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Well, happy b-day in late then. tongue


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the eternal dull part of things


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Really cool.

Hope you don't mind, I was curious to see them with the Skull instead of the Converse logo and replace the white part by dark grey. What do you think?


or even better


There's many forms of art which go against rules. It's one of the keys to creativity. Can't find much for ideas if one feels censored and blocked in whatever seems too "different". New ideas are often seen as that.

Tattoos aren't all that "different". If it's too much for you, just don't have them. If someone gets a tat, it doesn't make them "against-Bible" for just that. There's being "for", there's being "against", and there's being indifferent, doing stuff just because it's fun or looks good.

Doesn't mean one is an instigator of chaos just because they decide they want something printed on them.


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Don't know much about american schools either, our system up here is different.

How is it when you are homeschooled? Do you still have to do it early in the morning? Get the same kind of strict schedule and all that? I've always wondered what you learn when it is not in a public school. There's much less wasted time I bet, since the teacher doesn't have to waste time on classroom clowns and the likes.


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Board of Education? Just guessing. Might not be that at all.


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<-- frustrated tongue

I wanted to hear your stuff.

but then his helmet fell off in the process, and...

Karson Fett wrote:
Fett_II wrote:

tattoos have been around long before the bible, your argument is invalid.

Explain how it is invalid.

CapitlPC wrote:

The Bible says a lot of things bro,  but no one can live up to the expectations. An as for you Terra use Formaldehyde keeps the skin rockin! big_smile

Yes, the Bible says a lot of things but we have to try to live up to the standards it sets. Marking up your body is a not that hard to avoid. 

Thanks Miba

It's too late for me Karson, for way worse reasons than marking bodies, lol.

Fettmatic wrote:
Fett_II wrote:

what's so bad about a little formaldehyde? it's in toothpaste.

Is it really? You sure you don't mean fluoride or something?

lol. I used to have a little shark in a glass tube filled with Formaldehyde. No idea where that went.

Fett_II wrote:

tattoos have been around long before the bible, your argument is invalid.

Interesting history bit.

CapitlPC wrote:

The Bible says a lot of things bro,  but no one can live up to the expectations. An as for you Terra use Formaldehyde keeps the skin rockin! big_smile

Formal.. what?
I am not dead yet, thanks. I don't think it can do much for an ego. tongue


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Wow, really cool! smile
So when do you make a YouTube? tongue

Aww hon, I stopped going by the Book a few decades ago. tongue


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Happy B-day?


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Yeah, just normal. Sucks that you had to quit that. Now what will you do?


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Oh well. They pass and they go. And the best ones stay. big_smile


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And poof! He's gone...

Where the heck did you go Excail? I hope you are happier...

What do you have against my pretty eyes? tongue
And yes I'll be egomaniac for a while if I want (I've seen your post before you removed it, lol), it's a purification. I've had a petrified zombie ego for a very very long time, thanks to people I'd kick down the stairs now, so it's time I wake up, lol. Egos waking up are like people waking up in the morning : a stinky beast, lol.

But I am not stinky at all, and not a beast by any mean though. I swear. smile

And you are right Capitl, indeed a tat on the face is a stupid idea. I'm not sure I'm gonna get it as a tat anyway. And certainly in a better place. tongue


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@ Cecilia about the haircut : post away! Can't wait to see that, sounds awesome!

@ Karson : Wow I am really impressed. Do you really play everyday since 5 years?? I never knew you were a musician! You must be so good. Better than me, I only played guitar and bass for 1 year a loooong time ago. And never had any classical teaching or training, just damn KISS songs, lol. Any way we can hear your stuff Karson? Either you alone or with whoever you play with. I would love to hear that. After 5 years, you must be really good already. smile

(lol fairy)

so they just gave up on the family reunion as it was bound to be a dead bore anyway, so instead they decided to leave this insane place and instead go to...

Karson Fett wrote:

Yeah, your right.

Like, come on. Stars all over the face?? What kind of life can you have after that???

It's really odd. I am now thinking about having a Grim Reaper again on me somewhere. As a form of celebration of a cut in my life. A change of pace, change of ... phase. Like something has gone beyond maturity in me and is bound to go to garbage, while another part of me is reviving.

Yeah, I might get me a Grim Reaper again somewhere. Death. He's been with me the whole time anyway, he's the main piece of my portfolio. Danse Macabre has always been my favourite music. Halloween, my favourite time of the year! And I've always thought Skeletons and other creatures of similar realm were sooo cool.

I need to express that somehow. It is too very me.

Thanks Karson for the great idea. You're awesome. big_smile


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CapitlPC wrote:

Hey guys found this and decided to tell I'm 13 but I don't want to be treated like I'm to young to understand.

No one treated you like anything, hon. We have people of all ages here. Don't worry. smile

(said the terrible witch with odd eyes)


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sounds really cool. Since when do you play that?


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I think he is, lol. Glad that he yells it here instead of ripping someone's guts off. Would be ... bad, I think. tongue


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That's very different. Cool though. Can you play any complete song?

This is what I meant by Bass. I suppose I should have specified "Electric Bass".

because it was dead cold in there and he had to get it cleaned up. So...

(nice Avatar there CapitlPC ^^)