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The game was so fun but it seemed so short.  I've never finished a game in two days before lol.  I got the first Force Unleashed ultimate sith edition for my mac but glitches are keeping me from playing it.  Whenever I get to a certain level, it goes all green sad

Well, as a fellow fangirl, I totally agree that the bad boy image is very alluring.  But I also like the fact that he isn't exactly a bad person, in fact he has morals and believes in justice.  Also the armor helps a bunch, the mystery of not getting to see what's under all of it is sexy.  Even his few lines in the movie just make him sound sexy.  His whole personality is awesome and I love how he works.  Haha, yes I totally just revealed a huge crush on Boba LOL tongue

I was so looking forward to watching this!  Unfortunately I had to go to bed early and I tried to set my DVR to record it but no such luck sad I woke up and checked to see if it had worked but nothing was recorded even though I set up to record the episodes after it to record and they recorded just fine... What's the deal here?  Anyhow, does anyone know if it will be on again or when it will be available to purchase? sad


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Okay, I'm sorry but I'm bursting out laughing right now and I have to share this.  I recently purchased Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition and I started playing it.  I'm on the level where you have to find and kill Kazdan Paratus.  I noticed that Starkiller's head was missing from his body (which of course is funny enough) so I decided to switch costumes.  Well, what would you know but they had Jango Fett so being a huge Fett fan, I chose him.  This is where it get's super funny.  Jango shows up and amazingly, he too is missing his head.  He's holding the lightsaber and kicking butt and then a thought pops into my head.  Jango's body is seeking revenge against the jedi who beheaded him.  lol, sorry but I had to share, I'm still trying to get a screen shot cause it is just so funny.

Anyhow, anyone else have any fun Fett or Star Wars glitches?


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Wow, yeah, I haven't been on in forever.  College keeps me busy... sad

Haha, I have that Boba Fett Helmet from Target that speaks and all that.  It's extremely amusing even though Boba would never say any of those things smile

Haha, that very same helmet is sitting on my desk.  Yes, I'm a bit disappointed that it's not the original voice but it's so amusing.  Things light up, make shooting sound effects and Fett laughs (which is kinda disturbing, I could never picture him saying any of the stuff this helmet says)  Either way, I think it's funny and just a tad bit scary wink


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Wow I love all the Fett gear and the tattoos are fantastic! Awesome. 
One of these days I need to post a pic but I just got a new hair cut so I need a new pic.  lol whatev tongue


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I love the site, and the t-shirt idea sounds awesome!  I think we should do a chat thing where there is a certain time people could chat.  I always notice that every time I go to chat, no one is there.  Maybe we could find a time that people in all time zones could get together to chat?  Perhaps some contests as well?  Like best drawings, armor, fan stories.  I'm not sure what the winner would get but it sounded cool at the time.  Hmm... that's all I can think of for now but the site is amazing how it is.  I agree with previous posts about navigating back to message board though.


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I'm up in D.C. now and it got upwards of 102 F.  Crazy, way to hot for me.


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When I'm not on the BFFC I'm either working ( sad ) or drawing and playing with my pet dogs and bird.  Or I do like today and go out and ride a jet ski and swim big_smile

BTW: Terra, that sounds so nasty, I'm terrified of insects and I totally get the humidity thing living in FL and all.


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Interesting... kinda odd, can't be too great for the environment and must be super annoying to have to smell it.


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This is horrible, I hate cruelty to animals, especially those who didn't need to die sad


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To Terra:  Haha, it's actually the same exact computer I have now, one awesome 15inch mac book pro (best computers ever!).  The only difference is the one I'll be getting for school comes with all the latest adobe software and if the school can finally make a deal, Maya! And thanks for the potential comment, I'm working on it tongue  The teachers all seemed really nice when I made a campus trip so I'm thinking it's going to be an awesome experience.

Back to the topic on hang, Cecillia, I had the same exact situation a couple years ago.  My friend asked me out then two days later my major crush/friend asked me out.  I told him no because the first guy had already asked so it wouldn't be fair.  In the end, things didn't work out with the first guy and by that time, the second guy was already seeing someone else.  Life is funny like that.  Just go with your gut, but don't mistake puppy love/crushing for true love.  They are two way different things.



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Haha, I remember this video!
You might also like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdu-fNTPboo
If the link doesn't work, look up lord of the rings song potatoes and it should come up on youtube.


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Dang, those are so cool!  Very impressive (and might I add the one on the right is rather good looking for a sim tongue)  Those are really neat big_smile


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Terra wrote:

I bet CA will choose a name that's not even in our list. tongue

Haha, I might, I'd hate to make people feel like their names were no good sad  I love all the names and I'm thinking about a few of them.  I'm also looking online for some too, just want to have a lot of choices.

Here are a few I've found myself:
Gavin- Little hawk- Welsh
Killian:         small and fierce         (Irish/Gaelic)
Malin:         little warrior        (Old English)
Sterling:         little star        (Middle English)
Jena      Arabic      Female      Little bird
Keelin     Chinese     Male     Little dragon

Alida      Latin      Female      Little winged one
Lila- Night
Amir- Princly

They even have meanings and everything.  Still not to sure though, might be one of your names, might be one I've found tongue


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Wow, thank you people!  Love the idea of using a republic commando name (I am partial to Sev wink), I'll have to see if it fits him/her.  The other names are awesome to.  I love the Arisa name, that sounds so pretty.  And wow Terra, all those names are awesome, I really like the Greek feel.  I'll let you know what I choose.  I get the bird Friday and all my parents can come up with is "killer" lol. 

Anyhow, the bird is silver grey and white, it will darken up a bit once it has its first molt.  Really young, and since it has the color mutation with no orange or yellow anywhere, it almost looks like a miniature falcon (minus the feathers on the top of its head).

Anyhow, Thank you so much, I love all the names, it will be so hard to choose big_smile


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Hey Terra,
You've been such a good friend and person and I'm really sorry this is happening in your life.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I really hope everything turns out ok. 

Always here if you need to talk
CA smile


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Hey there,
I'm getting my new white faced cockatiel in a few days and I need help with a name!  I'm not sure if it's a boy or girl yet so names of both genders would be appreciated.  Also I know a lot of people are going to suggest I name it Boba or Jango, but I already have two betta fish named Boba Fish and Jango Fish (haha, I'm such a dork tongue ).  Anyhow, looking for something really unique, preferably not an average human name (no bobs or jills)  Doesn't have to be a Star Wars name but I'll consider anything.
Thanks big_smile


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Hey again,
Thanks Miba and thank you Terra smile
I'm really trying to cut all contact.  He texted me this morning and I didn't reply so hopefully he'll get the memo.

Terra, would love to exchange a few tricks once I learn them smile I get my computer soon and hopefully it will have all the software I need so I can begin my classes.  I'm so excited!


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Haha, some of these posts are very interesting.  I think Jango and Zam would have been a cute couple.  In the comics they always seemed to have some chemistry and they almost seemed to flirt.  I think that neither one wanted to make the first move though. 

As for what Jango would get a girl as a gift.... Hmm, he seems like someone to buy either really expensive jewelry or nothing at all.  I do like the idea of the free assination, that would be to funny.  Perhaps he would bring you your ex boyfriend's head? 

Personally I agree with MossNoth that he could just look at a girl and nod.  You'd be crazy not to follow him.


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Rather than quote all of that, lets just pretend I did cause it would take a lot of room.

Ok, so first, I think the art and school thing is so cool!  It's funny that you mention the video game stuff because I'll be attending school in august to start my degree in game art and animation!!  Hopefully I can create a Fett game tongue (I'm sure tons of fans would love that)  I really hope things work out for you and your an awesome artist big_smile

Back to the bf issue, unfortunatly I met up with said ex a few days ago because he said he wanted "closure".  I guess I didn't realize he meant that he really wanted to try and get back together...  So I dunno, I probably should have posted before I agreed to meet up with him.  Anyhow, I'm trying to just not talk to him, but I feel so bad because I really hate to hurt boy's feelings.  And you are so right in saying that they feel worthless and horrible cause he is constantly pulling that self pitty thing on me which just makes me feel worse.  I dunno, I wish I could find him someone else because I'm sure there are better girls for him but he has that whole idea in his head that I'm like the only girl on the planet... Whatever happened to that guy saying about plenty of fish in the sea?  Sorry, I'm ranting, but someone needs to knock some sense in to him...

Thanks terra for listening and whoever else can give me some advise!

(BTW is the chat room not working or is it just me? thnx)


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Are tickets still on sale? I'd love to go, I'll be in school down there when it happens big_smile


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I have some new favorites.  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is awesome on the Wii (a really good work out to if you get as into it as I do)

Gran Turismo (Not sure I spelled that right)  a great game for PS3 and the graphics are super.

And of course Left 4 Dead on xbox is really fun.