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Really good and well written.

Got no one to curl up to at the moment but for the rest I'm also a creative being trying to make my name and my way in the world, so this spoke loud to me. Thanks for sharing. You're good.

No matter what you say though, staying at someone's house helps a ton for rent fees, so take it while it's there. Might suck to not be in your own place (especially at the in-law's sometimes, lol) but it's better than nothing. I'm also glad for you that you're happy with your Other Half and have things so fine.

I'm glad to see you again on here VM, been a while (at least for me, the non-RPGer, lol). Glad that you're alright despite these sucky economy times.


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lol, personal no, but my computer is acting weird lately so I thought it might be that.


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Problem on my end with the chat, I don't know if it is just me, when I type anything it won't print in the chat room. Like, the chat room loads and I can see who's there but whenever I type something, it just won't show in the chat for me.


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@Draco, you just lack a good teacher. tongue

@Karson, try bass. Even worse, lol. Can burn the whole side of your finger in really not long, lol. Just a question of habit though, after a couple weeks your fingers build their own natural shield to that and win in flexibility too.

You guys make me miss playing. So long.

I bet she was drunk or something. No one goes get something like that on their own sane mind.

Karson Fett wrote:

I don't believe n them

I used to think they were cool.

Now I would have a hard time to choose something I'd be sure to like for life. I once thought I'd like KISS for life, and it changed. And along the years I see my tastes change on all kinds of other things, so really, there's nothing I could print on me forever.

Skulls? Dragons? Everyone get that. The first time I thought of getting a tat I went for an airbrush on my leathercoat instead. A Grim Reaper, now how original is that? lol.

If there was an image I wanted to keep for a long time I suppose I could do that again. It's a long time that an image hasn't amazed me to that point though.


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The quarterback? No idea how tall he is.

that he took by the nose with two straws. Then he felt it was a bit too...

but then he stopped and thought for a moment, "hey, I forgot...


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Isn't it hell to wait for men? tongue


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Sweet face Karson. And you seem to have a sweet family too. Are you tall or is she short? tongue

First, my kids... I don't think my 2 years old will want a tattoo anytime soon, lol.

And let me put it this way, if my 15 years old was determined enough to mutilate herself with pen ink and crap, I'd take things in hand and direct her onto something quality just to make sure she doesn't hurt herself worse than a tat would.

Then again there's places where a tat can be easily hidden by clothing and won't be a nuisance to you when you look for a job later. Gotta think of that too.

See, with teenagers it's like any other forbiddance, the more you forbid, the more stuff will happen behind your back and in the worst conditions. I am not one to allow free for all, but if anything is to happen I prefer to know it and make sure it's done the healthy way.


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BFFC-Draco wrote:

Can I play guitar? No. No. No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no no no no no no. I'm still saying no. That's how much of a no it is.

Hmm. That's a lot of no's. You sure? tongue

Long time I didnt play. Last summer I dated a guy who wanted to offer me a brand new guitar he just got. Guy was too weird, I couldn't accept, as I didn't want to have any bond with him. Would have been nice to play again though.

You really never tried?

Hardcore yes but there's still things you should be careful about, Mr Man. And maybe they would tattoo you if your parents sign a paper agreeing about it?


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and a lot more hair big_smile
and alot of work if you want to get to his talent too! but I think you play? do you play guitar or is it just me not remembering well? tongue


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Cool pics guys. Draco you look like you could be related to Slash, lol.


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Cool, we'll have to try to check in at similar hours, lol. If I remember well, you are like 3 hours behind me? I am in eastern time.

I just tested the chat room. It seems to work but when I type anything I don't see what I typed at all.

Fettmatic wrote:

What kind of website are you building?

My portfolio. A display of the pretty things I can do with pixels and some other real life mediums too. I think there's a link to my 2nd version in my profile. I am working on a 3rd version now.

I made a degree in Graphic Design months ago and I'm kinda looking for a job in that field. The website will prove I can do Flash, CSS and some other cool little things like that.

BFFC-Draco wrote:

five finger fillet and some other stupid things. Lately I've been giving myself a tattoo with pen ink & a thumbtack. Not recommending any of that.

Fettmatic wrote:

damn that's hardcore lol why not just get it done somewhere? And what's it gonna be?

Pen ink??? I agree, hardcore indeed. Come on, Draco, don't want you to end up at the hospital with that crap. Pay yourself true quality if you're gonna have something printed on you for life.

Working on a 3rd version of my website. It's gonna allow people to customize the appearance, gonna have flash animations and a lot of other pretty things. And it's a lot of work. tongue

Got nothing to show just yet, still at gathering stuff in the back, lol. At least I got a clear idea of what it will look like when it's finished, and of what I am gonna put into it.

Today I spent a big chunk of time trying to set my FTP properly, lol. Been kinda tough as I still don't know much about managing my own domain yet, lol. Like I didn't know I had to grant myself a FTP log-in, lol. Found out I am now an email provider too, I have like 1000 emails people can have on my site, lol. It's like full-equipped and ready to become a corporation.

I am thinking about it. Might actually turn my domain into a real business. Still gotta go through a ton of govenmental infocrap just so I know what I am doing, and who knows, maybe get some $$ help, lol, but it's part of the plan.


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Thanks, really kind of you to come and post here.

Nah, she's not making it easy. If I were in his shoes, I'd have choked within the first year with her. But my bro had stuff chewed for him his life long. As long as he's got his tv shows, great food and shiny situation, he's happy.

I'm pretty sure if I tried to call, I'd have to talk to her. I don't think my bro answered a phone in his life. Besides maybe his cell, and even then.

I have no clue where they live, they moved not long before we stopped talking, but it's outside of town in the country and I don't have a car.
Not sure I want to go anyway, lol. She'd spread it long and large how big their house is, and everything they own. She's very much "look how great it is to have money".

I don't want to tie things back with her and get involved in all her messy crap. I just want to talk to my bro a bit. I am starting to think maybe it would be better to keep quiet and let it go, else I fear I'd have to start dealing with her again. hmm


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Fettmatic wrote:

it's 2010 man get an mp3 player lol!

There's echo around here... tongue

Now even my fav musician starts getting into Lady Gaga, does it mean I have to follow that crazy wave?.. Gene, you disappoint me... again (after Sucky Boom).

I'm eclectic, but... I mean, she's creative and daring, but she's not that special and her music material is not all that good. All the special effects are only a wrapping-better-than-gift illusion. Kudos for all the new ideas and illusions, it's showbusiness. But it's still I-want-to-get-seen more than good music.

I know, I know, KISS was the same. I am starting to see it now that the charm has waned off of me, lol. Bah, when you can't make it by being beautiful, make it by being a monster. Lady Gaga's even a bigger monster than they've been, they've had one rather static shape while she keeps morphing into weirder and weirder, lol.

NP: Elton John / Daniel
Yup, some good old Elton John. He keeps doing new stuff but I prefer his "Greatest Hits" from the 70s. It's just good. Makes you want to grab a guitar and start playing softly.

and then the cheese puffs started raining from all directions at once, while...

and then Jango Fett just went whack-o because of an old kitch 80s song scarily brought back to life...

fairyblood wrote:

((Terra, I was never much of a team player in my generation.  tongue ))

(the following paragraph is not part of the game)
me neither but I still always hated Rick Astley or anything that kept playing over and over til we all get sick of it, lol. I even hate some GnR/Metallica songs because they played too much, lol. Must admit I have my own shameful spots though (Vanilla Ice anyone?)


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Karson Fett wrote:


((taking a page out of the book of The Chosen One))

And where is the pic of you?


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I think it stays on for a couple weeks, depending on your skin. "nice" not sure, as I heard it gets orange by uneven spots. Better spray your orange paint on a body stocking or something tongue