Fettmatic wrote:

I'd be a hell of a lot more productive that's for sure, no more getting sidetracked as easily when I'm supposed to be doing work

LOL that kinda rings a vague bell somewhere... tongue


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Sorry if it's a stupid question, what's NP standing for?

Yeah I think RATM were the first ones using an electric guitar in that way. It's really different.


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Ok cool. Now though, just so you know, when we finish writing a post, the engine seems to look for the latest (removed) extra page, doesn't find it, and we land on an error page.

Fett_II wrote:

it seems that it's only happening to the bf/gf and avatar request threads for me at least.

This is starting to make me think the bug might be bound with my account, as it's threads where I've been posting a lot lately.


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I don't think it's there to stay... methinks the boss is working on something.


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Thanks Cecilia, glad to see at least one person understands.

Karson, your writing, pictures, drawings... Did you ever put weeks of hard work into something? You should put your name besides each creative piece of yours, that you feel is worth keeping. It's your own work.

When you're a pro, it's a nightmare to protect your work if you want to publish anywhere. People can just go away with your stuff and think it's in their right.

As Cecilia probably knows, artists don't always know that their work is all over the WWW. You post stuff in a site where people can upload their images "for free", you think it's alright, then first thing, your stuff is all over Google without you knowing. Then, as you say Karson, people think it's free, and free of rights, and usable at will, while it's never been. And while the artist probably has no clue his/her work is there all over, and they probably never consented to any of that.

Karson, I apologize if I made you upset, but I gotta say it makes me bitter that I couldn't get it through to you. I guess I did fail indeed. It doesn't invalidate my point, just my ability to explain it.

Intellectual property is something very abstract. You probably see warnings about it all over the internet and never even read them. It's too much text and no one wants to read them. I don't know what method would work to make people understand but that's indeed a wrong one.

And yes, most people leave when we hit the credits at the movies. Except the few freaks interested in who did what (like I am). I tend to forget this is not the majority of people.


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It's not just a question of money. Hey if you keep using other people's images, you don't have to be cheap, you could at least contact the artist and ask if it's ok to use their stuff on your newsletters. Or at the very least mention their name.

"It's not a big deal"... Yeah and the credits at the end of movies and games are the boring part. Indeed it is. Until you understand what it really means. "Oh, so that movie's been directed by Kubrick, I knew I had seen that style somewhere, hehe."

Ever thought to yourself "hell that actor was amazing. Who is it??" Then you find his name and can talk about what he did, and people can relate. Well, for art it's about the same.

When you look at Jim Davis' work, for example, you see Garfield. It's become big enough to be a commercial brand, and to stand alone. So you think, who cares who Jim Davis is??

But wait until that guy retires, and a new team do his stuff in his place. If you're one to observe a minimum, you'll say, "This is not the Garfield we all knew and loved anymore. Too different." So it's not just Garfield, and an artwork isn't just an image. There's a person behind it! Of course there's always gonna be people to not notice the difference and not care. But that's sad.

Not sure why I bother telling you all this though, don't think it'll make it through, and you just like to p* people off when you're bored. Doesn't matter, if there is ONE person who can understand what I mean here, I'll be happy.


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Yeah I guess. I still think it would be worth it to try again.


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I guess I'm a metal head myself, on some sides. Not as much as before though, I recently "dumped" KISS as their recent album (Sonic Boom, don't try it, it sucks) was so bad that if I had been in their place, I just wouldn't have released it at all. It kinda broke my love of them and trust that they only make good stuff. They are not what they used to be.

In fact, recently, GnR (Chinese Democracy), Ace Frehley (Anomaly), KISS (Sonic Boom), and even Rammstein (Roserot) all disappointed me, along with Aerosmith splitting up.

There's another old band, sorta hard, of which I like the sound, although I am not sure I agree with the lyrics, lol. Rage Against The Machine.



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I once made T-shirts for the band KISS... here's some model t-shirts that were provided by DBH for it, maybe it could help us create ours. The tees here are white. Will give us a better idea of what it looks like on someone, just gotta change the color of the shirt and stick our design on it in Photoshop or something.

Man front
Man side
Man back
Woman front
Woman side
Woman back

Fett_II wrote:

i managed to find childhood friends who moved away on FB.

Yeah that too. Also bullies from my childhood, although I tend to avoid these. tongue


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Really cool! Really interesting and dynamic. big_smile

but then the emperor realized the stupidity of what they were doing and whacked Boba behind the head with his...


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If the internet no longer existed???

I would lose touch with so many people! And could not hope to contact the people I haven't seen in a long time. Like my friend Jacques. I am still unsure of his last name but when I am sure of it (maybe my mom remembers it) I'll certainly look him up, he was a cool guy.

My eldest daughter found her dad again thanks to FB. A few years ago I was having a serious bad time, and I met several friends on FB and in other places then online, that I'm still in touch with, precious people, but they're far away from me. Some are in Europe, some in South America, one of my friends keeps travelling around the world all the time. Heck, it would be quite a loss if I had to lose touch with all of them.

And as I want to work as either a Webmaster or a videogame texturer pretty soon, I guess I'd have to consider a different path for a career.. THAT would be a really bad heartbreak. I love doing what I do, and I'd love to do it for a living in a couple months.


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Karson Fett wrote:

I never said that illustrators work didn't count. I just don't think that your so called "Graphic Ethic" isn't very important. But I always try to sight my sources though.

"So called" ? Not sure what you doubt of, exactly. Not surprised though. People tend to take images for granted on the internet. "It can't be that important, it's so all over, it's an ordinary thing."

It's with a mentality like this that artists have so much trouble getting paid for their hard work. Also the reason why I keep myself away from sites like Deviant Art. It's an open door to have anyone go away with artwork without any consideration for the artist, or the time they've put into it. It's too easy. You google something, and then think "hey I found it, so it's mine." Yeah right. You took a few minutes to find it, if that, while it took hours, maybe days, weeks, sometimes months, sometimes more to the artist on the other end to make it. It's a lot of time. You put alot of your time in videogames, the artist who made "your" image used their time in working hard at making one thing pretty/cool the best they could.

Graphic ethic is simple respect for the people behind the pretty/cool things. I do like to think it should be important, even though I don't think I can make you see it. Until you stop and put enough of your time into one same thing, something that didn't exist before you made it, you can't understand the precious of it.

You'll say, "but it's just an avatar Terra, come on". It's not "just an avatar" like the ones I simply crop and post here. It's a damn cool illustration made into a damn cool avatar, and someone else's work.


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Karson Fett wrote:

I think you guys should try to make a KOTOR 3 game...

Wish I had the free time. Maybe if someone pays me for it, I will. tongue

Could at least take care of the graphic texture side of things tongue


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Iron Maiden is awesome. I also like some old GnR very much. Bruce and Axl are probably the voices I can "karaoke" the best too, lol.

That Viking stuff is really different. Thanks for sharing. It's an experience. I can see how it  can go according to a certain mood­.

Reminds me stuff from a native american band I've been listening to since a very long time, Kashtin. Here's a few of their best songs:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwXekoy3 … re=related
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIuBuEId … re=related

Not your typical expected "native american" stuff but I love it. Started listening to them in the 90s and didn't stop since then. There's also another band/singer I love, here's a link to one of his recent songs (he's been in a band in the 90s, now he goes solo but sometimes the band gathers for concerts) :


An awesome artist and awesome man. I had a long conversation with him on Facebook one night that I was hitting rock bottom, a few years ago. He has all this talent and these awesome songs and we had this conversation about little me, lol. He's opened my eyes on a couple things in his cold, fist-hit, straight-to-the-point style. That guy's always been a natural winner and that night he gave me a little of that. Been a good wake-up, gonna have to thank him someday.



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Wish I could see what you did. Your link seems broken.


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Sounds good Excail. You are thinking of making a game?

At some point I dated a designer like me, and we thought we'd make our own game similar to Crono Trigger, but with a different theme... but eventually that relationship died before we had much of a chance to do anything, lol. We didn't share the same views about money, and on certain levels our needs clashed.


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Any ideas on what you would like on the tees? I could try and come up with a couple things if you guys want.

Btw, the Bf/Gf thread is behaving weirdly, like it has a couple empty pages at the end. The Avatar Request thread has the same problem... Is it something I did?? tongue


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You write so much about military, soldiers, heroes. Why don't you try to join them again instead, and really be one of them? Or do you stay out and just imagine by choice, to have a better control on what will happen?


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Interesting ideas. Looking forward to further developments.


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Not sure if what I listen to can really be posted here... it's kinda shocking visually. Not for sensitive hearts either.

Rammstein - Mein Teil

summoning forth all the...


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Karson Fett wrote:

Your Right, but I have ethic where it counts. But these avatar's are really cool, Terra.

Yeah. They are cool indeed. smile

"Where it counts"... illustrators work long hours to get to images like that, doesn't it count? Most good illustrations take a lot of time, patience, focus, delicate work.

To some artists it's a form of admiration to have their work spread all over, it's a way to have people know them for what they did. But for that their name has to be tied to their work somehow. smile

I suppose it's already good of you to credit the site where you found them. As I make images for a living myself, I rather tend to start from scratch or at least transform something enough to make it mine. I rather not walk on anyone's toes, you know? And it's great when you can really call some piece your own.


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BFFC Admin wrote:
Terra wrote:

I think it's a bit lame to steal avatars from another site. Find the picture you want, Fettmatic, and I'll make an avatar from it for you.

Maybe I can promote your service more? I didn't realize..


Sure, go ahead if you want. Doing it for you too smile
Gotta justify my presence here after all, lol.

Karson you have no graphic ethic.