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Yep. Filler to keep people in it and laughing, before coming back with another mini and a full series, which I'm DYING for. Can't wait for the next parts.


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Ok, some kind soul put Ep. 1 on Youtube, so I saw it there. Can't wait to see more, Ep. 1 not as funny as I'd hoped. Never the less, it means RT is doing more vids now and in the future.


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Yeah, but she herself said she was basically destroying herself, and could see no way out.

And Christians are frequently a horrible standard, even the best of us. Judging Christ by Christians is NOT right. And yes, he loves everyone, but he hates sin. Sadly, many Christians kinda combine them.


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I'm pissed off, I know its public, but it REFUSES TO PLAY ON MY COMPUTER!!! WTF! I'm freaking....this is awful. Reconstruction would play for me. Why?!?!?!


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tachyonblade wrote:

Salvation...why do we need that in the first place?

It seems really cruel from my perspective that God even set up a situation where it was possible for people to burn and writhe in agony for eternity. (But this goes back to free will and a whole can of worms.)


I think I said this earlier but the thing that scares me the most about christians is how certain they are, how confident, how arrogant  they are that they have it all figured out. Having it all figured out is totally impossible scientifically. If scientists can accept that they don't know everything why can't christians?

Not at all. If you understand that God is perfect, then you understand that God can't be in the presence of sin, nor can he let sin go unpunished. But because he's also a Loving God, he provided a way out, a way to cleanse the sin from anyone willing to accept it. But so sacrifice less than a perfect one would be acceptable--it would fall short. Thats why Christ died.

Its not cruel, its just God is holy and Perfect. He CAN'T live with sin--and it can't go unpunished. But he gives a way out. He could have said, when Adam and Eve messed up, "Ok, they screwed up, I tried to give them free will, and they abused it. Lets wipe the slate clean and start over."

It all comes down to understanding the core of who God is.


Second part--admittedly, many Christians are "holierthan though" and in general arrogant, but none should claim to know it all. We don't. I have NO idea why God has done most of what he has done, or how. But I know enough. Thats it. Christians seem like they know it all because yes, we're confident in salvation. Because faith in Christ simply makes sense once you accept it, or truly realize you need it.

One of my teachers has a friend, she's about 27ish, who came in and shared her story. I'll shorten it, but give the gist.

Junior or senior year of prom--guy she went with raped her. She didn't tell anyone. In college, a guy taking her home from a party also raped her. Again, she didn't tell anyone. Starting in high school, and leading into college and after she left/had to leave (not sure) she was HEAVILY addicted to drugs and alcohol. Her alcohol tolerance is incredibly high. She didn't come out and say it, but indicated she was raped at least one other time. She ended up in the hospital a number of times, and was in jail on suicide watch less than a year ago. She basically said she did things she wasn't proud of for her addictions.

She had a number of Christian friends throughout much of that, who stuck with her even when they found her in horrifying situations. She tried rehab a number of times. And she told us that she eventually realized that she needed God. She knew NOTHING about scripture or theology, or anything, just that without him, she'd destroy herself.

She's not completely clean, but she's improved a lot. It was horrifying to hear what she want through, and see how drastically her life has changed. Thats part of why we are so certain. Miracles like that.


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Thats what I saw. Agreed, hopefully it'll be public by the time I go to bed. Or I'll watch it in the morning.

Can't wait till it goes public.


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Which is something the Bible agrees on. It never condemns drinking, just not getting drunk. As you brought it up, I wanted to clarify that--it says several times drinking is bad, in moderation and as long as it won't be detrimental to someone else, ie, a person who had a drinking problem. Don't drink around them.


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Not at all. Everyone has sinned their whole lives, more or less. I doubt many people have gone a day without sinning in some way. Difference is, whether you've accepted that Christ died to forgive you for your sins. Thats the only difference between me and you, here.

The "Christians" that he would be put off by are those that aren't actually Christians, or aren't living like Christians. And there are a LOT of those--genuine Christians who really don't live like it AT ALL.

I'm not saying I'm not sinful--Christians are too. We just are taught in clearer terms what the Bible defines as wrong.

For example, modern Christians are known for being anti-gay. Thats grown too far, to the point of many "Christians" hating gays themselves. Its true, its Biblically wrong. But that doesn't mean we can't love them. Many Christians have become way too condemning, and not loving enough. Christ WOULD be disgusted with many Christians. Even genuine Christians, I admit it. But we know where our hope of salvation comes from.


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TOMORROW! Are you sure? Because I am DYING for another series. I have heard news there will be two mini-series and then another full series. Didn't hear that it'd be NOW. Hold one.

Yes, check the blog and YOU ARE CORRECT! A four part minseries, interrupted by a PSA, begins TOMORROW! I'm officially the most pumped for a Monday I have ever been. Ever.

It will Apparently be called "Red vs Blue: Relocated"

And, in hopes of seeing Tucker....

Bow chick wow wow!!


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Sin relates because bad consequences naturally stem from some one's sin. If someone murders or steals from someone, thats both a crime and a sin. If a friend lies about you and hurts you, thats not a crime, but is still a sin. Thats why sin relates.


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It is fun, but a bit short. The two campaign encounters are over in half an hour. Skirmish mode is only 1v1, and on one map, so is limited. But yeah, its fun. Advice--unless your good at RTS's , or just HaloWars, don't play skirmish on Heroic. I did, and tried to attack early.......got RAPED.


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Yes, three kings and the 25th were arbitrary decisions. The kings were based off of the gifts, I'm not sure the reasoning on the 25th, but its common knowledge that we don't know his exact birthdate.

tachyonblade wrote:

I mean, just look at the economy. If we have it all figured out why are we in such dire straights? Why do bad things happen to good people.

Because humans are highly sinful and fallible. Thats why there is greed, and thats why our economy is so screwed over--people were foolish and frivolous with their money, and its hurting all of us.

Bad things happen to everyone. Sin and consequence don't distinguish their victims.

Oh, and Val--would you say Mohammad existed?


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My point was, to follow Christ was to go against everything you were told to believe. What Jesus claimed to be was the highest level of heresy. And he would have been known all throughout Israel--no Jew would believe in a heretic if he didn't exist.

Israel is the oldest surviving culture in existence, and their history hasn't changed significantly in thousands of years. The Torah, and by extension, most of the Old Testament, is likely the most accurate historical document in existence, because of its significance as a Holy Book. Not to mention, it portrays Israel poorly many times--they haven't changed it to show their best side. I'm going to trust that more than the Epic of Gilgamesh.

How is it that every nation that began in a similar time period as Israel was has disappeared, whether destroyed or unrecognizable in its current form. Yet Israel, neither the largest, strongest, or wealthiest of nations, still survive, largely unchanged. They have been beaten down, scattered to the corners of the earth, exiled from their homes, and nations have tried to destroy them throughout history--yet they survive and thrive. They are surrounded by countries that despise them. How are they possibly existing, if God wasn't protecting them. Answer that. No culture has survived so much for so long.

My final question is this--what do you have against the Bible? You decry its accuracy at every turn. Why?

I can see this argument is going no where. I hold to my beliefs. I know whats true. I look at the world, at its complexity, and know that its simply impossible for our world to be chance. Only God could create such life, and sustain it. Does Evolution not promote the law of survival of the fittest? Yet the lame and weak survive--how do you reconcile that? Wouldn't randomly evolved life that had always relied on survival of the fittest change?

Humanity, without a purpose, would be chaos. If life followed Evolution to the letter, the weak would be culled, and cultures would fall, or never rise at all.


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Well, until the secret that we were actually doing well there, there was a greater push for immediate pullout. But now that the Generals are cautioning NOT pulling out, its not such a priority. I say we stay until the Iraqis can help themselves. Once they're independent of our aid, we leave. But if we leave early, and someone like Iran moves in, formally or no, we'll have lost many troops in vain.


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Val, you are saying that the oldest surviving culture from the Middle East has their entire history wrong, and that the story of a culture long dead is right? You say the Flood is wrong, what makes the Epic of Gilgamesh right?

Look at things objectively, Val. Several billion people believe Jesus existed in some form, whether God or not. I've asked you, and you deliberately ignored it, but are you really saying that everyone of them is wrong? That the man never existed? That a religion people have willingly died for, faced great persecution for, is based off of a Egyptian myth? That someone made the whole thing up, and convinced everyone then it was true? I'm pretty sure everyone in Israel knew who Jesus was--they wouldn't follow someone they hadn't even heard about. He had to exist, or Christianity would have never started.

Think about it--would people follow after someone they had never heard of, who "didn't exist", who's teachings contradicted their own religion and had, "supposedly", gotten him killed? That the "disciples" told them that, and they swallowed it? Thats like me telling you theres a incredibly smart scientist with a revolutionary idea that condradicts all current science, and has been the source of heated debate for the last few years in America (or the world), that what he said was true, and that he died for his beliefs. You've never heard of him, and in the end, everyone hated him, but you should join his followers? Does that make ANY sense?

Don't remember the scribes name, but he worked for Herod.


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Actually, a scribe, a fairly high ranking one, included Jesus in his writing during his life.

So, Val, you are willing to look at the huge influence Jesus has had, and completely discount his existence. The presence of the second (I believe) largest religion in the world was founded by a myth? The "Before Christ" tag that was used for so many years, by people living far closer to his time than we, was based off someone who never existed? That, like Sev said, most major religions, as well as many prominent historians, acknowledge that he existed in some capacity? That over a third to half of the world is wrong in the belief that he lived? Because between Christians and Muslims, as well as many Jews and atheists, are wrong? You willing to take that step?

Science tries to prove everything, but actually proves nothing. They ask you to accept that nothing because everything, that that everything dispersed and created stars and planets on its own accord, and then life formed from nothing, eventually becoming something so complicated that even we don't understand half of how or why our own body works? From nothing?

By hard credible evidence, do you mean a photo? A painting of him during his life? What kind of credible historian do you mean? I don't think we even know of many credible historians that lived during his life. And while many people deny he was God, most would say he existed. The rest are fooling themselves if they refuse to see the massive legacy he left.

What Religions deny he existed? Not Jews. Not Muslims, for sure.

And about the wars, you think those were fought in the name of an imaginary man? Face it, no man has ever impacted the war in the war Christ Did. That much is plain to see. No one who didn't exist could have this much impact on the world.


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"Chances are, he didn't exist?"

Thats like saying Mohamed didn't exist. He started one of the largest religions in the world, our timestamp of BC WAS named after him, and wars have been fought in his name. And your saying he didn't exist? That has to be one of the more ridiculous statements made in here yet. No one, not the most intelligent men to exist, have denied his existence. They may disagree on what he was, but never his existence.

So life, striving to exist, made a PLANET exist at the exact right distance. The microscopic organisms that eventually evolved, they were the life striving to exist, and made sure the earth was in the right place. Chance, I can understand, because chance could theoretically make sense, in some aspects. But LIFE? Come on.

Science, as important as it is, can't explain more than it can. They don't understand the human body, they don't understand many of the laws of the universe. You go from saying life positioned our planet to saying everything can be explained by reasonable, scientific evidence? Be consistent.

Animals don't need greater brains. God only chose to create species of Human level sentience. That more disproves evolution--if we could have evolved this much, intellectually, why no other species.

No, God doesn't move the flower towards the sun. But the planet doesn't exactly qualify as a life form.

If you call the fact that punishment exists forcing, then everyone forces you to pass school or fail, to show up for work or get fired, to acquire money or starve, to follow laws or be arrested. It's simply the nature of everything--all actions have consequences. Its just that a decision to follow Christ or not has the greatest consequences of all.

I mean, the core of the Big Bang theory is, that there was nothing, and then nothing exploded. But incredibly simply. Its like a vacuum sealed, envionmentally controlled environement existing, being completely empty of anything, and a supercomputer showing up. Does that fit with the carefully regulated rules of science? Its the biggest guess in the history of the world!

The core issue with Christ is this: He was a Liar, a Lunatic, or Lord.

Many people say he wasn't God, but was a good man. But because he said he was God, then he was either

A). Insane. If he was insane, everything he said should be discounted, and he can't be considered a good man.
B). A liar. If he was a liar, then he wasn't really a good man, and nothing he said can be given any credit.

So last option--Lord. Its the only thing that fits.

Science explains so little, and asks you to accept so much. Faith explains everything, and asks you to accept very little. Is it so hard?


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^^^^^^Read what he said Again. Twice.


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Very nice Orthar. Is the novel a full length fan-fic? Or what?


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Its very well done. An odd concept, what is the member going to use it for? A Sith (specie) being both a Tusken AND mando is unusual.


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I was responding to a belief in a God you can custom tailor, and figured the faith aspect might not go over well. And those three religions, in essence, worship the same God, historically, and make up over 1/3 of the religious population of the world. Figured that might hold some weight, if faith wouldn't. That having a God with no standard contradicts most every established religion.

And that was my main point--Christianity is simple, only revolving around faith and love--no complex rituals, no "do this so often", etc. Just faith, and the belief that you are loved. Not too hard, is it? (directed to the discussion in general).

And MH--I know what you were trying to say, I just didn't at first.


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No, he's not. I wasn't that sure what you were saying at first, but your right. He's not.


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Mandalore Hunter wrote:

Were you saying I am not a Christian (I'm not angry, just trying to understand your post). I was trying to make a point to Atheists (not convert) that you cannot disprove God.

Not either way, I didn't know/remember. Just responding to you saying that it wasn't proveable, as thats a common point in discussions like this. Sorry for the confusion.


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I'm proud of being an American too, but that doesn't mean we're all incredibly polite....there are plenty of bad, or even just plain rude, people.


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Addressing both proof and truth--no, we cannot offer "scientific proof" that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt for ANYONE that God exists. But rationally, it makes a lot more sense than, as a background I once saw, "There was nothing....and then nothing exploded, and made everything".

Admittedly, there have been a lot of "Christians" that committed atrocious acts. But Christian organizations are often the first to aid or care for disaster victims. Some of the largest aid organizations are Christian-run (ie, Samaritans Purse, etc).

True, it is belief. But it is a belief with a backing far greater than arbitrary belief and hope that God likes you enough to tell Peter to open up. Its a belief that God loves everyone enough to send his Son, and by extension, part of himself, to die. Its about love, and a gift. Thats it. It is entirely separate from the groups that have committed crimes, and also the groups that have shown great love. Because what really matters is you and God.

Nothing else. There are hundreds of supernatural healings that have occurred, that no science can explain. Most of creation science can't fully explain.

I hate trying to explain it, because its never enough. And I'm far from the most knowledgeable as far as defending Christianity goes. I very well may have made things worse, which wasn't my intention. But to me, believing in a God YOU ascribe properties to, and who has no conditions or boundaries, makes no sense. I had to respond to that.