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yeah Han Solo is pretty good


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Chuck Norris would win no questions asked
Do you know how waves are made? It happens when Chuck Norris does a Windmill kick

Blaze was behind a big sphere look a like rock when he saw Mike looking through the Sarge's sniper but he didn't know what was happening. When he heard Mike yell "SCARAB" he took his position and waited for Mike's instructions.


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Cool is it my turn yet?!! lol well I got
1. X-Box 360
2. 360 Color Controller (Red)
3. Need For Speed Carbon (360)
4. Lots of MONEY ($$$$$$CHICKCHING$$$$$$) LOL
5. Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles (PS2)
6. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (PS2)
7. And Promise to get a 360 20G Hard Drive

that phone is great its just like the I-Pod touch except you cant call with the touch

i have a Sidekick ID i got it for $100 when you get a plan with T-Mobile it pretty good it has a camera and AIM

Han Solo, before leaving Yavin 4, said to Luke Skywalker "And may the Force be with you."

Blaze looked at Mike and said "im thinking that this is gonna be a very long day".

Character Sheet
Name: Blaze
Species: Human
Rank: Gunnery Sargeant
Class: Spartan II
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Weapons: 2 Micro SMG's , 3 Frag Grenades, 2 Grenades, and an MA5B Assualt Rifle
AI Name: Brandon
Apearance: White and Gold Armor with Chest Plate and spikes on Shoulder Plates
Personality: Very confident in himself, very funny and cool person if you get to know him

lol u are halarious Adeptus


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Does anyone know when the wii would be in stock in any local retail stores because i have been searching for a month. I also kno this isn't a Fett topic but i really need help please dont give me any karma points its important!!!!!!1

Cool I want one too it looks very cool i am going to see if i can get one


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wow that is so funny i like it u guys have a great CHRISTMAS and a great HOLIDAY season

*~(Still laughing Hahahaha)~*


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i think so i relly don't know


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yeah at least he/she tried now you know but good try

hi yeah just as Sev said have fun and HAPPY POSTING


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yea that too i forgot thanx Sev


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go on google find the mandalorian symbol and use paint to make it smaller and then save it and then upload. To upload
1.Go to Profile
2.Go to Personality
3.Click Upload
4.Pick it and then click ok or upload from your files

Yeah SW games are very good to help you think about it but my blaster would be:
1.A quick reloader
3.Scope (like Snipers)
4.long range and has blade on tip for close combat

What do you think about my blaster do you think it would do any damage?

so the chances of him becoming a force user is 0%


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idk u tell me lol

yeah pretty much but do you think he would become one

I think he would not become jedi or a force user because he is a very bad man so I doubt he would become one.


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Its just like saying "Ni Vod'ika te Werda Verda" which means I little brother of the Shadow Warriors

pretty good it seems that you are a Star Wars fan and a Naruto fan