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Oh yeah some people abuse. They get out of the tanning salon nearly toasted brown, lol. Indeed that's too much.

there was the jerky also. Jerky. Jerk. Why not put a picture of a jerk with a wide smile on the bag? The type of guys you know you shouldn't trust, you know the smile is fake and the stuff is bad inside, but you keep going for more? He started to think it was...

Karson Fett wrote:

It sucks

Yeah. If I didn't have to understand all that complicated arithmethic s*, I'd just burn these books because they're so deeply boring. But if I want to widen my job possibilities as a web designer I have to be able to read/write code and detangle it when it's badly done and full of crap. Java and PHP are a very limit minimum, there's even more. Pretty designs alone aren't enough anymore over here. sad


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Karson Fett wrote:

It isn't that great

Yeah when you have it when you want it's just a random thing of life.

On girls it can look good though. The skin is less pinkish and uneven then. Most girls in the magazines have tans, so I suppose it makes us feel closer to what's considered beautiful when we have a nice tan as well.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Wow, that is...first of all, my condolences for your family, Terra. I can't even begin to imagine what you have gone through, and I am so sorry.

As for that woman.... ........The words I want to use, I cannot say, because this is a family board. She is bad news, though. No wonder he stopped talking to you; I -know- she forced him to. That relationship sounds very unhealthy. I know it's not my place to say this, but perhaps he might be better off if he divorced her.

Yeah. Thanks for your support. It's quite a Pandora's box.

When people talk about a successful life, with a marriage, your own house, a car, a job, etc. My bro and his harpy got all that. And I don't envy them one bit.

I got no crazy partner, no job taking most of my time awake, no neverending debts (got my student loan to repay, that's it)... my position might be a bit less close to the dream life, but I still think it is better. Watching people like them makes me think twice before matching with the first fool that comes like my bro did. Then you wonder how he could make it go for all these years, I guess some men can suffer forever in silence.

I think he's just happy that she decides everything in his place. I'd quickly choke in these conditions, but my brother is lazy to a sin extent. Lazy and attached to the material side of his life. It looks good on paper when you have everything they have, and I think he feels "important" that he "made it".

I didn't give up about talking to him again. I want to reply to her. She'll have to understand that my brother is *the* person I wish to reconnect with. You see, she's the kind to think a brother-sister bond isn't important, like far on a list of priorities. She thinks he should include her in this kind of things. If he does it's going to be all about her again and we won't be able to talk, him and me.

I really don't know how I'll deal with her. I'll let my subconscious work on it, eventually my intuition will "eureka" me.

Was sweet of you to pass and say something Cecilia. I hope the chat room is better soon so we can chat again one of these nights. Was fun. smile


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Karson Fett wrote:

Classic Rock!!!! AC/DC

Long time I didn't listen to that. Only got "Back In Black" at home. I used to have "The Razors Edge", but I have no clue where it went.

Lately it's still my old GnR. Can't seem to get enough of good old Axl Rose from the 90s.

he found something itchy on the side of his head. He scratched it a bit too hard and so it...


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Thanks people, you're all really nice. I really appreciate that you care about this. Unfortunately the news aren't really good...

Got news, yes, but not from him, from the wife, their FB account is apparently a shared one. Wife replied with a long letter, telling me how glad (yes, glad) she is that my grandmother is heavily sick with Alzheimer, forgetting everything and basically near death. That harpy wrote a whole paragraph where she revels about that. When I've shown this to my eldest daughter, she couldn't believe what she was reading.

That woman is insane, if that's the kind of things my bro hears all day, I can fairly understand why he picked a job that keeps him out of the house 80% of the time. He's a on-call security agent and NEVER refuses a shift, no matter when. I am GLAD I am single and not stuck with someone like her (male versions exist I am sure, lol).

Her letter was so stupid. Hey it's been 5+ years?? Maybe if I write to David, my only brother, I want to talk to David himself and that's it?? The fact that she replied in place of my bro made me so furious, I've received this a couple weeks ago and I couldn't post about it. I just didn't want to think about it. Stupid control freak b*. I think my bro's still able to reply to his own messages if he wants to.

Hey, my grandma can't even remember her brothers and sisters now!!! I can't have a conversation with her anymore, and she's still alive. Not for long. Where is that a good thing??? And now this b* is happy because soon she won't have to share my bro's freetime with her!!! My bro's always been close to my grandma, she partially raised him.

Now I don't even know if my brother ever read my message, or how to get to him. If I say anything the wife dislikes, she might just never let me have at him at all.

Wish I knew how to tell her "Look, I was trying to talk to David, please." without sounding rude or having her shut me away from him. If I just say it like that, it will sound like I ignored her message, she might just make things even worse. Heck, she's been talking bad of me behind my back for the past 10 years that she's with my bro, part of why things split. Really doesn't take much for her to just... get berzerk about someone. Or rather berzerk, period.

Sorry, I had to finally vent. It's been a couple weeks, this rolls and rolls in my head... Thanks for being there, vods. Wish me luck to find a way around her...

Karson Fett wrote:

My little laptop caught a virus

Hate when that happens.

If I didn't have the internet I couldn't get help online when I stun myself in deep boredom/confusion with overly technical Javascript/PHP books. And to think I used to have a head for numbers. Ugh.


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Karson Fett wrote:

Red heads burn EASY!

Not our fault, lol. Wish we didn't. I'd love a suntan, never could have one in my life, lol.


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Miba wrote:

One thing I'm noticing is the smilies are super tiny.

Yeah. They appear about the size of text "M" capital letter (if you count the antenna and padding), instead of custom-sized like before. Must be difficult for the admin to find time for the forum at the moment.

We can be happy that the boards are still functioning though. Some admins would just shut everything down until it's all set. At least here, even though it's "under construction", lol, we can stay in touch and keep sharing about Boba. smile

Hey there Fercho, welcome to the boards! smile


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There must be a lot of little margins and widths and heights to set. Everything that looks odd now is just all these little places where he usually put the customizations, like the smilies and stuff. Must suck to have to redo the little specifications all over again one by one.

It's getting closer to our usual BFFC already, so it's great. Wish I was such a CSS/coding wizard. I just read one chapter in a book about Javascript/PHP and I'm lost already tongue

Fett_II wrote:

oh how i wish i had a tattoo, just not sure of what to get. everyone's tats here are all so very cool and such (even the non-fett ones).

So, did you make up your mind? Got anything done finally??

At some point I was thinking about getting a Grim Reaper somewhere, probably behind a shoulder or something. It's not really "me" anymore though. Now I really don't know what I'd get. Not sure what symbol would mean enough to me to have it on me for life. I'd probably rather go with an airbrush on an object. One same object can be used everyday for several years, 10, maybe more. That's already a lot of time to "carry your brand label", it's still unique and yours, but it's changeable and removable.

I still think your tats are fantastic, people though.

as he tripped into a


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Can't wait to have it in order. There's a lot of crappy forums out there, while this one's really cool...

...but sometimes it's tough to just post now, lol.

(sorry about my impatience, lol, I just love this place...) tongue

and then Fantastic Four's The Thing joined the party, and then he...


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I got a redhead's skin, so I don't tan, I burn. Once I even burnt so bad, that my face looked like The Thing in Fantastic Four.

http://www.superherotimes.com/newsarchi … nt_up2.jpg

Ok, not as bad, but nearly, lol. I've always put on sun protection lotion in my little face since, lol, better.


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Nice stuff AbyssGk, so daring! Very nice picture there fairyblood! smile

and then watched each little piece of moldy cheese puff come to life and...


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Fett_II wrote:

i barely post in either thread now, so it's not tied to your account.

You're probably right.

I know you have it too, but in my last few posts I used the "edit" button a lot, so I thought maybe by going back and forth with it, something didn't record well and then it made a glimpse.

I really don't know enough about forums to know for sure. I don't know what bugs can happen when posts don't save/refresh properly. Probably none, lol.


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It's when we see it like this that we realize the hard work that's been put on the layout design. Hide this, replace that, set all the margins right. 14 years. Must have been so much work. There's always a bug here and there with these things. I don't know how you could keep this giant going smoothly for so long, it's cool. smile


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Cool. Thanks. "NP" triggers automatically "no problem" in my mind, and I could not imagine what else it could be, lol.

I need something new to listen to. Anyone got something to suggest?


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True. You got a point.

But then maybe we also have older topics about contests and other ideas for the site too? Might have a couple hidden treasures in there, too?

As for here, buttons not working, slight problems, t-shirts, contests, and a few other details. People don't seem to find much to ask for. Must mean the website's pretty good the way it is. smile

Personally, I always thought it was pretty open, friendly and very easy to navigate. Cool colors, not too flashy, not tiring. No frenetic animations that get on the nerves. One click gets us where we want to go. It's just fine, Aaron. Some neat, well-organized work.

I think it would indeed be worth having t-shirts and other modes of advertisement though. Not in a mean to be commercial or anything, just to spread the word about a place we like to belong to. I'd be proud to wear something about this place, myself. smile

There could be girl/woman t-shirts too. With a different neckline (guys t-shirts are just NOT for us, lol), something cute. And with maybe the skull as drawn by Cujo in "rhinestones" or something, (with his consent of course! tongue) on a black or dark grey shirt, colors similar to what we got here. And maybe something more "guy" for the regular ones, where we could rather use the dark red/black part of the color scheme, with maybe something grey printed on the front, or even the side. This place is very "text", and typographic textures are "in" lately for t-shirt designs. Maybe we could use parts of actual posts as texture on the t-shirts, lol.

Just suggestions. Ladies, please don't shoot me about the "rhinestones" if you don't like the idea, lol.

Now, what about metal pins, too? Something small enough to cost nearly nothing. Mousepads? I am trying to think of things we guys/girls can use as we're over here. Desktop themes? Screensavers? Icons/cursors?

If anyone wants me to rather pursue the t-shirt topic on the other thread, please tell, I don't mind using either topics, just thought I'd continue here since this one is "alive".


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Well, the admin himself started this thread. I think he wanted all update questions for 2010 together instead of having to look each topic up.

(sorry about my previous opening "lol" here, I wasn't laughing at you, Karson. just trying to be friendly/funny)