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Well, I've recently made some pretty good progress--its nearly twice as long as the first one, and I'm not even done yet--It'll still likely double in length. I can finish the section I'm on, and post it here as Part 1, or save it and post it all at once, though that may take a while longer.

Any opinions?


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Saw the trailer, doesn't look bad. I'm not a WH fan, but might be a rent.

Probably. The irony is you can get that many pieces in metal for less than a hundred bucks. You could have a vastly superior set of armor for less--probably the hardest part is the paint job, if you're going for an accurate Fett.


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Yeah. It looks like it was just made, and hasn't fought so much as a full stomach. Much less dozens of thugs and bounties.


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Actually, I'm not sure its better than McCoys. The visor on this isn't dark enough, but the rest of the helmet looks decent. The chestplates look way too small, and the overall look is too....neat.


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Actually, neither of those, but you're giving me good ideas for the future--I might have to do the next following him. That might be hard though, because I'd hate to write him wrong.

Its an older idea--I'm expanding on the Omega past.


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Two fun pieces of news--The second Gears novel is announced, titled Jacinto's Remnants. It looks to be a sequel to Gears 2, but thats not announced.


It is set to be released on July 28, the same day as the next Gears 2 add-on, Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection, which includes all DLC maps thusfar, 7 new maps, and a deleted chapter entitled "Road to Ruin". The chapter will allow players to choose to play stealthily or guns blazing. It will also include extras like a strategy guide, a poster, and a dashboard theme.

It will be disc based for $20 USD, or the new maps and campaign chapter as DLC for less.


I'm psyched.



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Well, the sequel is officially started. I'm not too far in, but its in progress. Its third person POV, anyone want to guess who its about?


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Hey, Congrats! Hope he grows up a happy and healthy child!


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Halo, Gears, Too Human, Burnout Paradise, uh....Republic Commando.


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Sorry, but training aside, SPARTAN-II's are considerably faster and stronger than normal humans. Wrist rockets can be dodged, lasers avoided pre-preemptively. Plus, Mark--VI SPARTAN armor can take sustained plasma fire for several seconds, and recharges fairly quickly.

Even if you don't give the Chief a power weapon like a energy sword, rockets, or spartan laser, he's still lethal. Give him a Battle Rifle, Sniper, 2 frags, 2 plasmas, and a piece of equipment, such as a bubble or regenerator, and Fett would get mowed down in an open battle.

Even if this was when Fett had beskar'gam and a jetpack, he wouldn't "destroy" MC.

Then we go to training. MC has been in either intense military training or war from the age of 6 to the age of 50+. While Boba has been fighting for a while, its never really against someone of high caliber or numbers. Both Elites and Brutes are very worth adversaries, stronger than Spartans and better armed too. Boba was taking down mercenaries and thugs. I say MC is better trained for a drawn out fight.

And if they get close up, MC is ridiculously strong.


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Sorry, as much damage as a pair of Mandalore's can deal, and as much of a beating as beskar'gam can take, Spartans are fast and TOUGH. If it was in an enclosed space, its unlikely. If there was a lot more room, maybe. But if it was a Spartan like Linda, and she had a sniper, no one could stand a chance. She killed the pilots of fliers while aiming one handed and hanging from a rope.

And the Chief is a pretty good shot too. It'd be a good fight. Its beskar'gam that helps make up the deficit.


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Absolutely Marvel. DC has Batman and Joker, but beyond that, none that I know I really like.

Marvel has Spidey and Ironman, who is possibly my favorite hero. The movie was incredible.

Superman is way too powerful to be interesting. If you're going to have a character that powerful, at least make him funny, like Hancock.


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Thats a pretty awesome shot, Orthar.

I haven't seen any true Female fett constumes, though I have seen Female Mandalorians. I would try Mandalorian Mercs (google) and ask there--they are far more experienced.

See your point, but this could be a good thread for REQUESTING threads to be resurrected.

For example, I'd kinda like to see a section for old RPGs. Some were really fun, and it'd be cool to read through them, or, if theres interest, bring them back. Naboo, Freedom Fighters, even the old RepCom one, could be brought back, even if they're only visible, but locked. Something I'd like to see.


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Thanks, vod. I did leave out specifics, favoring a speed of movement to the story that doesn't give much description of surroundings as much. If you are in a life or death room clearing situation, adrenaline pumping, priorities are important. Its a style used in the Prologue of Hard Contact, coupling first person with fast paced action, which makes it feel like you ARE the character. I loved how it was done.

But that is something I can work on more. Thanks for the feedback. I need to try another--I enjoyed it, and thought it turned out well. But debating on the POV--if I do what I'm thinking, both could be pretty powerful, in different ways.

I'd like to get back in this, but was the last of my group to go. Ralin, you want a shot? Or are you sticking to AoS?

Merciless Mandalore wrote:

I hate it when they mess stuff up like this. What a lame Grevious backstory. Btw, did Grevious ever find out he was set up to crash?
Anyway, I'm fighting on Halopedia right now because they say the average elite height is 8' 6", because it was written in a Prima guide. But in the bestarium book written by BUNGIE packaged with Halo 3 LE, not sold separately, says it is 2.2 meters, or 7' 2.6". There are just too many n00bs in the world.

I think The 17th Arbiter ie, the one from Halo Wars, is 8'6, but is unusually tall for an elite. You see him compared to others, and he dwarfs them.


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Thinking about doing another, anyone got anything they'd like to see? Characters, training on Kamino vs Clone Wars (I don't want to go into the Empire years), etc. First vs Third person. Stuff like that.

I've thought about Fi losing his squad on Geonosis, and Niner losing a brother in training as concepts, but still unsure. I liked using Theta, too.


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Skillet's great, Red is awesome, Story of the Year is really good, Rascal Flatts rocks.

Actually looks pretty good. I'm impressed, and excited. The costumes are pretty cool.

I'll try to make a brief one.

Shrapnel ricocheted off of Kal's armor as the missiles detonated. A distant explosion from the direction of Gerba's booth, drawing the attention of everyone in the area, including Nelba. Kal knew he had little time before everyone recovered, and the fighting continued. He rose to his feet, sprinting towards the Shell Hut. He scooped up a thermal detonator on his way, then leaped onto the metal shell, thumbing the button on the det. Nelba looked at him, panicked. He desperately tried to cycle the iris closed. 'Oh, no you don't." Kal shoved the det through the closing gap, then sprang back as it detonated, amplified by the hardened shell of the Hutts armor.

Kal looked at the mess he had made. "Well. That went well enough."

Sorry for short, but if my allies or anyone else wants to continue from there, they're welcome too. I'll try to get back into this.


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I saw it, but as this is a fairly frequent type of thing, I knew it was a joke. The Mercs forums got transformed into a Star Trek board, another made new "mods" that weren't, Bungie launched B.U.N.G.L.E., a new League, etc.

It was pretty funny, though.


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yes, pic plz?

I'm most interested in ODST work--I've seen a few good ones outside Weta, none I'd say are perfect. But progress on the Mando suits, etc would be cool to see too. And your Batarangs tongue