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Here's some a bit strange humor in mini-comics "Hare Wars" , where hares playing main roles,  mmm.. so, they are the characters from Star Wars, but drawn like hares, kinda that.

some series are after this, or before... smile Here - http://erzaix.deviantart.com/gallery/#SW-stuff

P.S. Some can find this offensive for the sw-heroes, miscuzi if it is so, I didn't meant smth bad. Just was nothing to do, and decided to draw something funny. Funne-bunny. smile


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That's interesting!
    And I have MICE at home, don't know if in US people keep mice, but we do, they are so popular here, not chipmunks, though I had chipmunks some years ago, not hamsters, they are...hmmm... smaller than rats(that are wild) and bigger than wild mice - some sort of "decorative mice-rats".
    Never thought about a cat, the fact that she might scratch the walls, mark territory, and some others....they are scaring, maybe cause of this I have only mice at home smile But nevertheless they are very nice and clever too, at least they do not bite and scratch smile
     And my mouse Alice gave birth to little mice a month ago, my friends took practically all of them to their place, and my sis and I have left a girl-mouse, and as in Star Wars there's not so many attractive for us female-characters, we named her Leia. By the way, sisters friend has left the name Luke for her boy-mouse, Alice's cub too. smile
I can say that it's strange for me to name a pet after favourite character, just can't understand... Think if my pet was named after Fett, and it sounds a bit weird...
Nevertheless, I think that naming a CAR in such a way is a great idea!!! smile

I love this works!!!! The comics are just great ))) And I have some hope to see more! smile


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Merry Christmas from Russians & Ukrainians to you, people!!!! Wish you all to have the best x-mas ever ! smile


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This is just more than cool))) it's great!!!! smile


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I like everything & everybody on this site, and I would give all of you 10/10!!!
You  are so creative and interesting, people! That's wonderfull, honestly!!!  cool

I think it's quite understandable, who is the favourite, that's why I joined this site big_smile and besides, I like Han Solo in StarWars, he is so active and enterptising!


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WOW!!! You are very much talent to make such a masterpiece by yourself!!! It really looks great! smile


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There's nothing so bad ment in this picture))))

Happy Tree Friends as Star Wars Heroes!!!!


PS: like very much the technique of drawing that lil animals! smile


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terra wrote:

And i'm one too. Sorry for taking you for a guy before. tongue

Dont worry, I didn't understand smile We learned English in school, but nevertheless, some phrases leave secret tp me, especially slang... smile


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Hi! I'm female!!!:)
And what do you mean saying "a gal" ? Sorry, dont understand english perfectly hmm


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terra, In this picture it was not meant anything bad! It's just ... a fun-picture or some kind of it) May be you have another point of view... At least, we live in different countries, have different imagination) My friends just laughed at this picture smile It doesn't seem to me that there is something wrong in it, it's just a parody, no more smile
Honestly saying, it's just nothing  comparing with one, that I found in one of russian SW fan site. It's just the worst thing about Fett I have ever seen! If you want, I can give you adress of that nonsense...  hmm


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Bounty Hunter Kaiza, Not bad, I like this picture! smile

Haha, of course! He uses blaster instesd of grill to get a nice barbecue! smile

N8 da Assassin wrote:
Alo Fett wrote:

this is not mine but it's so dang cool
http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w90/ … 0afacc.png

what do you think he is listening to?

Such a philosophical question!!!
He's probably listening to the sound of blaster-shots big_smile


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Ohh, everybody listens so different music!!! And I like The Prodigy most of all... )))


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Pheonix023 wrote:

And vette....I think Boba Hilton is the scariest thing I've ever seen...... O_o

ME TOO!!! smile


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It's really nice! If onle admin agrees to do such a thing! I think that your textures can make this site not so empty, indeed, it's a good idea!!! smile


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Thank you for a good piece of advice)) Will try to do it)))


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But the quality seems to be low! But the idea is not bad, thanks!!! smile By the way, the second picture was photographed too... ))


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Some people say that Paris Hilton is the face of glamour))) Her photo can be found in ALLour magazines... Strange, but truth! smile

тв about pictures: I have a lot of them! But can't transfer them to computer! Can't find drivers for scanner sad


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(click for larger size)



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Si Titran, You'r 100% right!!

Oh my! These are the best art MASTERPIECES I've ever seen!!!!!!!! it's so beautiful! Just great!

Dont understand , why his hear is RED??? O_o