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Shadow sees Howler on the wall and asks him "What is wrong with"...... but suddenly stops because Xan was coming their way. Howler says "Shhhhh" They both look at Xan as he is about to tell us something about the war


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Val is almost a adult ooo man


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Yeah i walso want to know where can you find a Bronze statue?!?!?!?


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it is halarious but why doesn't BOBA WIN its not fair!!!!!!! lol


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Name: Shadow
Affliation: Sith
Weapons: Lightsaber that is capable of splitting into two. (One Blue and one Red one)
Species: Human
Powers: Push/Pull, Lightning, Run/Jump, Lightsaber skills and Jedi Academy powers
Appearance: Wears a Hooded Robe and barely shows his face, Short Hair and Black Boots
History: Was trained in Jedi Academy when he was young. He was hit by a Sith's lightning which really didn't hurt him it just game him the powers of a Sith for some reason. He tried to figure out why this was but he never knew who was resposible for doing this to him. He was given the name "Shadow" because when he was hit by the lightning he was never seen because he was scared to be seen by every one. He was ashamed to be with the dark side.

Shadow walked in the door when he suddenly stopped and watched Xan terminate the officer. Shadow keeped walking and laughed "Ha....Ha....Ha....Ha!" He walked up to Xan and says "Hello my friend"


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Name: Swift Jones
Species: Human, Male
Age: 24
Weapon(s): VibroSword and a Green Lightsaber
Job: Jedi
Vehicle: RI-67zo Speeder and an X-Wing
Personality: Very cool person and very humorous at times


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i know but i dont have money rite now


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COD4 is the greatest shooter out there rite now and i think every one has it although i cant play online cause i dont have a xbox live card


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how do you get the Gold Ak-47 and the God Desert Eagle?


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sure no prob just got to buy a xbox live card


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Marksman package is a sniper, claymores n other stuff its good


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yeah they did an not only throw screen passes all Tom Brady did in the season was throw the ball to Randy Moss so that shows that tey suck GIANTS SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!


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Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:
Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:
JeDiEd28 wrote:

Go BIG BLUE GIANTS we are going to take the trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Probally not...apparentlly the defense just wants to stop playing. Which is typical in almsot every Patriots win, the defense of the other team just stops playing when they get the lead.


I was routing for them simply because I hate the Pats but it does feel good to see New England's season go down in flames. You start the season as cheaters and end as losers in the biggest upset in NFL history. To bad New England!!!!!



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ooo didnt know that sorry but like i said Marksman package..........greatness!


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Go BIG BLUE GIANTS we are going to take the trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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but what if you don't have auto aim cause i dont i have regular Red Dot Sight on my P90. Im also great with the Marksman package its very good when you have claymores to save you!!!


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i changed it im thinking of putting it back not sure though but RATE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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ooo ok i also decided to change my avatar


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thanx he is the man


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very funny N8 sniper kitty lol would anubody like to rate mine?!?!?!?!?!?!


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no i don't i mostly use the P90 with Red Dot Sight


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lol its a great gun i also like AK-47 with Red Dot Sight its great

To all the COD4 players this is for you!!!!!!! My favorite three guns are the P90 with the Red Dot Sight also the whole Marksman package which brings a sniper, claymores, flash and regular grenades and last but not least the GRENADER i call it the FUUNK MASTER!!!!!!!!

MASTER CHIEF would win hands down he will destroy HK but its a great idea for these two to fight


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This is for all the Xbox LIVE users please share your gamertags and anything else that has to do with Xbox 360 or LIVE {if you want to}. Thank You