Actually, I've got another friend stuck on Helheim, the last level, but if you want to play together, I'd love to. What level are you? I might have one fairly close.


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If you haven't read it, its VERY good you didn't read the summary.

I'm going to be helping a friend tomorrow on Too Human, but if people want to figure out a time for any night of the week, I'm up for a few games.


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THANK you for sharing this. Yeah, like the cover art more than the last. I still like True Colors cover most, but this is a pretty sweet cover.


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Too many medical interest here. Only shows I like are Jericho, Lie to Me, what I've seen of Kings, Bones, Psych, and I've watched some Stargate SG-1. Oh, and Lost.

Mostly online.


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Well...Sonny from I, Robot, the movie, was pretty cool.

The droid from TFU was cool. Uhh..not a real droid guy.

Anything but ration cubes. Uj cake and candied nuts are mentioned, and warra nuts for Fi, after the spaceport op.


(24 replies, posted in Fans) did suck, but not worth reviving a thread that old....


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No surprise to me.

A ton. Strawberries, watermelon, most of it, anyways.


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Any updates since then? Pictures?


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Did you watch after the Credits? Gets REALLY funny.

Before that, "So you've got this lap thing? Its cool right?"

I refuse to accept that that is Fi. Not his armor, at all.

Epic Fail, Hasbro. I was going to buy it, for Fi, but not after them botching it that bad, at least I doubt it.


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New one for me.

Gotta love Captain Dynamic.


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No idea. Though an MLG pro has its appeal....or game design. Though I'm not too skilled in tech, working with, say, Bungie would be PRETTY awesome.


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It will, probably whenever Microsoft lets them put it on.

Assembly is pretty cool, my first game was SWAT and I got an 11 kill streak. Orbital got SWAT too, but I was lagging and the game kinda played slowly, even with 4 people. Beautiful, but we'll see how it goes when I play it more.

Sandbox itself I didn't get to play on, just Tundra, in the Crypt. It was SWAT, and I did terrible. The bases are really deep, and rather confusing. I'm sure it'll get less confusing quickly. I can't wait to play more.

Halo Wars itself I haven't played online at all, and only the demo's length of campaign. Fun so far.


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Picked up the Limited Edition today. Its VERY nice.

Haven't had a chance to play it or the Maps yet, but I want to do both today.


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Sadly, yeah. Got a little wait. Looks fun though.

And Mythic Maps make LE must buy. Mythic=Best Halo 3 Map Pack yet.


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Yeah, even on Heroic, I've found most levels really require no thought. Intelligence, yes, but I took out most of hammer wielding chieftan on Heroic with a couple of plasma pistols. Except for Cortana, most of the game, on Heroic, isn't too tough. Long, but not nearly impossible.

And yeah, ODST's are incredible soldiers, but have a whole lot less of the advantages Spartans have. They're slower, can't jump as high, have no motion tracker, no shields, no dual-wielding, probably do less melee damage. It'll be a HUGE shift in how the game is played. No rushing and punching, which is my broad strategy in Halo 3.

And new Maps look AWESOME. I can't wait for them, and for the next ones with ODST, Longshore, Heretic, and the other I don't remember.


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

Go Starcraft!  Sorry.  I'm kinda hopping back a while, to the Halo 3 short gameplay thing; I played it on Legendary Co-op, and it took me over a week to finish the game.  Also, I love the armour customization capabilities tha Halo 3 has.  And is anyone else here looking forwad to ODST?  Looks so cool.

Yup, can't wait. And yeah, the trailer was good, but this is Bungie--if they make a game, it'll be solid. And the opportunity to play as an ODST will be amazing.


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Agreed. I enjoyed Hard Contact a lot, but it was Triple Zero that clinched it. The introduction of Mandos, especially Kal (AMAZING character), and the Nulls, was what made love the books more than any Star Wars series.

Now, I just sit back and eagerly await the next books.


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Weekly Update is here, and one of the best I've read yet. Turns out, Foundry is EVEN MORE AWESOME than we were lead to believe with the IGN interview. I'm being Crypt-ic, but read it yourself.

Sorry, I couldn't resist that little joke. Read it and you'll get it.


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That'll be cool.

Apparently, one of the devs joked Forunners would be available in MP, a while back, and could build a Halo and fire it. Everyone believed it too.


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Yeah. Not my favorite though. Funny, but I've seen better.


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Sandbox Toolkit

This is for hardcore forgers--that is, Regimas.

Everything in Sandbox.


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They said it would be four interrupted by Valentines Day PSA. So hopefully Episode 2 will be out before Valentines Day.

But probably not. Anyways, 1000 posts.