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Hey Marion, your pic is blurry dear. You should try to take another. smile

fish big_smile



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green, your address must end by JPG, GIF or PNG
HTM isn't a picture.

a zombie drinking a zombie.


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Wasn't Marion trying to post, it was me. Marion is my daughter and I didn't think she was still logged in.

Another zombie with mouth wide open.

And btw, green,  [img]is just a programmation code. A language websites can understand.
when you type  [img]  , it tells the website "next string of characters is the address for a picture"
then when you type[/img]  , it tells the website "the picture address ends here"


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another scary klown


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Dear, your pic doesn't show, the link doesn't work. To make a pic work, you need the proper address of the pic, and put it in hooks like below, but without spaces :

[ img ] http://www.addressOfPic.jpg [ / img ]

...and I was trying to get away from the cat subject tongue

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lol poor thing, cloner

A new form of bread basket (or meds cabinet). Related to the subject of bread (if that's a bread we see under all the stuff they've put in there).


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lol A_A



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hairy beast. tongue


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pink color, and anime


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Xanaan had noticed the woman coming in their direction. The ice creature summoned by Kes had knocked her off her horse, but yet she was dealing a good fight. Xanaan's poisoned Daedric arrow was ready, her bow string at tension. She was ready to shoot, waiting for the moment.

She felt she had been noticed. That woman had good wits; that was making things interesting. She seemed to hold it well against the Argonian, too, defensively, cleverly using him as a moving shield, keeping Xanaan's shot an uncertain one.

Kes had been the one attacking the woman, she had mainly been defending herself. Xanaan wasn't sure if there was a reason behind her presence, was she another enemy? The elements were making things harder, often would the figures of the two fighters become unclear in the thick morning fog. Yet at some point, Xanaan felt she could have her. If she had to stop her, now would be the time. Pulling her bow string even further, her eyes becoming no more than thin slits, Xanaan was ready to release and attack again, but a simple word stopped her. "Wait."

She didn't even think about questioning him. He was the leader, and was giving an order. She had complete confidence in him and his decisions. While part of her knew she missed the best chance to get her target, she just obeyed, and froze her move. Drakus knew he could have full trust in his Ranger, he knew she'd follow him on the slightest of his intuitions, and she wouldn't be the one to deceive him.


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Lost... if you look at this for too long. (Image by Escher)


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grey fur


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GUNs n roses...


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dressed with coins too


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3 cows, 3 pictures, now 3... no idea what they are. or whoever they are.


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Pictures were presented separately, like in "cards", so I got cards too.

The air is fresh and humid as it rains in the night. The oxygen is filling it, giving a particular smell and feeling to all things. For once in a long, long time, Xanaan is really sound asleep. The shadows, the void that come from far away in the past seem to be leaving her for this time. Sleep can really be a delight in itself, when it hasn't been tasted in such a while. A deep sleep, that has taken her wits deep within her, not with the darkness, but in that inner secret garden where she finally finds peace in her heart.

A few tranquil hours later, after a regenerative rest, Xanaan feels soft caresses all over her face, shoulders, hair. Light as the wind, warm like a sunny day. Without even opening her eyes, without even waking up completely, she knows it's him. A smile, as she tends her lips to him for a kiss or two.

As she opens her eyes with a slight regret, his voice takes a different tone, the tone of the leader, as he tells her, "It's time." That tone of voice he takes, always wakes the fighter in her immediately. In a second, her mind is all on the assault they're preparing, excited at the idea of taking part from afar again, attacking unseen, killing from her safe position, her poisons making even deadlier the damage she'll already do with her faithful Daedric bow.


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If we start loading the thread with animated pictures, some people (like Ralin and VM) will never be able to see them...


The sky was starting to look ominous as the group was travelling east towards Fort Strand. Humidity was starting to thicken the air. Xanaan felt like a storm might be coming. She could see, nearly as if they were tangible, the spirits wander around the cave down the hill, her repulsive spells against undeads ready, in case they would get in trouble. But she didn't think she'd need them. Walking at a certain distance, in silence, the darkness helping, they could pass by, unnoticed or ignored.

She was feeling tired. Those dreams aren't making for any good sleep, and there has been a lot of them lately. She was hoping to have a chance to really get some rest when they set the camp for the night.


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Yet another


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