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its still great i love the ELIMINATOR it looks so easy but i bet if i go on that i will have no stamina left at the end!


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I made this for the fans of this great show on ABC channel which is channel 2 if you didn't know. This show is great Hulk Hogan is part of this show. So if you like crazy stunts and other things like that i recommend this show to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile tongue


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Congrats Miba hpoe you and your GF have a great time together hope it can be like that for me {Come on GF marry me} [Insider]


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Im 15 i dont wanna get old i wanna stay young lol im having the time of my life lol


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GIANTS are great next victoms are the Pats and they lost to them last time by 3 so this should be a great super bowl

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Super Bowl here we come!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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yeah dats gay FORGET the colors put them both on both of the systems


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Have you guys noticed that every single episode that came out is about trying to save Sasuke and him hating Naruto!!!! But the show its self is a B not an A or A+. What do you rate the show?


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yea im 15 n i have a Gf not very long ago it is very hard to get one if that type of person that acts stupid but if your nice and sweet talk a girl it might just be ur day!!!! but seriously just be yourself and wait until its your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah my favorite stage to play and have fun on COD4 is Shipment its fun with friends


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yeah these button mashers i really dont pefer but shooters are great but u insist buying a fighter game by either tekkan or Soul Calibur II there great games. But for those with xbox 360 or PS3 Call of Duty is the best out there next to Assasins Creed {correct me if im wrong}


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ooo yeah i forgot about that GO HEARTBREAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lets go GIANTS!!!!!!!!!! they lost to the Pats by three and Lets go LSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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yeah the text was very small but thanks Sev its better now i appreciate [CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG]

If you had a ship tell me its looks and what weapons and etc. would it have?


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Great picz they all good but third one is my favorite GREAT JOB V_M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Fett II what does it say and show for MAY

what do you need help in Whats wrong and pulls out his Rifle again starts following Aegob towards the trouble

jedi padawan A' sharad hett would pretty much destroy Boba in a battle so i agree with Adeptus [A'sharad Hett WOULD WIN HANDS DOWN]

Blaze was sitting down in the base eating a ham and chesse hero(jk) when he heard two brutes come in with gravity hammers charging at Blaze. So suddenly Blaze stud up and pulled out his Assualt Rifle ready to aim at them but one of the had disappeared. Blaze shot the one that was charging him with a clear head shot and asked himself where did the other one go. he tried to sit back down when he heard the other one behind him jumping in the air and with cat like reflexes pistol whip (or Gun Clap as said by me) the brute. the brute got hit in the jaw, did a back flip and died. Blaze said "Aww man these [Censored]ing brutes man they never leave me alone. So Blaze calls Aegob and asks if the base was clear.


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well they are very good gamez but its a hard cloice

Blaze suddenly said i know what to do he pulled out his assualt rifle and started shooting the drivers of the ghosts. while this was happening he was moving towards a small dugout so he wouldnt be seen. When he tried to shot the last ghost driver aegob got in his way and almost got shot if he haden't reacted fast enough feewwuuuuuuu (Sigh of relief)

well i like both but GRAW 2 has way more stages and better weapons but there both good


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lol yeah thats very funny but i resolve tthat ummmmmmmmmmmmm...... to get new games for 360 and to stop hitting my little bro lol im so sorry bro......... (laughing.....laughing.....laughing awww im crying can't breath)


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and its also for Ghost Recon i have it for xbox 360

This is for the people that are into the shooter games for Xbox 360 and PS3. Which is better between these two games (OPINIONS WANTED)