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( ok starwarsfan97 how are you anywhere near me? and i am down with starting this up again.)


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I make it to my home world. Amelico. watching it from the window of my ship as I move in closer I hear a voice in my head.

"Zoncxs why have you returned for it?"

The voice was familiar, it was Fe'jad, the mayor of my home city.

"I decided that I would use it in my upcoming battles. it has been a long time since i trained with it but i still remember. please allow me to land, think of it as a last request."

"hm... you play dangerous games with your life zoncxs, you might hurt yourself if you continue. what is it you seek in life?"

"all I seek is adventure elder. adventure and fun. you know me quite well and when I do something I do it. come on now! I'm hungry! let me land already T.T"

"hehe you know how to make me laugh ever since you were young. very well enter and obtain it. but, this will be the last time you will be allowed to see this planet. understand?"

"...yes i understand."

I land my ship in my home city. I am greeted by Fe'jad along with some of the other members of the council in the city. they escort me to the cave where it is located. I enter, knowing full well that this was the last time I would see any of them. when they said this was the last time I would be able to be on this planet, they meant it.

"now where is it? ....oh there it is!"

I reach it, the tomb where a fighter ship was buried, an Amelico ship. along with the last Amelico battle suit. luckily it was my size. I still remember when I first found this cave and the mayor yelled at me for finding there secret. then he told me that I must train using it. man that was a dull 10 years. I put on the suit and enter the ship. I turn it on and set the coordinates.

"now it wont be long till I reach them..."

( I will try to put a pic in when i draw the suit.)


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( I have returned to continue this epic story. it will take me a couple of days, mainly this week, to catch up and think of what to write. in mean time i think i know what i can make zoncxs do for now...)

It's been awhile since starjammer has left to continue in this fight. I have yet to leave this place, this cave has drawn me to it. for some reason the force flows more, smoothly in me when i am in the cave. this allowed me to shroud the cave and all inside from the outside. yet i still feel that there is something more to discover here. i have yet to check the deepest part of these caves. for all i know this could even be a tome of some sort. or i could be thinking to much. i got to stop thinking so much. but i should check the rest out before leaving.

as i make my way deeper into the cave it continues to get darker, in sight and pressure. it wasn't long until i was using my force to sense where i was since all my normal senses became useless. i press on not knowing what is at the end. this cave was bigger than i thought, i push my feild out to see if there is an end, to see if i am going anywhere. that was a mistake. as my field grew i noticed something, then my field disappeared. i could still feel the force but was unable to use it. i begin to talk but i hear nothing, i can not smell myself, i can not even feel the ground under my feet. i did not panic, there was no fear not in this place, no fear, no emotions. then i heard it, it started as a soft hum. i did not no what it was but as it grew louder so did the emotions. my mind began to turn in ways i have never known. i screamed only to hear nothing but the hum grow louder. every breath was pain and pleasure, every heart beat hurt more and more. i was losing my mind when i started to hear it, a taping sound. every thought i had was over powered by the taping sound. everything began to spin, darkness spinning. i blackout.

I awaken to the light coming from the entrance of the cave.

"How did i get here?"

I don't feel the cave any more, that feeling moved, it's now inside me, slowly becoming part of my being. I see things differently now, and it sucks. i wish my writer never gave me this stupid power. damn you.

" its time i should back someone up. i have been out of this fight for too long."

i make my way out of the cave still shrouding my presence. the power that was inside the cave flowed through me, increasing my strength in the force. as i walked through the landscape nothing notice my existence, form the smallest creature to the men walking by scouting. my ability to hide my presence as become far greater than i ever would have known. i make it to my ship, has i enter i think of where i should go when i thought of my
home world.

"Time to go and get that thing."

I set the coordinates and leave the planet unnoticed.

"i'm hungry..."


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virulent_messiah wrote:

It was soon apparent that my reentry into Mandalore's atmosphere would not be easy.

The Wayward Soul shuddered violently as the shields absorbed barrage after endless barrage of enemy fire from several flights of persuing Predators. I applied the last of my emergency bacta patches to a deep gash in my left torso, wrapping the bandages tight, under the protest of several broken ribs. I hissed at the pain, feeling angered at my defeat at the hands of the traitourous Inquisitor Xan. I made for the weapons console, blasting apart one of the Predators with a direct hit to the canopy. Another shot of our repeating laser cannon severed the starboard wing assembly of another, causing it to spin violently into two of its companions. One pilot was able to dodge, just grazing another, while his wingmate took the brunt of the oncoming collision, disappearing in a roiling fireball. The Soul's rear shield's crackeled as the flaming shrapnel punched through them, resulting in a loud, unpleasant explosion.


I point to a section of anti-aircraft batteries right outside Keldabe's MandalMotors building. I know it's a tough fit, so I resume control.

The Predators close in, apparently intent on neutralizing me. I task Glitch with squeezing every last bit of power from the drives to improve my chances. I come in low, and extremely fast. The anti-aircraft batteries open fast and hard, as I fly through a tunnel of crimson laser fire. The force flows through me, guiding my hand as I juke and jink, loop and dive, closing the gap with my intended destination. The IFF indicated several hits as the Predator pilots brave enough to continue persuit are blasted to bits by the cannon fire. I continue to charge into the fiery storm. I smile with pleasure, acknowledging my own harrowing maneuvers.

The Wayward Soul shudders violently as Glitch screams in a very astromech-like fashion. Scratch gives a terrified whine.


The last thing I remember is the looming monolith of MandalMotors.

Then blackness.

((hehehe, i'm back! and you just gave me a good way of coming back in with out a word.!))



I don't know how long he has been out cold, I'm bad with time but it's a good thing his droid is off. I don't need headaches right now. it's hard as it is to conceal both of our force readings and put a bubble up around the cave AND cloak it so no one gets any idea of coming in. though as time passes it is beginning to become easier to do in this cave for some reason...

I don't know how long i have been here, waiting. since I left I had felt something, something pulling me to come here. no answer, just waited, meditating, silently. then all that fighting out there woke me up. I thought I would have to fight but then he comes falling out of the sky. he would have died if I had not cushioned the fall. and then having to take on those guy's with weird, but cool looking, armor. they got lucky when facing me, I spared there lives, and they believe there are no survivors. How long is he gonna stay asleep? right now we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. hey that was a good saying, i'm gonna use that one. need to think of a way out of here alive....i'm hungry.


             =personal quarters aboard the Overlord's Shadow=

I get to my new room, as a inquistor I get special treatment. I spot a gaurd patroling the halls. " you there!" I say with much intimidation, I want to have fun while i'm here.

he stop's in his tracks and salutes me, with a strong voices he responds. " yes inquisitor Zoncxs,sir!"

I stare at him, he has a strong stance and hides his fear well, but I can still see it. "go fetch me some food, and if I am not stacified..." I stare at hm, I show no emotion or response to my words. it sanked in, this solider is now intimidated by me.

"y-yes sir! right away sir!" he stuttered, only briefly but still stuttered.

before he leaves while I still had him in my gaze I smile, just to show that there is still hope for him, and in doing so he leaves with a small grin on his face. "make haste!" as I say those words he began to sprint. <its going to be real fun here.

<what now?> as I enter my room the commlink goes off. "yes?"

"This is high inquisitor starjammer, I request for your audiance for your first mission. the room location is on the screen."

"I'll be right there." <better leave a note for that gaurd so he doesn't freakout.> I write a not for the guard to leave the food in my room and I start working my way to the room requested.

<not even a day and im already going to work> *sigh* < i wanted to play some paazak before anything else too, damn.>

I head to the quarters I was called to, getting loss a couple of times on purporse just to see what else is there. I walk in a little late, everyone was there already.

"sorry for being late. what I miss?"


< his father was the late darth vader? palpatine was a sith lord? what's a sith lord? I can't ask that question here it will make me look weak and incompatant...>

"what's a sith lord?"


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as I open the door I see a pile of rubble, looks like he did finish it off before I opened the door. he knows a few moves with a sword then, intresting...

"I thought I heard some noise. what where you doing?"

peter5158 wrote:

(I was 11 when he taught me)

(you are too young to learn such a dangerous style. mace would have never taught that style to any one who was not ready to learn it. there is no way for you to have known it. i know it is a cool style but by this time a handful of people know it and wont teach others. vaapad died with mace and his people. and the ones that know it now did not master it since it is to difficult to master. you need to change that soon. it takes many years and a lot of experaince to know the basics of it.)


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as i meditate in my room, I open my eye's to see what is going on around me. I can 'see' the room, beyond the room, the ship, beyond the ship, and beyond space itself. then i focus on a more smaller object, i can see my light saber, all parts as one. then my attention goes of to starjammer.

<he is training at a time like this? wise choice, training is needed for what is to come.>

I continue to watch as he sparrs with the droids he has placed as his opponents. after a while it is down to him and one of the droids.

<intresting, he manged to take out three droids pretty quick, well I would have down it quiker but still, impressive.>

I get out of my trans and settle myself with the room. I unfold my legs, rise slowly to my feet. < I wonder if he can finish it off before i make it to the door.> I begin to make my way to the Cargo bay, slowly.


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I go to my chambers on his ship and meditate. if i am to meet the one they call skywalker i must be ready for anything...

Sevdelta07 wrote:

(Kuat systems engineering produced several prototypes of the Firespray 31 class attack and patrol craft but all but 1 were destroyed shortly the the battle of naboo the 1 remaining was that belonging to jango and Boba Fett. So how did you get your model VM. BTW I researched it while I was looking for a new ship. I just wanted to know where you got yours so I could possibly get one myself If my current ship gets blown apart.)

(VM's firespray 31 model was obtained by his father. thats where he got it from since what you said is true. so there would be no 'offcial' company making that model though i would asume you can get junked version and repair them but that would take a long time to do and no one would have done that.)


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virulent_messiah wrote:


It felt good to be back aboard my own ship again. Scratch was at my side as I walked towards the pilot cockpit, tail wagging happily. I know he hates being left behind on a hunt. It took me a bit to calm him down when he'd first seen our guest arrive with me through the airlock. He's very well trained. I know the Satarin, in all his travels, had never seen a vornskr in his life. I offered him one of my passenger quarters, somewhat small, but sufficiently comfortable. The Soul was not a luxury yacht, after all.

I informed him that he'd have free range of the ship, except for a couple of areas, namely the Ysalamiri Habitat and the armory section. Of course with security up, I'd be aware of his activities. I also invited him to join me in the cockpit once he'd finished in the refresher. Then I had Glitch begin his microjumps and inform me once we'd taken our final jump to Coruscant. After a security sweep and a quick feeding for Scratch and the ysalimiri's I was on my way to the cockpit.

<Not bad, Starjammer. You're turning out to be a pretty respectable High Inquisitor, after all.>

I couldn't help but shudder slightly at the thought...


As I make my way threw is ship, taking in all the details about it I begin to wonder about his 'cause'

< he talks as though luke skywalker has enough good in him to do what is right. can I believe such emotions towards the man who chased his friends, the rebels, away? the one who is the son of the late Darth vader? (asume the info about them being father and son got out people.) am i to believe if he tried he could change the ways of skywalker? this man truly believes that he can. if there is a way to change luke's aspect of life, make him take a different route to peace, then i must see to it that there is one. it would be a shame if he die's, if anyone for that matter. i will try and help starjammer in his life goal, if it is truly what he plans to do.>


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< i have no choice, it will be fun to see what happens now, im getting a little exicted...> "Very well, i will go on your ship."


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<now im annoyed> " you destroy my cameras, shoot out my engines, all for the simple question of what i was doing in chiss space?" " your paying for the damage you know that right?" I say as if this was not as serious as it looked. " i was getting some stuff from that region when they put me in jail thinking i'm gonna do something wrong. then this lady from the rebels came and got me out." < should i tel him more? nah it would make no difference.> "that's what happened there. are you gonna take me to 'your leader'? cause i would like to make a complaint about how you do things." i simle it was a funny moment for me, it shows that i am not afraid of him at all, no matter what happens now.


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The Satarin shows me into a very small room. I know he doesn't trust me. Security cameras, no windows, he's in control. I remain polite. “Thank you for your hospitality, umm…” I say waiting for him to give his name.

“My name is Jon’fe, Jon’fe Bal...and what is your name?" I say, <if he knows my real name than it will show, if not then he may still question it. Also i can't trust his name, if it is his real name then- no i must asume it is a false name even if its not.>

A false name? He's good...I can give him my name. I have nothing to hide from that. “My name is They'da Starjammer. If you'd like, I make a pretty descent navigator. I can help," I offer.

“Normally I wouldn’t mind, but I have been there once so I’m ok on my own. You should relax until we get there ok?” < good one, offering to help out? i would have if i didn't have the coordinates already out. it would have been a good chance to see you react to my ship and my all prying eyes>

“Okay, then. I'll wait here." I say. The door stays open. <He's confident> I think. I sit in a cross-legged position on the floor. I'm pretty familiar with the layout of a Baudo-Class yacht.  I count out about how much time it would take for him to accomplish each of his tasks. I'm off by more than what I thought, I think to myself and smile when I hear the repulsors kick in for liftoff. I continue the count as I feel the takeoff. <Watching me, and piloting this ship is consuming all of your concentration, I bet... no room for error at this point.>

<i activate the A.I. to start and in little to no time we are off, i watch the 'passangers' response to how quick we move, he twitches, it was too fast for his plans? well i guess thats what happens. time to start another sensor sweep.>

I center myself and allow myself to remain masked in the force. He already knows. If he'd been so concerned he would have taken my lightsaber from me. I decide to wait. In this part of Wild Space, he'll be required to plot a series of difficult micro-jumps safely from system to system before he can jump onto a hyperlane that will carry him as far into the Core as Coruscant. That will take some time for him, or else the spatial anomolies in this area will tear us apart, hence the name Wild Space. <Will he plot each jump one at a time?> I wonder. I can feel the sublight engines increase in acceleration as we exit the atmosphere, then speed up even more as the ship moves towards a hyperspace jump. <Blast. I must've miscalculated. He must be using a navigational aid of some sort...>
No matter. At this point, I know it's time. I reach out in the force and grab one of the small security cameras and tear it from the wall, shattering it into small pieces and hurling those at the remaining cameras.
<There's a distraction for you...> I think, as I trigger the remote holonet receiver relay, and send my coded burst.

"he broke my cameras?!" < damn. those weren't that cheap! but no matter i now know he is hostle. we will be in hyperspace lane in about 10 seconds any way...>

In about six seconds you'll be in for a surprise...

The Soul exited right into the path of the oncoming yacht and dipped severely under it's trajectory, opening fire on the hyperdrives and sublight drive engines. The firestorm raged against the yachts shields in splashes of blue and red. Then small explosions blossomed as the drives became molten space slag. Glitch whooped gleefully as he engaged the Soul's tractor beam to bring the ship closer...

<damn it... this guy did have back up out here. this was too quick for a normal human. for them to come HERE and shoot out my engines within seconds.> i turn off the A.I. for now. i open a com link with starjammer.

"looks like your ride is here. so why have you come for me?"

( posted the mods on my ship in my first post for all to see. the twoo at the bottom where added while in game play.)

(Zoncxs is leaving amelico thats in wild space, Ne'kad is on a moon near chiss space. I cant come and get you, sorry.)


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"I won't charge, this is the first time i have ever taken anyone somewhere."

<once we are on board i will activate the scanners to make sure no one is following us in space, the last thing i need is more than one on my tail. i will make the computer keep tabs on his motion when inside, and when he goes to his small room i will watch him on the screen in at the cockpit. there is no hidding in my ship. If you are up to something i will find out, and you won't even know. >

"we can leave now, I was on my way today, going the Coruscant. I wanted to meet people down there and explore a little more" I smile once more.
<let him see it, see that i know something, let him fall into my trap. no one, not even my master has ever been able to outsmart me in tatics, i hold all the cards and blocked all the doors except the ones i want you to see.>

we eneter the ship. " you can sleep in here. its not much but cozy none the less." i Point him towards his room.


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(ohh. playing that card will yah? well then...lets play.)


as i stand there starring into the eyes of this creature I scan him to see if anything was a mist, alast i sensed nothing out of the ordinary. " So then, you wish to go to coruscant?"

<why has this man come to me about such things? who has told him about me leaving? was he standing at the docks waiting for some one to leave and ask them? no. that is not the case here. there are a couple of other ships here, some even more roomy than mine. he picked me and stood here all this time. how long has it been? how badly does he want to go to Coruscant? or is it something else? if i am to travel with such a fellow i need to keep my eyes and mind open. " trust only myself for no one else will"? Yuan, your words are always right. but i can't say no. if i say no then he might suspect me knowing that he is here for me, even if he isn't here for me he might be a theif. no I have to asume he is here to capture me. but who would want me? the chiss should have no reason to do such a thing since were no where near the system for them to try something like that. who could it be? a bounty? no. i have no enemies, i made peace with everyone i had ever met. that leaves only one person, luke skywawlker. he must have felt my presence when i was entering Amelico space and sent someone to retreive me. i must asume he can use the force to his will cause luke knows what i am capable of and wouldn't send a non force user to capture some one of my level. this guy is good. to come to me and ask tha i take him to the man that wants me while making it seem like he doesn't use the force. this is perfect, i can get into leagues with luke, find out whats going on. and report to the chiss so i have no more debts.>

"i will take you to Coruscant.: I say with a smile, < I will play your game, young one...>


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(amelico has water. the description for the planet doesnt exist so just picture it has an earth. satarin are freindly to outsiders remember that. there is no major laws of anysort but there is still some to keep peace. the largest city has about 6000 people.
by the time you get there me and VM would have left. its that we havent posted that part yet cause we keep losing what we post.)


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Kharn thought he would drop out of hyperspace soon, and see where he was. The ship began to shake, and he was almost thrown forward as the ship automaticly dropped out. From what he could tell, something, like a micrometiorite had hit him, putting the ship into a spiral. He tried to regain control of the ship. He finaaly managed, but found that he was pretty much dead in space. He pressed a small button that he could only hope was the ditress signal, and hoped that some one from the planet below would pick him up.
(er, is the planet your on the one with the force barrier? because if it isnt, im going to edit.)

(ne'kad is on the new rebel moon base near chiss system.

Zoncxs is on Amelico.)


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<so another rebel has just landed in the base. wonder who it is?>

I start to make my way to docking bay 7 to see who could have come. to my surprise it was a wookie.
<another wookie in the rebelion? ugh i could here them now, Rrrah RRReeee and what ever else wookie makes. though this one looks familiar. have i met it before? wierd, i always thought they all looked the same.>

Han solo and chewbaca greet the new wookie into the base, they start growling like i said, annoying.

"well then well get you a room now. you there! help our new friend here get a feel for the place." he says as he points at some guy.

< man i feel sorry for the loser who has to- oh...damn he was pointing at me.> *sigh*

i start to show the wookie around. " thats the new area we just had made, i blew that one up too. and that place over there was my work, and that one.

<maybe you would like to see me blow something up first hand? like you?>
i laugh as the wookie looks at me wierd.

we get to the area were we sleep only to find out that the wookie will be sleeping next to me.
<great. i hope it doesnt snore or im taping its mouth shut with explosive tape.>

"well thats everything you need to see, if you got any question go ask chewbaca cause ain't no one else here can understand you. Bye."

i leave going back to the mess hall, still trying to figure out where i have seen the wookie at.


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Name: Ne’kad


This is a smaller version of the lightsaber. The handle was usually 13cm long (as opposed to 25-30cm), and slightly slimmer than the saber's.  The blade is only about 20cm long, instead of the normal 60-70cm length of a lightsaber. It was typically used for training or utility purposes, or carried by Jedi as a combat backup (often used as Daisho).
Focus crystal:
Velmorite crystal
A yellow light saber crystal found on the planet Velmor. When used in a light saber, this crystal created a fine, thin blade for wielding.

Power crystal:
Lorrdian gemstone
When these gems were installed in a light saber, the user was better able to read the actions of their opponents. This enhanced the wielder's overall defenses and ability to deflect blaster bolts.

Stygium crystal
In its pure, crystal form it was known to be suitable for use as a light saber crystal. It was known that when refined Stygium was mounted on a personalized lightsaber and wielded by a force sensitive, the natural cloaking attributes of the crystal would augment the power of a stealth-minded Jedi in remaining unseen.

Sound Suppression: 
The light saber makes no noise when on.

Light Suppression: 
Light saber is in UV light mode making it invisible to the naked eye.

Non-Metal Construction: 
Plasteel construction.

Species/ Physical Description: Bothan

background: been in the rebels since the begining, was with them when they went to chiss space. cold attitude but freindly sometimes.  doesnt let anyone touch his stuff and sometimes talks to himself. hes a demo expert.


<waiting with the rebels is boring... i hate to sit by as the rest of them listen in on each other stories and plans for the future, its been a couple of days since we ran from..luke skywalker, never really trusted him, or anyone for that matter. why must 'we' run? we is just to many, i could have stayed and made a life. why didn't I? man Leia is kinda cute, for a human. why wont the chiss lets us on?! i should blow something up...yeah i feel like blowing something up, i hope they say we can blow something up...>


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dont know, got to think more on the background. but VM wont allow him cause he knows what i would do. lol hehehe