oo now i understand the color that it is dosent matter is the type of crystal it has


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yeah im sorry i missed spelled it i had some internet problems

ok lol

Who will win i dont know you give me your opinion. The one who would come out victorius in my eyes is Boba Fet he is the best he has very complex way of strategizing and we cant forget about Chubaca he is cool to but Boba Fett will always come out on top.

hey guys i have been on for at least one week and i already have 5 but thanx to BFFC-Mel she took away one karma point because of drzclown and Valthonin i am going to give you one for your effort in trying to earn rep points. 10 months is alot so thats why you deserve it

so you are saying that black sabers are no good except if you have the right crystals you can get a very dark color. Ok thanx now i know and what happens if i change the colour to Silver and Gold would it make a difference?

it is original its very cool the way you think man

yea it would pretty much be the same so what do you think of the topic


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its on that link you gave me and its the 8th one. The one where he is holding his lightsaber and thanx

yeah it would be like a Darth Maul type of thing right? Thats cool the fact that if you had a character in Star Wars it would be very complex and it seems that you have that creative mind.

thats a pretty cool armour and if you had lightsabers would it be a dual or normal?

My amour would be Gold and Black to match with my Dual Lightsaber. The reason for the colors is because Boba Fett is so amazing no one knows what he would do next so he is Black and Gold because Star Wars is a Gold winner in my eyes. Now to get to the type of armour. I would have spikes on the shoulder plates and a carving of two lightsabers intersecting each other.

If i was a Jedi i would have a dual lightsaber with mix of two colors Black because of boba fett and Gold because the making of starwars is a gold winning honor


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hey can someone make me an avatar with master Yoda on it please if you can

Hey guys thanx for my very first reputation point and i also feel bad for the karma point but i can deal with it

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