We, and maybe one or two others have seen it. but very few


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he's got a saber too? nice. Is he force sensitive?


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I think he keeps the same model sawed-off blaster, might be a Blas-tech, not sure which model. E-11's the stormies....


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

There are quite a few different colour variations to Mandalorian armour which do you think looks the best and why?

I love Boba's, mainly because it's the original and that's what I expect to see. cool

original? hardly. and i'd have Gold beskar'gam, with a 3-sided blade and a custom Verpine sidearm AND sniper. and a coupla blasters and 'nades, for when i want things to go BANG!!! lol


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

big_smile I went out to get Tripple Zero, True Colors, and Deathstar. And instead I picked up the first two and the Star Wars Vault (HALF PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

nicccccccccccccce. and alliegence is great. Zahn's a great author.

A full suit of Gold Beskar'gam. lol

Nah. Xbox stuff.

Eualia (Redwall book)

tons of cash and cards

other stuff i don't remember. need to get Darth Bane, and some of the NJO series to re-read. Can't wait for revelation!!