Forums are still a lot better! big_smile
Social media is just like watching your family and friends being bored doing nothing. It works so well only because it's everywhere. If you could spam the WWW with buttons bringing people here, like social medias do, you'd get more members and more activity. But at which price? o.O

This is a great tutorial about how to build a good RPG. It's also a lot to digest to any noob RP maker. I always wanted to create a RP about Piracy. Would anyone be interested? If people would like a new Pirate story/RP I could make it. smile

Hi again to the old members! I missed you. smile
Welcome to the new members! Aaron and Mel make it a really nice place. People are friendly here! ^^

Oh noes! Why did they turn Fett into a piggy? D:

There's so many crossovers between Star Wars and all kinds of videogames nowadays. The drawing in this one is really nice... if it wasn't for the piggy. I still can't believe they picked the piggy. tongue

Hi there Aaron! big_smile

How have you been?

Glad to see that you're keeping the site as clean and smooth-sailing as always!

You say links are causing problems with the site, I made a game-thread here forever ago, where people were actually invited to post outside links to pictures.

This is the link to that thread: … -pictures/

I never realized it could cause this kind of problems, but reading your post here, with the quantity of links up there, I'm thinking it could be part of the problem. And I hope killing it could be part of the solution! big_smile

I've missed you and the people here! I hope you're all well. Take care. xx

a pool of man-eater killer pop-corns from Outer Space.


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Karson Fett wrote:

I for one now have a Girl Friend.

Congrats! Great time of the year to make one, too. I hope you two have alot of fun. What activities do you share together?


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Sounds like you could benefit from a change of scenery, new friends, and eventually a new relationship with shared values that you both hold dear. I'd recommend getting out and cutting all ties.

It all sounds really good. I don't know how I could make it happen in real, considering I have my daughters keeping me here, especially my little one, but I think it's a good idea and worth consideration.

Thanks for caring. You're a kind man.

Edit :
Well, it's over. I finally told him the truth about how I felt, and we managed to not let it grow into any drama. I think he wanted out, too. He wants to be friends again already, but I think I am going to take some time off from him and from the places where we used to hang out.


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BFFC Admin wrote:
Terra wrote:

Just a question of meeting the right one and I'm gonna be off. To be happy with a cheater, you gotta cheat, too, and I can't do that.


Why not just stick to your non-negotiables and be single for the time being?

I dunno. I know it's lame of me to say that. I guess I'm too much of a coward to jump out back into the void. We've been friends before, and I dunno how to stop this nonsense "relationship" without losing that too.

I'm just bitter from it all. I was expecting better from him. Deep inside I think I always knew he would do that, but was expecting him to act different just because it was me, and because of our past friendship.

Now I feel the only reason he's been such a great friend before, was because he couldn't have me. Or maybe his cheating thing is not something he can control, I dunno. I have a few married friends who cheat too, and they seem to think everyone does it.

I am starting to wonder if my ideals (or non negotiables) have to be updated to what seems to be "today's normal".


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Sharra Fett wrote:

I've been with my current boyfriend for over 2 years.On our 2nd anniversary he gave me a ring. It feels kind of funny to be single and not even engaged and have this ring on my left hand. I know my mother would comment upon it if she were alive today;however, this symbol of our commitment means a lot to me. Who know what will happen next. Of course, I'm over 40  and he's over 50 so maybe this getting married business is not so much of an issue.

I also thought about sharing non-engagement rings with my actual. But just today some new chick made an allusion to "morning touches" with him... knowing him I can only hope he's at least careful not to catch anything as diseases or stuff. *sigh*

I feel like I'm coupled with Jim Morrisson or something. The worst part is that I know I got his heart, but he can't keep his damn pants on. And as the other girls come and go, I just think of quitting. Just a question of meeting the right one and I'm gonna be off. To be happy with a cheater, you gotta cheat, too, and I can't do that.


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ugh. just as long as they are few and far between for the next 10-20 years, lol.


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lol, sorry about the black/white pics, I thought they looked better this way but didn't realize it was more difficult to see the difference then. tongue

Gym indeed takes alot of my free time lately. tongue
And if work can take more of my time, I'll be bored more often but then my bank account won't complain. tongue


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BFFC Admin wrote:
Terra wrote:

So, which is better? tongue

New looks great!

Thank you. smile
So when do we see a new pic of you? wink


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Turned 34 last month... and found my first grey hair this year. It's kind of traumatizing, you know.


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I'm still stuck on New Horizons as my last favourite, although Guitar Hero and Rock Band can be really fun.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Thanks for reaching out to all of us here. Tomorrow is a new day. You are wonderful, Terra! Anyone should be so lucky to get to know you.

Hey, glad to be back, Aaron. This is sweet of you to say. Missed you.

I'll try to not "quit for good" too many times, lol. Yesteday was already a new day, but thanks. tongue


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My Heart wants to complain about the last attempt for something decent, men-wise. It hasn't been satisfying in the least and Heart did not see the point to stress It out for something (someone?) so loveless and shallow. And to think I had already covered the subject of Narcissism Disorder over 10 years ago. And at age 27, it is NOT normal to have an imaginary friend... especially when said imaginary friend exists as a person and you could speak to HER instead.

...and Batman underwear is for kids.

Wish I had money to spend on stupid stuff... tongue

Ok, let's see. Running after contracts, gym, running after contracts, gym, work, time off from gym, work, gym, work, gym, time off from work, gym, time off from gym,... And I need me contracts or a second job. Soon. tongue


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Interesting picture, Dev, but you should pay more attention to your skintone, hon. Green doesn't suit you. tongue

Oh, and hide these teeth!
...I thought you had curly hair. tongue


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New haircut, and got rid of the remains of my old color!

This is before the new hair

This is with the new hair

So, which is better? tongue


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Miba wrote:

Well, judging from Cecelia's situation I would say what didn't happen was marriage. After, what, 7 years, there's only really two options: Breaking up or getting married. And doing neither is just wasting time.

Miba, I tend to think you are a bit strict on certain questions, but I have to agree with you on this one. tongue

Relationship status "it's complicated"
he's cried so much. I couldn't bring myself to break up. not sure what will happen but we got a next date now. hmm


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Happy Holidays all !!!
I'm off BFFC for good this time, but I thought I'd tell everyone goodbye. I had some precious times here.

Love you all.

<3 <3 <3


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

No changes with me and my situation at the moment. Although, I don't think there's much life left with my current relationship. =/

What happened? Or more importantly, what didn't happen?


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oh well at least I tried

Always been a Book full of blood and pain to me.

Karson, just don't get tattoos if you prefer not. And let others decide for themselves, to each their own. You have your own beliefs that you choose to follow, good for you.

Sometimes you have to agree to disagree. You can't force people to see stuff through your eyes or dictate them what to think.