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yea but used it is like 50 bucks and new it is 60 bucks so wats the point


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Well some of you guys know that i dont have CoD4 but i really want it. Does anyone one have any suggestions on where it is sold cheap *(Not including eBay because mom dosent trust it or Amazon)* Thank you

hey guys i have the greatest spots in Wet Works online to get kills at


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hey guys can you rate mine?!?


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I would perfer etheir 3 or with AA on this one which is Sith Armor


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Thanks To Si I can say post what i said to my Valentine on Valentine's Day:

They say you only fall in love once but when i see you i fall in love all over again

Made by JD *(ME)*

I seen one yesterday where Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Boba Fett and to other people sit a at dinner table and Vader grabs a corn cupcake and acts like it blows up. Its cool!!!!!

so what do you think about the topic?


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Shadow runs towards a red box which seemed to have a vibro-sword. So he went over there and took the sword in order to help out Xan, he threw the sword at Aegob. Aegob sees Shadow's sword and says who threw that. Shadow gets out behind the box and suddenly runs at Aegob with his lightsaber out. Splitting his saber into two he says "Lets get this party started".

Character: Shifter (Real name Brandon James)
Affiliation: Super Hero
Powers: Able to change into animals(Modeling Beast Boy from Teen Titans)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beast_Boy
Personality: Humorous, calm and when it comes down to a fight is silent at times
Age: 25
Appearence:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beast_Boy except all Jet Black

Shifter went outside and said "Ah what a beautiful day" he runs into an alley and turns into a hawk. As he flys up he remembers what happened to him that gave him his super powers {FLASHBACK} (He was in a party in a warehouse with a few people dancing, when a bunch of thugs decide to shoot at each other inside the warehouse not knowing that there were nuclear waste in there. Well they shoot the cans of nuclear waste from their unacceptable behavior they ran and left every one behind but we this happens all the cans fell and tey opened. Suddenly all the nuclear waste was on the floor and rising. every one got out safely but in order to protect the others he pushed the others out the warehouse and closed the gate so the waste wouldn't get out. The waste covered Brandon and he felt that he was changing. When he got out he didn't want anybody to know that he was enhanced with Super Powers.) Brandon says to himself " I don't want to relive this again


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peter5158 wrote:

(I'm a jedi)

yeah i know i forgot u were one but i edited SORRY GUYS


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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boba Fett helmet sort of like the Darth Varfer one with the voice changer. But this one should have the T-Visor and should bring a toy like blaster. This would be awesome..


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Shadow heard the Sith and Aegob fighting and runs towards them. When he gets there he sees the Sith headless and runs to Xan and Howler and says to them "We have to be carefull because there is one our Sith is headless and one of the Jedi did it and there might be even more attacks"


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Hey guys this is me

[ADMIN: Defunct link to myspace dot com removed.]

Yeah i know what you are thinking im so YOUNG!!!!!!!! lol


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Age: 21
Species: Rodian
Occupation: Smuggler
Loyalties: To himself, and the people he smuggles for, as long as and
until he's paid for the job.
Armor: Blast vest
Appearance: 4'6" Blue skin, spacers
Personality: Excited about life as a smuggler, Ano'rkh went all out and
borrowed massive amounts of money from Jabba the Hutt to outfit his
ship just like his idol, Han Solo. After the modifications were done, it
seemed like Ano'rkh would spend the rest of his life working off his
debts to the greedy Hutt crimelord. Then it happened, Jabba was killed
shortly after the arrival of the infamous Han Solo himself, encased in
carbonite. At that point, Ano'rkh knew he was free and set off as an
independant smuggler. Then as he was running a cargo of weapons to an
unknown client, his ship was captured by a Peacekeeper fleet. He thought he
was done for, doomed to spend the next twenty years on some
force-forsaken penal colony. Fortune smiled on him when he was given the chance to
make a deal. He agreed, making his way to Kuat City to deliver a
simple datapad to two Mandalorian mercenaries. As we all know by now, it
wan't that simple...
Ship: THE ONE SURE SHOT Heavily Modified YT-2400
http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Outrider.jpg (but all black)
Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Product line YT series
YT-2400 light freighter
Class Light freighter
3,500,000 credits (new)
1,500,000 credits (used)
Technical specifications Length
22 meters
26.7 meters
Maximum acceleration
2,860 G
Maximum speed (atmosphere)
1,000 km/h
Engine unit(s): Girodyne SRB42 sublight engines (heavily modified) (3)
Hyperdrive rating
Class 0.75
Backup Class 12
Hyperdrive system: Isu-Sim SSP05 hyperdrive generator (heavily
Power plant
Quadex power core
Incom N2I-4 power converter
Koensayr TLB power converter
CEC emergency power generator
Cryogenic reserve power cells 
Shielding: Power-boosted shield generators (248 SBD)
Torplex fore deflector shield generator 
Novaldex stasis-type shield generator (port and starboard projectors)
Kuat Drive Yards aft deflector shield generator
Nordoxicon-38 anti-concussion field generator
Navigational deflector system
Hull : Reinforced titanium armor (102 RU), painted anodized black for
added stealth.
Siep-Irol passive sensor antenna
Sienar Fleet Systems active sensor pulse generator

Sensor systems: Military-grade sensor system
Main computer: Hanx-Wargel SuperFlow IV rebuilt with 3 droid brains
Targeting systems: Sienar Fleet Systems combat computer
Navigation system: Microaxial HyD modular navigation computer 
Enhanced sensor countermeasure package
Imperial sensor stealth coating
Dymek heavy dual laser cannon turrets (2)
Concealed BlasTech Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" surface-defense blaster
cannon  (1.50 meter effective range)
Concussion missile tubes (2)
Standard load: 3 missiles each
Pilot (1)
Co-pilot (1)
Gunners (2)
Minimum crew
Cargo capacity
70 metric tons
2 months
Other systems
Escape pod (1)


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Fett_II wrote:
Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Not by X-men.Wolverine can dodje,I don't deny that.Pretty well too.But Boba wouldn't GIVE him the chance to start dodjing.Cyclops?A weakling!Boba could kill him with one blast,he just throws rays.Professor X can control minds,but he wouldn't kill Boba.He's good that's why.He spares,he has compassion.Boba doesn't.That's why Boba would beat him.Also he has  tremendous willpower,he would give Xavier a hard time getting into his mind.As for Jean Grey,I believe she would pose a real threat to Boba,she could even kill him,I agree with that.

No, any X-Man could definitely best Fett.

1) Wolverine can dodge and smell Boba from several miles away before he even gets out of his ship.
2) Cyclops would easy split Boba in two with his laser.
3) Professor X doesn't just have mind control powers, he can freeze time too.
4) Jean Grey would easily kill Boba.

You gotta remember, these people are mutated with special powers, Boba is a human and can only go for some time.

This is true and I don't think Boba would be able to defeat people with special powers because they are to strong for him!!!


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Thats also true!!!!!!!!!

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Masterchief wrote:

i really like the skiff guards ones, theyre sweet! big_smile

Ok, as we all know this is GHF. now these are all separate posts by him (one of them has been shortened)

green helmeted fett wrote:

i would have the skiff guards blaster, tongue i think there way cool! but they are a strange shape

green helmeted fett wrote:

and i would have a skiff guard blaster , they look cool, and pointy

green helmeted fett wrote:

I would have a skiff guard blaster

Notice a pattern?

Ok, so Verps are nice, but i cant call them blasters cause they shoot projectiles. I would like a disruptor pistol, but they consume to much ammo. WESTARS are nice, mabey a modded one thats more effective at medium/long range and has more ammo.

Ok we understood the first 2 times i dont need another three more and AA a disrupter pistol would aslo be cool!

Yeah you guys are much braver than me to because i don't like pain (me and pain don't mix) well the tats do look very awsome i wish i was as brave as you guys!!!!!!!!!!


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As Shadow was in ffear thinking that Xan would eventually kill him if we lost the battle he said to himself "we are going to win i know it"


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Actualy the CFL isn't really that bad you just have to get into first before you judge it

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Masterchief wrote:

i really like the skiff guards ones, theyre sweet! big_smile

How many times have you told us that? Stop spamming. really.

Yeah SPMMING isn't very good thats why i dont do it!!!


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

I think my favorite planet would be...................i dunno im gona say endor for now. Ewok hunting, anyone?

Yeah so would I!!!!!! Ewoks here i come to hunt you down lol


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Great pic CG I wish i was there with you Boba i will see you sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!