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Terra wrote:
cloneapart wrote:

Hey all, haven't been here a while but amazingly no bf at the moment.  I think I just need to find one to put up with all my star wars obsession tongue

Hey there CA, how are you doing? Been a while. (for me too, I guess... tongue)

Hey Terra big_smile
wow, it's been way to long.  I'm alright, just graduated high school and moving out into the big bad world tongue  Hope all is well with you.

(Not wanting to spam or anything) Anyone know how to get rid of an annoying ex?  The guy just won't leave me alone...


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I'm dark side 100%. I've never been one for heroes and princesses and I've always rooted for the villains.  Haha, I think I was the only one to cheer for Darth Maul and Darth Vader at the Disney Star Wars padawan training big_smile  Gotta love the dark side (we have cookies wink)


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I don't go to church although I have been once because I promised myself I would try everything once and try to be open minded.  It wasn't really my thing, after all, I'm not religious.  Sure, I believe in God, but I also believe in evolution.  I'm just not a religion fan, after all, there are so many religions that are almost exactly alike that I really think people made a lot of it up.  I'm sorry, I hope I don't offend anyone, these are just my views.


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Karson Fett wrote:

oe someone who shares it

Haha I wish.  All the guys I know either wont admit they like it or they're genuinely not interested in it, and even the ones who are interested in the sw stuff aren't even close to the interest level I am sad  I'm sure I'll find that nerd out there some where tongue


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Alright, well I'm actually graduation high school this spring and I look forward to going to college to learn how to do game art/animation.  In a few years I hope to be working for a decent company (far away from evil fast food where I work now) and then maybe after that Lucasart would be pretty amazing.  I'm a pretty hardcore star wars fan now so I do not see any changes in that field.


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Hey all, haven't been here a while but amazingly no bf at the moment.  I think I just need to find one to put up with all my star wars obsession tongue


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Hey there, I know I've been a member for a while now, but I'm back after 2 years of not logging in.  Figured I should say hi wink


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OOC: going out of town till next sunday, Val, pretty much you have control of my char unless anyone really needs her to do something, have fun peoples smile


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Okay, going on a cruise and leaving tomorrow, won't be back until next sunday so Val, you have control of my character on CoG, use it wisely tongue
Have fun peoples big_smile


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Selene came out of the room, silent and sulky.  She really had no wish to be here and there was no real desire to fight these other creatures and contestants other than to just get out of this place.  She kept going through what the woman had said in her head, walking but not exactly sure where she was going.  She finally came to a stop and somehow she had wondered into what seemed to be a giant zoo, with animals she had never imagined of. 

Suddenly a voice spoke from behind her, "You wish to find a mount to take you to Tesba."  It was a statement.  She nodded.  "I have a mount that you should find most convenient," the Draconian said, leading her to a giant cage with the bars extending up and over head, like a bird cage.  She looked inside and her eyes met with one of the most beautiful creatures she had ever seen.  http://www.bardwood.com/graphics/gryphon.GIF

She went into the cage, awed by it's magnificence and stroked it's beak.  The creature seemed nice enough and seemed eager to spread it's wings and so she climbed on it's back.  The creature hurled out of the cage opening and down to the dessert, picking up speed until eventually, it opened it's wings and took off.  She gasped, flight on the back of this creature was quite odd and she tightened her grip around the creatures neck, as the gryphon made a screaming sound of an eagle and soared onward.


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Lets see, I liked AoS as it was my first rpg on the site and was a ton of fun, Naltoon was pretty neat.  Superhumans was alright although I didn't get to far into it

I'm super excited for CoG, it sounds like it's gonna be a good one, and I can't wait to see how it turns out big_smile


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

I'm happy for many reasons. Some of you know the main one wink

Good reason to be happy wink tongue I'm always happy and loving life, and I have a rather good reason I believe for other happiness smile


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lol, I think the only person who I know from other than here who is a slight fett fan would be my photo teacher.  Funny story, was just messing around in class one day and was drawing Boba and my photo teacher actually recognized who he was and we ended up spending the rest of the class talking about star wars, gotta love that class.  Other than that, one of my best friends is a huge star wars fan like me, although she's all for the jedi and I'm quite a bit more dark side wink tongue


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Name: Selene
Age: A bit older than 6 centuries although appears to be in her mid 20s
Realm: Underworld realm
Species: Vampire
Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/e/ec/Selene_%28Underworld%29.jpg/235px-Selene_%28Underworld%29.jpg
Weapons: 2 Walther P99 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walther_P99
2 automatic machine pistols http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_pistol

Personality: Is usually seen as cold and serious, rarely smiles.
Powers: she is a vampire with super strength, agility, and has the ability to heal from more minor bullet wounds and accidents, although she can jump and land safely from a ten story building.  She has extremely accurate aim and yes, she can be outside in sunlight.

Selene was walking through the sewers, both machine pistols out, all her senses on full alert.  She had been tracking a few Lycans and had been led to a spot around here, now she listened, turning slowly on the spot.  After a few seconds of complete silence, she took a step forward, and a low growl came just before one of the beasts moved to attack her.  She hissed in surprise but reacted instantly, raising the pistols and firing them into the were wolf's chest.  He fell to the ground, several bullets now buried deep in his head and chest. 

Silence again.  Selene had expected the others to come and help their fellow, but was sadly disappointed.  She walked on through the twisting maze of sewers.  At last, she came to a dead end.  She looked at the wall in anger, as if it was the reason for all of her troubles.  She turned around and was face to face with 8 Lycans, all exceptionally  big and all now growling at her in their lust for blood.  So, they had set up a nice little trap for her.  There was no time to react as they sprang for her in a fluid motion, but suddenly she was falling through cold, and blue.

Strange. Somehow a portal had appeared directly under her and sucked her in.  She did not know where from or how, but she was somehow glad of it's speedy appearance...


Selene landed on the hard stone floor, she was cold and terribly confused.  She looked up from where she lay on the stone and two figures approached her.  They looked like a terrible mix between a human, a lizard, and a cyborg.

Her instinct took over as she lifted the pistols, still out from her recent encounter with the Lycans.  Instinct also told her to shoot first and ask questions later but a small voice in the back of her mind told her that may not be the best thing to do.  Indeed the lizard man closest to her confirmed that suspicion when his tail suddenly lashed around her arms and he looked her dead in the eyes. "I wouldn't do that," he said quite calmly.  She hissed in anger and then listened to instinct and tried to go for a bite on his tail, that would teach him.  Unfortunately, lizard man seemed to know what was coming and withdrew his tail before she could do any damage.

The second lizard man chuckled appreciatively at her, "I swear they are getting more inventive in their attempts to harm us." Selene tried to get up but this time the first lizard man was to fast, this time whipping his tail so that she fell face forward, dazed.  She felt the first lizard man press her more firmly to the ground as the second one approached with some type of crystal in his hand.  He pressed it to her neck and she felt a burning pain in the top of her spine.  She hissed in rage.

They pulled her roughly to her feet, and led her to one of many silver doors lining a courtyard.  The shoved her unceremoniously into the room, saying something about she'd find out what she was doing here and to pay attention.

She looked around the dark room before a holo woman appeared and started the explanation.  This place just keeps getting stranger and stranger she thought...


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Hi Alor, welcome to the boards, I believe you can use photo editing software to make your avatars, but I've never heard of power point being used for that purpose.  Go check out the Avatar request thread for that one.

Anyhow, welcome to the boards all new members, I'm sure you'll have a great time big_smile
Happy Posting big_smile


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Dora the explorer, Cailou, teletubbies, high school musical, pretty much anything along those lines.


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the tooty tot? dunno, most annoying little song that one of my instructor's wife (who is a kindergarden teacher) used to play to torcher us...
I agree with Draco on Barbie girl and I'm not a big fan of miley
other than that, I listen to just about anything


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Wolf, dolphin, horse, birds of prey!


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Raina had waken up from the stun blast, walking through the corridors as her head pounded slightly.  She kept hoping that Jaith would be alright, as she had no idea where he was, or any of the others were for that matter. 

She kept walking, hurrying to try and get to her office and figure out what was going on when she suddenly ran into Commander Jelera.  She looked extremely upset and angry, even more so when Raina looked back, rather confused and out of it...

(hope this is okay, sorry haven't posted in a while)


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I got mine from the small series called star wars a clone apart, which is a very good little show big_smile

I'm going on a cruise at the beginning of august before school starts back up again, going to the Bahamas yay tongue:D


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Welcome Back A_A!!!!! big_smile:D:D
who missed him terra? wink tongue


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hmm, when I'm not on the bffc... usually talking to some of you people wink doing online school, working to raise some money, hanging out with friends, the usual.


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Don't tell me that terra, I signed up to take French next year tongue


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Wow Pheonix, amazing job, very inspiring for a more feminine armor design.  *thinks of one day when I can make armor like that* Great job, definitely post pictures of the completed product big_smile