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Name: Corvian Virran
Armor: Black, Battle Scorched Kataren-Class Armor without helmet, Black Jedi cloak with a high rise collar
Weapons: Black bladed lightsaber the only one to exist, D-17m-blaster with all attachments Thermal Detonators, EMP Detonators, Flashbang Grenades
Profile: A Jedi Knight to the end of the Clone Wars Age of the time was 16 was in love with another Jedi named Revan also was in command of the Prosecutor at the end of the war. Was uneffected by Order 66 because was out of signal range of communications once the clones had received the order they went to turn but where in formation drill in the hanger I had decieded to open the airlock and killed all of them. I took command of the Prosecutor when the Delta Squad retreved her from Trendoshian hands, or claws rather Revan came on board right when I took command she became my second in command we have been together for two years.
Eye color: Light Brown
Hair color: White and long
Interesting note:Right arm was crushed in a fight with General Grevious as been replace with a machanical arm containing a Vibro Sword and Plasma Bolt Blaster in the palm.
Rank: Jedi Knight

Ship: Prosecutor, Republic Battle Cruiser
Serial number: RAS-4123
Specs: Refitted with eight turbo heavy guns (four per side) Two twin laser canons four total two per under side, Four proton torpedo launchers, Multiple fighter launche ports, Two forward twin multi-phase canons, Primary and Secondary shields
Assault Vehical's: 100 D-17 fighters, 14 ARC-170's, 6 Low Altitude Transport Carrier or LA-TC's, 3 TX-130 tanks, 2 AT-ET, 1 modifide Hailefire droid tank, 10 V-wing Speeders, and 6 Low Altitude Troop Carrier or LA-TC Mark II
Passenger count: 320
Passengers on board: 240


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