The sky was starting to look ominous as the group was travelling east towards Fort Strand. Humidity was starting to thicken the air. Xanaan felt like a storm might be coming. She could see, nearly as if they were tangible, the spirits wander around the cave down the hill, her repulsive spells against undeads ready, in case they would get in trouble. But she didn't think she'd need them. Walking at a certain distance, in silence, the darkness helping, they could pass by, unnoticed or ignored.

She was feeling tired. Those dreams aren't making for any good sleep, and there has been a lot of them lately. She was hoping to have a chance to really get some rest when they set the camp for the night.


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Yet another


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Beast with tongue out. tongue


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Child in costume.

After a few hours of practicing her marksmenship, Xanaan often simply sits in the grass, in the shadows of a tree, resting her back against its solid trunk. The smells and sounds from the woods are soothing. She always loved it around here. The best place to be alone and think... or just stop thinking. A moment of her own, away from all. The humidity and freshness of the air won't even let this moment get stained by those memories that keep coming back when she's dreaming. She can't find peace when she rests at night, but she can find it here, in this area of green, around those trees. Moments like this are as needed as sleep to her.

The sound of Drakus' armor as he is approaching from a certain distance isn't troubling her. It's just always so good to have him around, to know he's there. He knows she's strong, he also knows she needs him. That tenderness, that kindness in his eyes everytime he looks at her. That joy, that trust in her eyes when she looks back at him. It tells all.

Getting up, she knew he'd be coming to find her, he probably needs her for some action. She's ready.


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Really happy to be there, aren't you. hmm

I love the things you say, the way you think, the things you write.

No matter what happens with us, I hope you will never give up on writing, because it's something you really do well.

I love you.


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striped shirt...


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now talk about evil big_smile



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(dribble tongue)



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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Cool picture Terra

Thanks, yours is funny.



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Hey people,
This is a new little game, which I think could be fun. Can be related to Star Wars or not.

Very simple. You have to post a picture (as IMG, not URL) which is related in a way or another to the picture in the post previous to yours. Feel free to participate and post any picture you find, anywhere on the web. You can add a comment if you want. If the relation between your pic and the previous post is unclear, please add a short explanation.
Have fun! smile

This is a wax sculpture, by artist Duane Hanson. Now imagine this somewhere in an airport.


Xanaan is laying on her side in the bed, sleeping. She never used to let herself sleep deeply anywhere at anytime... until she met Drakus. At first, she hadn't been very sure what to think of him...

She remembers the first day that he've found her. She just thought he was another one of them. Them, them all. All the same. Hostility, despise, anger, hatred, was all she was usually getting from everyone. But he acted differently towards her. Oh, he has his temper. Constantly barking orders, yelling at his men. Not an easy leader, but just, in his own way. Strangely enough, he never yells like that at her. The reason for that has been unclear to her for a while, as she never felt she did any better than the others. He was acting... protective around her. Raising his voice at any who'd say the slightest comment about her. At some point though, he started to show more than simple care. He seemed to want to know more about her, and her past. He wanted to know why she had those terrible dreams at night, and those tears from time to time. That was something he felt he couldn't protect her from, and he wasn't satisfied about it.

Over time, a strange feeling of... security came to grow inside her about him. That immense feeling of trust she has towards him, it's something she seems like she's never felt. Or at least, something she really hasn't been feeling for a long time...

There used to be someone. Someone who cared. A voice, so kind and gentle, so soothing. Like Drakus', maybe... but deeper. And rougher too. The roughness that time gives to a voice. It was an older man. Her dad? She had to go. She had to leave... fast. No time. There was no time. Why?... Something terrible happened. A dancing shadow. Tall, dark, big enough to eat her away. Shadows all around her, swallowing her. Air is becoming rare. A dark cloud envelops her completely. She can't see, she can't hear anymore. She just drowns into herself. She wants to get away, she wants to scream, but she can't. No more air. She'll die. No. Nooooooo.

It's dark. There's light filtering in the room. She's sitting straight in the bed, her heart pounding fast and hard. Did she scream again in her sleep? Drakus is there, holding her tight against his bare chest. So firm and powerful. His skin is rough, a lot of scars. His hand is gently caressing her long black hair flowing around her shoulders like everynight, as she undoes her braids at the end of each day before going to sleep. Xanaan feels her own sweat running down her face, down her whole body, running all over him now. A kiss, soft, tender, loving, then another, and then she knows he'll ask it again. He'll want to know again.

He didn't ask, but there was that stare in his eyes. He knew it was in vain, but his heart was pushing him to try again. But it was in vain again. Making sure she was ok, he raised from the bed and left the room without a word. She felt like a slight deception in his attitude, but there was nothing more she could do. It's already gone. The dream, the pain, the darkness. Nothing she remembers. He thinks she says that because she doesn't want to tell, and it's true, she doesn't. Some things are just too painful to be told. Even to a loved one. And even if she'd want to talk about it, she couldn't. She really doesn't remember. There's that shadow that will never leave her eyes, there's that feeling that melts her guts and makes her feel a glimpse of despair at the loneliest moments, but nothing to be put in words.

He had left a bucket of warm water by their room's door, like everyday, so she didn't have to leave the room to bathe herself. She appreciated these little things he did for her, that, the food, the water, everyday like that. So much care. He was doing all these little things for her so regularly, he didn't even notice doing them anymore. That was leaving her with a warm feeling, even after all that time he's been doing that, she was thankful everytime. One day she'll have to tell him.

Getting ready for the day, she thought she'd like to have a conversation with the Elder sometime later. After a quick bite at the cheese Drakus left for her, she takes off for a walk.

Character sheet for Terra

NAME: Xanaan
SPECIES AND GENDER: Dark Elf (Dunmer), female
AGE: 20


CLASS: Ranger

MAJOR ATTRIBUTES: Intelligence+, Agility+
3 MOST POWERFUL MAJOR SKILLS: Marksman, Destruction, Conjuration
OTHER MAJOR SKILLS: Alchemy, Restoration, Sneak, Light Armor

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Expert marksman, she can attack from a long distance while remaining unseen. She'll rarely miss her target.

MAGIC ABILITIES: Conjuration, destruction and restoration. Some knowledge for alchemy.

Conjuration: Can summon zombies, and some other undead creatures
Destruction: Can cast strong ice spells, and some other elemental spells
Restoration: Knows basic healing spells, can cure disease, paralysis and poison
Alchemy: Can mix/recognize a certain number of poisons

WEAPONS: Daedric bow with Daedric arrows, Daedric dagger

ARMOR/APPEARANCE: long black hair - tied, red eyes, deep red leather overshirt with hood, over a thigh length light mithril chain mail, leather Greaves, knee high leather boots.

SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: Tends to be suspicious and distant towards strangers. Not a very social creature, will most of the time remain silent and away from groups. Faithful and ready to die for the rare persons that are in her trust, will usually accept only one steady companion. Knowledgeable and skilful of her hands, will help when needed.

Drakus saved her from a critical situation when she was 14. She has been tagging along closely with him since then. No one really knows what happened, and she won't be the one to tell.


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That would be difficult. I buy the almond dough at the grocery, already done. All I do is mold it with my hands then paint it with food color.


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it's made with almond dough, then painted with food color.