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I really like darth maul other than boba, although darth maul was my favorite until I started getting into the original trilogy.  Haven't read to many of the books, so i dont know all the mandolorians yet.  Bounty hunters and Sith rock.  Jedi stand no chance big_smile


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

LOL. I would like to see Hillary or Obama in the white house, just something new. I prefer Obama though, for his withdrawl plan from Iraq/Afgahnistan

Have to agree with you there, even though I'm a girl, I don't want Hillary to win, might be a bit embarrasing for the first women pres.


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My resolutions...hmmm...I think I'll stop procrastinating someday, if I get to it. lol big_smile
Do all my homework, get better at driving, and make it to my next birthday i hope big_smile


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Beskaryc Beroya wrote:
cloneapart wrote:

BB- i like yours, a good 9/10, I'm hoping that my guess that it is sev is right.
Kaiza-yours is really neat too, 9/10
rate mine please big_smile

10/10 cloneapart.... I have that as my background on my laptop. Its one of the best commando pics. (yes, my avatar is sev)


Thanks, I have it as my background too big_smile
Sev rocks, anyone with that avatar gets high ratings in my book big_smile


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BB- i like yours, a good 9/10, I'm hoping that my guess that it is sev is right.
Kaiza-yours is really neat too, 9/10
rate mine please big_smile


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Ipod touch-16gb big_smile
giftcards and cash
hair straightener wink
model of a ferrari big_smile

Thats about it, ipod was the big gift


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Hey people, the car I'm driving is a mini cooper and that thing is extremely safe and a great drive(like a big go cart)
As for a dream car, as we are dreaming here, I'm supprised only one person went after an expensive car like the lambrogini.  Personally I'm saving my money for a Ferrari F430 Spider.  Seriously people, that is a hot car big_smile


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I LOVE HOUSE!!  along with mythbusters and Heroes


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I know this is kinda late, but cloning even organs is wrong.  If the person is going to die, the god must have had a reason to kill them, and we should just let nature do its role.  Even if you replace an organ, the person is eventually going to die, so why are we humans so selfish in keeping the person alive for a couple more years.  Everyone dies at some point in their lives. 
And as for cloning animals, animals can think and feel too, they have souls, so we shouldn't even be cloning them.  Just let nature take its course.


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wow, everybody's names are really good, but my ratings are as follows:
Kiaza, Ralin, and VM- all get 10 out of 10, the names are really cool and original big_smile
A_A, Mandal_ShadowWarrior, and Draco Fett- 9 out of 10, names are still really good and original
green, devil girl, terron, and Fetts 2-8 out of 10, names could be a bit more original.

Don't know how good mine is so please feel free to rate it big_smile

I know another vid. like adeptus's but its a little inappropriate on the word choice, but the video that goes with it really rocks.

Another thing, if boba is so rich from bounties, he would get a ferrari or lambrogini, not a vett big_smile


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wow, the avatar is really awsome, just don't know how you do it terra


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Hey, Cloneapart....if I cant find the Obi-Av, would you mind if I used one of those? big_smile  (that you dont use that is)

No problem, but I'm thinking about using the very last one if you don't mind


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Hey that is so amazing i really think I like the last one best, but they are all spectacullar.  Don't know how you do it but its incredible yikes


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thanks so much terra


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Thanks terra
hopefully you got the picture, if not then just tell me


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Jodo Kast wrote:

i say Darth Maul. he was the only good part of Ep. 1. 'nuff said.

(does Aurra Sing have a stamp? no, i don't think so...)

Totally agree with you on the Darth Maul part.  I only watch Ep. 1 just to see him:D

Lightsaber-black if possible
story-trained as jedi when i was younger but found them to be to corrupt for me and left to become a freelancing bounty hunter.
ship-whatever i can take over at the time


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Zara Orono wrote:

It's really well made : D

N' it's one of the only interesting sites I can go to at school.... xD;

Lucky, my school blocks it off=(


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Yay, i got an avatar but i couldn't find the right size.  Sorry if its to small=(

I know why we're attracted, its the greatest fett site in the world, probably in the galaxy=)

Thank you green helmeted fett and bounty hunter kaiza
It works!

Hi fett fans,
just wondering how do you get the little sentences under your blogs.  Do they come automatically, or do you have to type them in every time?  Like with Beskaryc Beroya, with the Death and Destruction to our Enemies line.


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Hi people, Im looking for an avatar with a republic storm trooper.  Doesn't matter what it looks like, any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.