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virulent_messiah wrote:

Hey, don't leave out the baddest Mando around, Kal Skirata.

-He's the only one who could control the Null ARCs, even Jango was gonna let the Kaminoans terminate them 'cuz they were unstoppable since age 2.
-His beskar'gam (Mandalorian armor) is gold, the color of vengeance.
-He didn't give osik what the Republic wanted the clone commandos to do, if it went against his goals for the welfare of his adopted sons (not just the six Nulls, and a few thousand commandos, but all the clones), he went around it.
-He established a plan, which included hunting down the chief Kaminoan scientist with her clone research, and setting up his boys for life away from the Grand Army of the Republic. Note: If you havent read the Republic Commando series by Karen Traviss, do so.

Anyway all this and more with just his beskar'gam and his father's three-bladed knife? Kandosii!

'nuff said...

The Cloner wrote:

Boba and Jango weren't prepared for a jetpack problem, so I'm going to agree with virulent_messiah. But Boba is still my favorite, I'm only saying he wasn't prepared for anything.

vor'e (thanks) Cloner...of course Boba's still my fave. He's especially so in KTs Bloodlines (read that too, if you haven't.)

YES!! KT's books are amazing. but he only trained, I think, 112 Clone Commandos. But he cares for them all--even Corr, and Delta. But Kal Skirata's got to be my favorite SW character EVER!!

but i don't think Jango was going to let them terminate them, he didn't want to. Kal just took a stronger approach


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Ale'ika Skirta wrote:

and gold is for vengeance

skirta has the gold
vau was all black

and skirtas adopted father was black green gold...

it was? I don't remember them describing Munin Skirata's armor....must have missed it. He gave the gold to Kal though.


ordo and Mereel have the latter 2

where did everyone read what green is? i've heard it from several people, but don't remember it, not really...

Ale'ika Skirta wrote:

i was thinking more along the lines of being able to communicate with one another  yikes but then i am reminded of the ewok Tarfang that people seem to understand, and who happens to be the co-pilot to the Sullustan Galactic Alliance Intelligence agent Jae Juun

lol...Tarfang. Remember Lieutenant Ketch? Wedge and Wes's ongoing joke, that was practically a reality a few times? Good times. Wraith Squadron was....eccentric. Yes. Quite eccentric.


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there we go--EE-3. knew it was blastech, and thought it had an "E", but forgot the rest. the E-11 is more of a small rifle..


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Si Titran wrote:

Is it wrong to not be able to choose a favorite? I know some people dislike Traviss and all but I really like this series. I recently reread The Cestus Deception (Hey I've had a bad knee and I read fast) and the clones in it aren't the same. I mean  there isn't anything wrong with them, its just different in the treatment, ie perspective is almost exclusively from non clone chararcters. Traviss' commando series to  me is just more comfortable. That all said I think Sev and Scorch are tied for my favorites. I like to think that I would be the right gal for Sev, as I seem to think similarly. (I guess i am fully nutty now).

well put. i've read it too--it was decent, but the clones were VERY different from KT's. and why would anyone dislike her? she's done a GREAT job with both the Commandos and with the Mandos--both virtually unexplored or known. I say kandosii, for doing such a great job with so little.


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Mereel wrote:

I would have to go with black or red Mando armor, a red saber, and one of those shatterguns

nice, Definitely a verpine Shattergun. And gold mando armor. and more, but i've already said in others


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Werda Verd wrote:

I've got nothing against a woman president, but not Clinton. She'd be horrible. And if other countries think we're weak, well, screw them. They'll find out we're not the hard way.

OYA USA!!!!!

oya!! Oya, vode!! lol.....


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I KNOW!! but at least he's alive--even if he won't be able to fight again, in likeliness. if it'd been Niner or Atin, i won't have minded so much. And the Nulls are great. But i've always loved Fi.


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i know, right? hey, good to see ya here--and nice name!

TC was great, and TZ. cant wait for Order 66, and revelation. Karen Traviss has done a great job with mando'ade

ohhhhhh.....an SSD is tempting. A firespray or YT1300 would be a good vessel, the firespray better. ARC170's are nice, but I'd take a Bes'uliik, can't beat a mando made fighter, especially not one with a beskar microskin!! faster than an Xwing, too

lol....yeah. But you would have thought he would have been a bit smarter than trying to face a Jedi master down, with just blasters--dumb producers


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The Deece's nice,but I'd love a Verpine Shatter gun--well, its not a blaster, btw. Weapon. And its absolutely silent. Very nice

yeah it was. and that one trainee that sucumbed to Exar Kun did too. Corran does that once, cept into a Vong's eye socked. i was like, YEAH!!

oh. It was a double. i was thinking a single blade, which WOULD be impractical. But a dual phase would be useful. nice to have a surprise up your sleeve, so to speak.

what do you mean? like a non-existent arm?


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Aurra sings ok. But Thrawn was cool. so are the chiss in general. And Jag fel. Love Jag. And Wedge Antilles


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I've got nothing against a woman president, but not Clinton. She'd be horrible. And if other countries think we're weak, well, screw them. They'll find out we're not the hard way.

I WANT TO READ THAT!! was it dual phase? or just long? cus one that long is generally considered impractical.


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They ARE human. But their clones, and have been raised together, in the same pod. so they won't have slightly different accents from their original pods, like Omega does. But they still all sound like Jango. Its easy to forget that, but omega does.

and no, i don't really think Vau LOVED them. well, sort of. But Skirata CARED for them. Vau got pissed cus Atin ruined his record by loosing brothers, and was doing survivors guilt. But he beat Atin up. And making them fight thier brothers, or him with a saber--that's not even human. I can understand some of what he did, to make them tougher, but That was unnecessary. Skirata's still my favorite.

and what were you saying that to Mandal for? he hasn't been talking here for a while.

and i understand what the different voices are for, just seems wierd. and what's with the quotes?

i have to say, while its not a bad idea, you need to play star wars bounty hunter. a large number of mando's were wiped out by Jedi, he was captured, made a slave, escaped, got revenge, became a hunter, the best. Later, invited to a hunt for a rogue jedi. wins, Dooku offers. friend had tried to get him to start a family, so he asks for boba. etc. gtg


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i know.....but still. I'm sure i'll like them more after i've played some. I don't like that they've got personal shields--that's not very Star Wars-ish. Btw.


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i will. I'm on geonosis--its fun, but they dont even have similar voices!! what's with that! they're CLONES!!


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true. but most is Fi......


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?? not sure which part that is, btw. Triple 0's great. So's true colors. They're great books, action and story wise, but funny too.


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well, maybe not. But Sev is for sure. Which are you on?