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Name: Ne’kad


This is a smaller version of the lightsaber. The handle was usually 13cm long (as opposed to 25-30cm), and slightly slimmer than the saber's.  The blade is only about 20cm long, instead of the normal 60-70cm length of a lightsaber. It was typically used for training or utility purposes, or carried by Jedi as a combat backup (often used as Daisho).
Focus crystal:
Velmorite crystal
A yellow light saber crystal found on the planet Velmor. When used in a light saber, this crystal created a fine, thin blade for wielding.

Power crystal:
Lorrdian gemstone
When these gems were installed in a light saber, the user was better able to read the actions of their opponents. This enhanced the wielder's overall defenses and ability to deflect blaster bolts.

Stygium crystal
In its pure, crystal form it was known to be suitable for use as a light saber crystal. It was known that when refined Stygium was mounted on a personalized lightsaber and wielded by a force sensitive, the natural cloaking attributes of the crystal would augment the power of a stealth-minded Jedi in remaining unseen.

Sound Suppression: 
The light saber makes no noise when on.

Light Suppression: 
Light saber is in UV light mode making it invisible to the naked eye.

Non-Metal Construction: 
Plasteel construction.

Species/ Physical Description: Bothan

love him, hate him. he is a ninja!


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(wondering if i can make another charatcer for others to play with VM? cause i have a CRAZY character building up in my mind.)


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( ah, let the battle begin! but to do this we need to chat for that post. for now lets leave it at that shall we V.M? pm me for what you do and i the same until that part is all done then we post it all for the rest to view.)


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(now I cant help but write in first person. Damn you VM!!! Lol)

The following day I needed to prepare myself for what was to come. I needed to find out how I could infiltrate skywalker’s group so I can gain information about his plans for those people from Chiss, I Don’t like being in people’s debt. I started by asking the local Satarins about what they knew of the current placement of the empire. Most told me that the old leader, Darth vader as he was called died after the battle of Yavin. And his son, as they put it, “stepped into his father shoes”. It seemed that this is all they knew, can’t blame them though cause that never get into the business of other things outside there planet. I would do the same but I would get hunted down by the Chiss in no time, they are probably keeping tabs on me now, I don’t know how they do things other than being very rude. I need to stock up on supplies and modify my ship for…unusual usage.

Half the day is gone and I got all the supplies I intend to use, along with other things that caught my eye. Once I install this A.I. to navigate my ship I would have no problem with leaving it anywhere, glad the Chiss didn’t junk it.

Took about the rest of the day, but it works. Gave it instructions to do incase of an emergency and on top of that it is able to find me where ever I am cause of my little amulet I have now, it cant be detected but it has a range of only a couple of miles. Included in the upgrade is a cloaking device for the ship, was thinking of using that crystal for my light sabers but it would go against my better judgment, besides I’m fine without it. Days done, better get some rest before I go out on this forsaken mission of mine.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

(Story clarification, please

I was thinking that there were 3 sides in this conflict: Skywalker, the Remnant (Chiss), AND the Rebels.  But I was rereading the opening post and noticed that it says the Rebels fled to Chiss space.  Does this mean that the Remnant and the Rebels are working together?? 

Just wondering, and thanks)

(you have Luke skywalker and his new fleet of inquistors and peace keepers.

the rebels who escaped to chiss.

and everyone who is in the middle.)

color does not effect the blade, it is a reflect of the light inside the crystals used. mace windus light saber had a crystal that when used produced purple, red is mostly syntheitic, you might be able to make a light sasber with a black blade withthe right crystal and mods or you can get a look alike by using crystals that give off a very very dark color that it almost looks like black.

( you guys need to make an in for yourselves. VM appo shadow and karn are on crosuant, im on Amelico the wookie is on kashyyyk. you have to put a place to start and at the end of every post try to make it seem like your going some where/waiting for something. Also i made your lightsaber look too good VM. it looks better than mine. and has better effects. )

black and blue manorlorian amor for me, black is justice in the mandolore. blue, dont know yet.


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(storm troopers are peacekeepers, it was mentioned in the first post of V.M.)


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

((What do you think happened to all that Mando Iron, when the Empire stripmined Mandolore?))

P.S do you mind if im in the hanger also?

"I'll get him Sir" Said Darson as he practicly waded through a sea of Storm Troopers and then walked over to where Kharn was, and picked him up by the back of the shirt. "What you want me to do with him?"

VM: sorry my computers down for a bit until I get everything strighten out Z will be working in my place. good job in placing yourself in that postion, but remember that they are Peacekeepers not stormtroopers anymore and how have you infultrated the peacekeepers ranks? sounds good so far though. and i dont think the empire has ever stripmined mandolore, do you have referance to support that? please include links. if your reffering to skywalker doing it it didn't happen.

Commander Appo wrote:

Jolee was speeding through hyperspace in the Twilight when he came upon the Overlord's Shadow. Jolee wanted to meet Skywalker and possibly join him. Either that or he would kill him. Jolee docked in the hangar, and exited the Twilight. Immediatly (Spelling?) two guards noticed him.
"Hey, who are you and what are you doing here?" one guard asked.
"What makes you think that I have to answer to you?" Jolee replied.
"Well, um, just answer my questions!" the guard commanded. Obviously he was very nervous under Jolee's intense gaze.
"I am Nobody." Jolee said, using a mind trick. The gurad nodded, and suddenly Jolee decapitated his partner with his lightsaber. The  guard shouted, and then bolted away. The guard ran down two hallways and banked a left where his superviser was.
"What so you want! Can't you see I'm busy?" boomed the Superviser.
"Sir, Nobody has decapitated my partener and is now running amok in this Star Destroyer." the guard said.
"Well, if nobody is doing that, then why are you bothering me?" the Superviser shouted.
"But sir-" the guard responded weakly.
"GET OUT!" screamed the Superviser. The guard quickly exited the room quickly, only to run into Jolee's lightsaber blade. The guard was chopped in half, and Jolee entered the Superviser's room.
"What the-" said the superviser as Jolee's lightsaber blade was pointed at his neck.
"Bring me to Overlord Skywalker." Jolee commanded. The Superviser complied, and soon Jolee had an audience with the Overlord.

VM: *sigh* i like...your, i like your "tenacity" in placing yourself in this current postion. HOWever, skywalker has only allowed you to get this close to him because he admires you as well and wishes you to join him or else and i'm not kidding around. play that part out if you must. keep in mind that he is upset about the lost of some peacekeepers, makes him sad.

(Kharns would be alloy, and remember its very very old and its just his left forearm and the left hand.

oh and you missed one
9 In Darth Bane: Path of Destruction it goes into detail (slightly) about a cortosis mine, as Darth Bane worked there as a child)

VM: how did you get the ARCarmor if you came straight from endor since they were no ARC's on endor from my research? was the armor plate his before going into cryo? yes i know about Darth bane, i read that a really long time ago.

VM: Fett_II solid concept, need specs on the white strip. and what place does a dark side follower have in this story? I will allow it if it sounds cool, remember skywalker is not sith, but is on the darkside...for now. that could change depending on the players.


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because V.M. has requested it and we talked about it i will now give you all the details about cortosis that every one is missing:

1.Cortosis ore was a very rare, brittle, fibrous material whose conductive properties caused lightsabers to temporarily short out upon contact. This effect made cortosis a useful material for anti-lightsaber melee weapons, though with repeated strikes, a lightsaber could still cut through it.

2.This substance was used extensively in shadowtrooper armor, as well as the cortosis battle droids during the Clone Wars, and the Force-using group known as the Jensaarai.

3.Pure, unrefined cortosis ore was for unexplained reasons energized, killing anyone who touched it with his/her bare skin, even Hutts, who had energy resistant enzymes in their sweat.Miners had to have filter equipment, or else the cortosis particles would accumulate in their systems, causing hair loss, sickness, and eventually death.

4.The substance was heat and energy resistant, meaning energy tools; such as plasma torches, were virtually useless. The brute force of hydaulic jacks were used to mine it, though it quickly wore the head of the jack to uselessness and its dust would clog the pistons.

5.The most valuable type of Cortosis was the purified one. It is known as Cortosis-Shield, used by Roan Fel's Imperial Knights on their gauntlets. It can short out a lightsaber for a short period of time.

6.Large deposits of cortosis were also known to be on Duro.

7.there are two types of cortosis—cortosis ore and cortosis alloy. Cortosis ore deactivates the lightsaber, and cortosis alloy simply blocks the blade, making cortosis something of a marvel of metallurgy, as nothing known about how the ore accounts for the relationship between the actions of circuit-interruption or energy-blade blocking. It should be noted, however, that cortosis is very brittle, and breaks easily. This is why it is mixed with other metals, to form cortosis alloy. However, the alloy loses the shut-down capability of the ore. Even when mixed, however, cortosis still makes the alloy weaker. At one point in Darth Bane: Path of Destruction it says that cortosis is incredibly hard, and even resistant to lightsabers.

8.The length of time cortosis is effective seems to vary. In Vision of the Future, when Luke Skywalker first encounters it, it deactivates his lightsaber, but he is able to reignite the blade immediately. In other depictions, however, including Purge and the Legacy comic series, it renders lightsabers useless for several minutes. This may be explained by the cortosis alloy/ore difference and the amount of ore present in the alloy used.

this can all be found on the wookiepedia. so for those who have cortosis you need to tell where you got it from and what type it is cause it is very rare, and cheesy personaly.

Zoncxs makes his way to the city of Turras, the biggest city on the planet. As he walks down the streets he gets drawn to a pub, the ‘old shyyyk’ named after the planet kashyyyk he guessed. When he walks in there are different races there, mostly satarin’s and amelicans, but some from near by planets who had settled here. He goes to the counter and sits down, no one is near him but he could feel some of the wondering eyes in the place pass by him frequently.

<I guess a can relax a little before going to my ship for some supplies>

“Excuse me bartender?”

The bartender looks at me with a grin, very cheerful as he approached Zoncxs.

“ What can I get ya friend?” he picks up a bottle from under the counter and places it on the table. Zoncxs pondered for a moment.

< I wonder if I want to get drunk, not knowing what is going to happen, happen here once the Empire comes to take this planet. Would they succeed? No has been able to penetrate the barrier since the CIS tried to conquer Amelico. What can they do anyways->

“You all right their boy? Well? Ya want anything to drink?” the bartender asks in a questionable voice, but still smiling.

“ Umm, let me get one of those.” Zoncxs points towards one of the drinks on the wall, in a moments notice the bartender grabs the drink and hands it over.

“Thank you,” he says and the bartender just nods and walks over to the next customer.

< I can’t help the Chiss. I have no way of getting info about Luke skywalker, is it even possible for me to get any? Those rebels that aided me in leaving that prison the Chiss put me in was running from him. Guess he controls the republic now too. And who was that lady that helped me again? Man I’m bad with names, got to try and remember some one other than master Yuan... wish he was here, he could help me right about now. Stay hidden, right that went well, some job I did, got captured by the Chiss, freed by rebels and who know what else could happen now. Where is the force leading me? I cant believe the Chiss were going to torture me, I now owe the rebels for saving me and the I am in debt to the Chiss cause they are waiting for my Intel. >

Zoncxs gets up after finishing the drink, bows to the bartender who nods his head and left the pub. He makes it to his ship; on the side next to the entrance was the name of the ship “Guardian Sol”. He grabs some more things, locks the ship down and heads back into the city for a place to stay the night. After a while of searching he finds a cheap enough place for him to stay. He walks in gestures for one room and goes off to bed.

(During the Clone Wars, Amelico remained staunchly neutral, refusing to aid either side. A Separatist attack force attempted to take control of the planet during the early stages of the wars. During the Battle of Amelico, the Satarin, seeing the futility of maintaining neutrality, used the Force to destroy the Separatist ships. Afterward, the Satarin closed the planet completely, using their abilities to create an IMPRENGNSBLE FORCE BARRIER around the planet.  virulent_messiah it wont work.)

(okay i got something.)

Zoncxs finally left chiss system in the outer rim, heading back to his home world. all this time he felt a disturbance in the force, it was sickening to him.

< what could have happened while i was a way? why is it so horrible, this feeling is not welcoming at all...>

soon after he lands his ship on amelico his home land, praising this day for so long. as he step foot on the land he remenises of how wonderful it felt to be here, after what felt like a long time to him he began to head towards the home he grew up in with his master.

<i'm home> he thought

as he makes it to the house he remembers how it use to be and how strange it was now.

*knock* *knock* "Hello? is any one present?"

*door opens* "yes? may i help you?"

(it was an amelican, a human who settled down on amelico a while ago for a peaceful life.)

"yes, what has happened to the preivous owner of this house hold? where has he gone?"

( the lady puts on a sad face, deeply grieved.) "im sorry, he past away a couple of years ago."

"oh,(Zoncxs was saddend by the news but he could tell that it was a natural death and not pain ful.) my apologizes then for disturbing you."

"oh not at all, did you know him? yuan?"

(hearing the name brings back memories for him, of how well he raised him aand taught him how what is right is what you feel.)

" yes...i knew him at one point." < he was my master...>

" well im sorry for you to find out this way once again."

"take care" he says as he goes off to the capital.

once there, he finds him self a place to stay.

( dang it i dont know which planet i should start of in...)


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(i looked up the list of star wars planets and that name pop out for me. it was a planet that was in habitants were... here's the link.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_St … 29#Amelico  it was perfect place man, and yes our characters are very similar o.O or you spying on me? lol. and thanks for the comment cause i started doing this at about 11pm and now im done for now. go to chat.)


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well after a days of studying and working on a back ground i finally got a character done! im bad at making up names though..

Name: Zoncxs

Age: 66 but looks like 20ish.

Light saber style/color: twin light sabers. both are the same in color and shape.

Focus crystal
Eralam - these crystals produce a clear, superior lightsaber beam.

power crystals
Damind - produces a clearly defined beam of subtly wider width and length.

Jenruax - produces a blade of unerring quickness.

Kasha - it helps clear the wielder's mind of distractions, even during tense combat.

http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/2854 … er3ws4.jpg

Pressure Grip:
When the hilt is let go of (as in a drop or fumble) the blade automatically shuts off to reduce the chance of harming the user   
Note: the Pressure Grip may be thrown but the user must use Telekinesis to keep pressure on the grip at all times.

Variable Lengths: 
This allows the saber to effectively have two blades (each with different lengths) which extend in the same direction. This allows a user to select the best length for the given task.

Internal Switch: 
The switch to activate the saber is actually located on the inside of the saber’s hilt.  This is to insure only a Jedi may use it.  Of course, the Jedi must use Telekinesis in order to move the switch.

Palmprint recognition lockout:
This modification insures that the lightsaber will not operate in the hands of unauthorized personnel. A small sensor array built into the hilt of the lightsaber constantly reads the current operator, insuring that the cellular makeup and palm print configuration matches that of certified individuals. Should the pattern not match, the weapon simply shuts down and/or will not work.

Fighting style: Jar'Kai, Form III, form V, and mastered VI.

Species/ Physical Description: Satarin/humanoid. Long blue hair reaching his mid back area, wears a white inside shirt a black long sleeve over shirt, white garb and a black robe over that. Black pants (Doesn’t look like a Jedi but neither a Sith, just cool).

Planet of origin: Amelico

Master's Info: Yuan (you-an) Maijun, 26 years old when didn’t feel that the way the Jedi was doing things was right so he left the Jedi temple before its fall and went to Amelico.

Powers: high Force sensitivity, excels at creating force barriers/bubbles, telekinesis, push/ pull, heal, force leap, light saber control, hide Force presence, Jedi mind trick, force speed, force strength, Keen senses due to the force.

History/motivation/personality: Discovered by Yuan on Amelico at 58 BBE. Yuan could feel how strong the connection this child had with the force being part Satarin so he decided to train him so he could develop more. Growing up he mastered the ways of soresu first. As he got older he was taught the way of niman (making him one of the few who know now). During this time he was taught the mechanics of a light saber and was given one by Yuan, it was a black hilt with a bright silver blade. He started train in juyo and after about 2 years of training he decided to leave Amelico and explore the known galaxy for what was missing in his training. Yuan gave him notes on how to create a light saber and where to go to get parts. The last advice Yuan gave to him was “ stay hidden, no matter what happens don’t make your presence known and Trust yourself, for out there no one else will. May the force be with you.” he got his clothes and left the planet on a small ship to near planets. he met many jedi's on his journey even mace windu who showed him a little vapaad ( well not really, zoncxs just mimiced what mace did and practiced it.) After about 18 years of searching and gathering up items he had finally made what was missing, the other light saber. He was wielding twin light sabers, both black with a bright silver blade. He then went around traveling the galaxy ever since.

Name and type of ship: "Gaurdian sol "( a modified Baudo-class Yacht)

Manufacturer - Hoersch-Kessel Drive 
Model-  Baudo-class Yacht 
Class - Transport 
Length - 34 meters *
Sublight Speed - 90 MGLT  *
Sublight Acceleration - 9 MGLT/s  *
Atmospheric Speed - 1,300 KPH  *
Maneuverability - 70 DPF  *
Shield Rating - 190 SBD *
Hull Rating - 78 RU  *
Hyperdrive - Class 3  *
Backup Hyperdrive - Class 9  *
Cargo Space - 40 Metric Tons  *
Consumables - 1 Month 
Crew - 1 
Passengers - 2
Armament - 1 Light Laser Cannon
Stealth function added *
secerity system installed *

(* mods)

well then how bout you google zoncxs or click my name to see my profile, i have a hunch that it might be there.

http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/8587/mandolorianarmorwl8.jpg my guy's a samurai. oh yeah.

ok i now put my pic of my lightsabers up on my myspace if anyone wants to check them out.

yeah, i never go out even in the darkest hour... but still did i spell it all correct or not?

I shal join, for i am a loyal friend, I would be "Ni, a'darasuum Caar a'te Werda Verda " ( I, the eternal Light of the shadow warriors.) yeah sounds right. please corrrect me if im wrong since i dont know mandolorian.

yeah i talk to you this morning about my saber virulent_messiah . it was hard to explain and draw out from nothing. mine would be a blackish blue at either normal or short length and when i either flip a switch or press a button OR twist the hilt the sides of it would come up and widen the saber blade by 3 or 4 times and increase in length by 2 or 3 times, and the color would become a lighter blue. i'm still not sure on the color i want.

ok after a night of thinking and drawing i got my lightsaber. I would have twin lightsabers. one would be white with four black crystals at the end and the blade would be black. the other would be black with four white crystals at the end. both would be able to extend by 3 to 4 times and width by 2 to 3 times. i drew the design down but im to lazy and dont have the stuff to put it up.

ello every one im Hiram, im 19 and new to this world, but not the concept.