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Ooh, okay, I forgot we could post music we hate, no offense to any miley cirus/ hanna montana lovers here but I cannot stand the girl or her singing.


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Okay, if I can say so right now, I have seen all of them except Fett II's  first one.  All of them are really hilarious although it would either be between Sev's or Fett ll's first/second ones.  A_A, yours is always funny although that song is once again stuck in my head tongue


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Raina and Jaith set out, evidently, the bomb thrower had scattered when he realized his plan had backfired. They walked down a deserted ally way, and seeing that it was a local bar, they stepped inside, raising their weapons should there be any rebels.  Sergeant looked up from across the bar.
"Ah, Sergeant," began Raina, "What are you doing here?"
"I could ask you the same question," was the cool reply.
Jaith sat down, checking over the injury he had received to his leg.  "You know what we need right now? We need some ice cold beer," he said, grinning in spite of himself.
Raina chuckled as 'Ghost' continued to look around the bar.  "Loose something?" she asked.  "Actually yes, our little rebel leader seems to have a few tricks up her sleeve," he replied.


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Ah yeah, the movie was horrible but I agree with waiting on the next book.  LotR is always great, good movie and books


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oh gosh, I think half the email accounts I have now were created cause someone I know wanted to talk to me on them wink tongue anyhow, I have pretty much all the same accounts that V_M does, including gmail.  I don't know how often I would use this feature but it would be interesting.


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Okay, I'm sorry but I cannot stand Highschool Musical 1 or 2.  Zack Efferon is just infuriating to me and the whole story is just so unrealistic.  I really don't watch to much tv anymore so I don't know what shows are too bad, I've seen a few episodes of made and I really didn't like it, mostly cause the kids complained about doing what they asked the show to help them with in the first place.  Other than that, can't really think of anything else.


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Raina ran to an apartment building, kicking down a locked door, pointing her gun around the small room.  Luckily, there was no one in it.  After a few seconds, the Captain joined her, panting, and looking rather mad.  "I'm sorry," she said quietly, looking down at her feet.  The Captain looked back at her, "It's all right, but I don't want to see you get hurt either, my job is to protect you, not get you killed out here."

There was silence as both stood at opposite ends of the room.  Still staring at her feet, she softly spoke, "You're hurt, we  should at least bandage you up until we can get medical attention."  She walked into a small bathroom that connected to the room they were in.  Looking, she was able to find a med pac with some bandages. When she came out, she saw that he had sat down on a small couch where he had taken off the armor around his wounded shoulder along with his helmet.  She sat down next to him and unwrapped the bandage. Looking at the wound, she saw that it was not the worst, it was scorched but not terribly deep, and the heat from the blast had stopped any bleeding.  She pressed the bandage to the wound noticing him shudder slightly.

She turned to get up and put the extra supplies away, but he grabbed her hand lightly. She looked back at him, into the green eyes, his hand still lightly wrapped around hers.  She sat back down, putting the supplies to the side.  She tilted her head, curious as he still looked at her.  He leaned forward, kissing her.  As they broke apart, she smiled softly, and put her head on his chest, wishing they could be in a better place, with no battle taking place.  They stayed for a while, just resting, listening to the battle taking place outside, like it was as far away as Coruscant....


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Raina watched him leave, almost confused.  She sat there for a moment, thinking.  Then, without any hesitation, she went back to her bunker, finding her sniper rifle and a decent blaster.  She strapped the sniper to her back and hurried to find where the captain had gone.  As she approached the main exit to the base, the guards looked her over. "Ma'am," said the first, "I really don't think it's a good idea for you to be going out into this, I mean, an officer as important as you..."
She did not remain to hear the rest of his little speech as she was already running out, scanning the grounds for the captain.  Stray blaster bolts were flying closer and she ducted behind a building to get cover.  Pulling out her sniper, she lay down, raising the scope to her eye and finding a target. *POW* the shot went straight into his skull, and he was dead before he hit the ground.  Raina quickly moved to another building, before anyone realized where the shot had come from.

Then, she spotted him, amongst a full swarm of rebels stood the captain firing off shots although even more were being returned.  Putting the scope once again to her eye she started firing, making each shot count.  The rebels stood no chance, the Captains expertise weapons and skill combined with Raina's helpful sniping soon left only one rebel standing, whom she blasted with a pistol as she walked towards the captain.


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Ugh, I hated Lord of the Flies, had to read that in freshman year and it was really twisted. 
I really like the star wars books, and the Eragon series.  I think the Harry Potter books were a lot better than the movies, and I was pretty in to them a while back.  I read a lot so I'm not sure what my absolute favorite book is but it's probably between star wars books and Eragon.


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Raina looked up at the Captain, who now had her in his arms.  Never before had a man held her like this before, and especially not one that she barely even knew.  She reached up, not caring about that anymore, and took off his helmet, revealing the display of tattoos that she had first noticed upon meeting him.  Without even thinking about the consequences of being found with a coworker, especially a trooper, she leaned forward and kissed him.  He did not pull away but instead pulled her closer, softly stoking her hair as he returned her affection.  She placed her head on his chest plate, feeling the cool surface on her cheeks as the realization of what she had just done came to her.  She looked back into his eyes, "I'm sorry, that was completely wrong for me, I..." she stammered, but he smiled softly, and she realized that he was not bothered by her actions in the least bit.  "Well," she straightened as he let go of her, "We better get back to work." As she went to the desk to start checking operations on the front, she saw him go and stand in the corner, putting his helmet back on, and she felt herself smile softly.


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Raina had finished showing Commander Raylor her quarters well before Sarge had come in contact. She turned to the other Commander, "send your troops to the front lines, they will report to the Sergeant." 
"Yes Ma'am," was the only reply as Raina walked back to her office. 

Getting back to her office, she found that the Captain was back to report in.  "There are no prisoners, just like you requested ma'am," he said.

"Thank you Captain, and now another request," she said. "I know that I said your skills would be put to much more use than body guarding that old man, but seeing as how my position is rather unstable, and that  there are many people who would like it or would at least like to see me out of it, perhaps for right now it would be best that I should have a guard.  What do you say?"


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Raina sat down as the two stormtroopers came in a took out the body, muttering something about this being the third death this week that they've had to clean up.  She looked up at the Captain whom she was very pleased with and the Sergeant, whom had helped her to achieve this statis.  "Well," said the newly appointed commander, "I want you two to go back to the battle field, make sure that it is cleaned up, and I want no prisoners. We must get the message to these rebel scums that we mean business and I will do whatever it takes to keep this battle station operational. After you are done there, wait for my orders, I shall contact authorities and tell them what has transpired here.  Our former commander will be charged with treason to the empire, thus eliminating any concerns for us. Carry on."

As the two men turned to leave, she thought of something. "Wait, Captain, a word if you please?" The captain nodded as 'Ghost' left the office.  "I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you doing that, you have proved yourself loyal," she said, nodding at him.  "Keep it up and there could be benefits down the road."


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"As you wish," replied the Captain. Raina smiled, everything was going according to plan, all except the attack, but even that did not bother her at the moment.  The captain put a hand to his ear, listening to something. Putting on his helmet, the captain turned to them, "Seems like the commander would like me in his office," he said.  With a quick nod, he walked out.

There were a few moments of silents between the sergeant and herself before a calm cool voice came through the com link in her office, "The commander would like to see you in his office."  Raina stood up, collecting herself, and then, with a nod at 'Ghost' they walked down the hallway to the commanders office. 

As they walked into the office, she saw the Captain standing beside the commander, serving as a body guard, or at least, for the moment.  "Well," started the commander, "I'm sure you know why you are here, this whole disaster could get you into very big trouble colonel.  I mean, you should have done more to protect this station."  As the commander continued into what could happen to her if he told someone with a high position that this was her fault, Raina looked directly at the Captain.  She gave the slightest nod, and watched as her plan unfolded.


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"Well Captain, what do you think of the base?" she asked the man standing next to her.
"Oh," he replied, "well I suppose it's all right."
Raina looked around and then spoke, "It's going to be rough for a while, you better choose your side and make sure it's the right one."
"I'm sorry but what do you mean?" the captain asked, obviously confused.
"Oh come on," she said, "everyone knows that army and intel has been fighting for control over this base, it's only a matter of time before someone knocks off the old man and then a new person has to take charge, I'm just saying that you should be careful who you allege yourself with, because army stands no chance of taking over this base.  I've been running this base for a while now, I know what's going on, just a friendly caution."


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I actually have a fair amount of the same artists and songs that are on A_A's playlist tongue other than that, I have a fair amount of Evanescence, Nickleback, and others of the same category although I listen to just about anything.


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Name: Raina Alea
Age: 27
Imperial Colonel
Weapons: vibroblade in one boot, blaster in the other.  Keeps another blaster in a holster on her waist.
Background: Is 'ghosts' boss, has plans to take over the facility, considering she already runs a vast amount of what goes on.  While the Commander may think he holds authority, she is the one who runs the show, and she has great plans to make that official.
Appearance: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/starw … rtrait.jpg  add a pair of really cool imp boots with a  heel and some concealed weapons and your good to go tongue

Raina watched from a small passage way as 'ghost' and another trooper walked past her secret hiding area. She stepped out, walking fast but silently to catch up to them.  The unfamiliar trooper had taken off his helmet although it was only when she announced her presence that she saw a unique pattern, tattooed on his face.  'Ghost' and the other saluted, and she returned the gesture.
"Ma'am," said the unfamiliar trooper with a nod. She nodded back and then turned her attention towards 'Ghost'.

"So," she said, "how is the old man?" She really had no care for him, and she hoped that she would soon be replacing him any day now.

nice, I consider everyone here to be very nice and fun to talk to.  Haven't been on the most lately so I don't know all you new people quite well yet but I'm sure you guys are cool too.  big_smile


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sweet, I have become a fan big_smile


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Welcome Back wink


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Awesome RD, I really like it, keep it up you guys, some great poems here smile


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that would be cool, I would totally add you as a friend on facebook big_smile


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I like tennis, horseback riding, and racing sailboats has now become a new interest of mine.


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Wow, Congrats Val, keep up the spiffy work big_smile


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Congrats Cujo!!! big_smile I'm sure you will make a great mod big_smile


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*gasp* I love this topic.  Cars are amazing and I have to say that anything with Ferrari on it is definitely at the top of my favorite cars list.  I like the Shelby and Saturn Sky is a very nice car.  Mercedes are great cars too.  As for cars the more realistic cars probably a nissan z or a pontiac solstice.  Oh, I almost forgot, the charger is freaking awesome big_smile