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Good point Coyote 850.

'Heavy assault & superior firpower' is more my style, making heavier armor like Jango's more to my personal taste; but that's not Boba's method, and I'm good with that. 

If there's anything I'd change it would be the shoes; combat boots really would look better I think


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

"I don't see anthing wrong with the armour, BUT (hey, it was inevitable) I think that he should re-think the Wookiee pelt things, and possibly better leg protection."  "Boba knows he's the best, everyone ELSE knows he's the best, why show off?  Besides, wouldnt they get in the way in case he's trying to make a fast exit, and they get caught on some portrusion while he's jeting away?  That wouldnt be very good."

That's a very good point; a point that I'm sure isn't lost on Boba.  Which tells me they have a VERY special meaning for him. 

As usual, I have a far-out alternat expalation.

Does anyone know anything about Mando marriage rights??  Is it posable that the braids aren't battle trophies at all (or not all of them are), but a Mandalorian version of a wedding ring??

I know this one is reaching WAY out there, but it's something that came to mind as I was writting my story. 

There is no canon info on what they really are or where he got them, is there??  Also, is there such a thing as a blond Wookiee???  That's the big one that jumps out at me. 

The bountyhunter he had a child with, she has dark hair, right?  so that could be one of those braids.  The blond one. . .  another flame in our favorite bountyhunter's life??

Just thinking out loud.  Can anyone prove me wrong??  I'd like to know myself


Anyone interested in joining 'Aliit Drakus'?  (Clan Drakus)


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Doesn't the coloring also have something to do with Clan affiliation??


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

I like the Mando popularity, however, I don't think I like how, well, peaceful they seem.  Call me a warmonger, I just can't help but imagine Mandos in battle, dominating the field.  Farming peaceably at home is not the first image that comes to mind.  I mean, I like the depiction of the Mando's as people behind the armour, but in some ways, it's the armour and the combat that makes them seem so cool for me.  I'm not a big fan of Traviss' interpretations on them.  But then, that's just me, I suppose.

Oya MANDA!!!  From a fellow warmonger!!!

They're like the Marines!  Breaking things and kicking *** is just what Mando's are supposed to do!

Now, it's true that not all Mandalorinans live that way in the hard times since their defeat by Reven.  But I don't consider those Mandalorians who have turned to farming and the simple life as Mando's; they've strayed from that path.  The real Mandalorians are the ones who still live the the old way like Boba and Jango did; aquiring Honor in the face of danger, in their case by capturing and killing the galaxy's most dangerous criminals.

Sev Fett wrote:

That's a totally sweet concept.  I would easily read that fan fiction.  But I'm still not totally swayed on that idea.  Jango just seems like a bounty hunter to me.

I'm not really sure.  Haven't read any of the EU material that's come out about him yet.

All I do know is that he was raised by Jaster, one of the last great Mandos who firmly belived in the old Honor code, and he excepted the role of becoming the last Mandalore (he was never called Mandalore, I know, but that is basically what he bacame, right?).  So, I guess what I'm saying is that if he's portrayed as a souless bountyhunter, I think it was a cover for his true aims.

Also, so there isn't any confuseion, my story isn't about Jango, it's about Boba.

A couple years after escaping the Sarlacc he discovers a New Republic prison for clones and learns that they have followed a secret Mandalorian cult throught their ranks since the Clone Wars.


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Hope I didn't sound like I was saying Family and Culture weren't important to the Mandalorians; far from it.  Family is probably MORE important to a Mandalorian then many if not most other cultures in Star Wars; it is a Clan based society.  And passing down their unique culture and heritage to the next generation of Mandos would be a cornerstone of their society.

And I also appreciate the fact that Jango was far from the first Mandalorian adopted into the ranks.  "Aliit Orishya Tal'din" - "Family is more then blood." 

My only argument is that Mandalorians don't seem like farmers or manual laborers to me; like the ancient Spartans weren't.  Maybe they used droids for that stuff??  We know Mando's weren't 'racist' (is there a better term for animosity for droids??) towards droids like many other cultures.  They embraced them in many ways.

I believe that the Mandalorians live for war and gaining Honor in combat.  Not much chance of living that dream as a shopkeeper.  That's why so many become bounty hunters, mercenarys, or join one of the waring Clans or factions.  Do we know of any true Mando's that don't do one of those jobs?? 

PS.   Thanks Virulent_Messieh; I'm going to check out the Traviss works as soon as I get the chance

Wow; you really think so?!?  I kind of thought everyone here would think I was nuts!   tongue

I'm open for suggestions

I have a pet theory that I dreamed up before digging very deeply into the EU about Jango and his motives for getting involved in the Clone Wars.

Keep in mind I haven't read any of the books (and are there comics that deal with this??) concerning Jango's early life and the training of the clones, so if this is TOTALLY impossible, please let me know. 

We know Jango was the last leader of the True Mandalorians, right?  But what then??  The general impession seems to be that he left his life as a Mandalorian and hired himself out to the highest bidder, totally moving on from his past life. 

I don't believe it; once a Mando, always a Mando

I think Jango had a much deeper motive for taking the cloning contract.

What if he wanted to reform the Mandalorian clans??  I know this is a huge leap, but isn't it possibe that he planned to use the clone army for a Mandalorian Crusade??  This will likely never be more then a figment of my wildest alternat history dreams, but the pieces are in place.

You have the last leader of the high idealed True Mandalorians.  He is allowed to live in the facility where the clones are being created; giving him access to their pre-birth programing/mind conditioning.  And he is alowed to train the eliets of this clone army personally. 

Also, has anyone figured why he wanted a personal clone for himself??  To raise as his right hand General/second in command, possably??

If he had survived the arena, he would have gone on with his master plan of liberating the clones from the Republic and turning them against their masters on a great Crusade!!! 

I know it's probably too late to re-write most of this stuff; but it's one hell of a alternate history!

I am (or at least was before digging into the Internet and realizing how big the Star Wars Expanded Universe was) an aspiring writer and have a few chapters on this subject.  Most of it I came up with off the top of my head a few years ago with the help of a few source books I got my hands on, and am sure most of it is totally contrary to canon material.  But if there are any writers out there who are interested, I'd love to have someone check out my work.  (it's a VERY rough draft, so accept it at your own risk  big_smile )

Any thoughts??


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You have to love Vader's style, appearance, and presence; but as Sith go I've begun to think he was accually weak.

He spent over 20 YEARS under the thumb of his Master!  A real Sith would have made a move to become the Master.  He did offer Luke a place as his apprentice to face the Emperor, but I don't think the offer was genuine.  I believe he was just trying to lure Luke into a trap and take him to the Emperor as instructed(though that would be one HELL of a alternate history: Vader and Luke vs. the Emperor AND the Rebels!!!)

Now, the new game coming out where you get to play as Vader's secret apprentice may explain why Vader never made a move against the Emp.; but until those questions are answered, Vader only gets style points from me

I would wield two blades like my Revan on KOTOR, a blue one in my right hand and a red in my left


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it's very easy to get confused on this stuff ( I know; TRUST me).  Hell, it's possible we're all right AND wrong on this, considering all the contradictory info from books and comics out there.

One of the main reasons for all the confusion is because of the info in books that came out before Ep. II for Boba.  Everyone is trying to salvage those stories for Jango and Jaster now.

Anyway, I did hear that the name Fett in Mandalorian means 'farmer;' not sure what that means to his charachter.  I always thought is was sort of a joke; or a touch of Mando irony.


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Sev Fett wrote:

I know Mandalorians do farming.  At least Jango's area and a little previous.  They just do not seem like the kind of people to keep slaves.  They are extremely hard workers and will apply themselves to whatever task they are assigned, be it farming or mining, or whatever.  BUt when it comes to battle all prestenses are dropped and they do this with honor that we know them to possess.

You may be right ( I KNOW you're right when you say they apply themselves totally to whatever they put their minds too).  And I have to admit that I'm writting on a subject that I'm not really up to date on; I never had the opportunity to read any of the Star Wars comics; the place where most of the Mandalorian info seems to be.  So please forgive me if I'm making a statement that is totally known NOT to be true.

But Jango wasn't born a Mandalorian, was he??  I've heard Concord Dawn is or may be a Mando world; or is in the same system.  But as I understood it, he was a farmer's son who got caught up the the Mandalorian Civil War (which is what all the real Mando's were doing, I thought), not a Mando himself.  He was adopted into Mandalorian society.

Also, though they may not seem like people who keep slaves to you, Mandalorians REALLY don't seem to be like farmers or 'normal people' in any sense to me.

It is a warrior culture, right??  A culture that views Honor gained in battle as the only real purpose for being.  Is anyone debating that??  If there is evednce that this isn't the case I'd like to hear abut it; it's one of the main things that attracted me to the Mandalorians. That cirtainly was the impresion left on me from KOTOR.  Though branches of the Mandalorian people have strayed from this way of life in the last 4000 years, it's still the heart of Mando philosophy I thought.

Am I wrong??


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Ok, I'm hoping a lot of the posts I'm seeing here are mostly for fun, and not serious ideas  ('Mando's are normal people like us when not trying to conquor the universe   hmm  ??)

I've wondered about this one myself; anyone care for a honest probability??

I'm into history, and I've tried to figure what earth cultures are closest to the Mando one (or at least the Mando culture I picture in my mind).

Anybody see the movie "300"??  Or know anything about the real Spartans? 

I think they are the closest thing to Mando's on earth we'll ever have (some, if not many American Indian tribes might also fit the bill). 

The Spartans didn't do any 'work.'  They just trained constantly for war.  Being raised from birth in that environment, like a Mandalorian, that's all they knew could be fun.  Farming and labor jobs like that (really every form of work) was done by slaves.

Think about it.  Mando's place a unique value on life; even their own.  What they value most is aquiring Honor through battle.  They obviously don't care anything for the rights of other sentient creatures; they want to conquer the galaxy!!!  A Mandalorian would just as soon blast you as look at you if Honor would be gained from it (and I challenge the idea that they only want to conquer the galaxy. Conquering the galaxy is just the ultimate test of their skills; and would gain them the greatest Honor by defeating power/powers that rule the galaxy). 

So why would it be surprising that Mando's kept slaves for such tasks as farming, mining, and the like, and used ALL their time training and passing down stories of past battles?

Any thoughts?


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Anybody mind if I bring this thread back to life?  (I'm new; didn't get the chance to voice my favorites before big_smile ).

For a fighter, I'd take an Avenger Squdron TIE Interceptor; the version with added shields from the game "X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter" (I think that's the game) on the Imperial campain.  Always loved the Interceptor, and the shielded version was a real Rebel killer. 

I'd take a MandalMoters StarViper just as easily, though. 

For a capital ship, I pick the Keldabe Class battleship from Star Wars:Empire at War-Forces of Corruption.  Not as intimidating to look at as the Star Destroyer, but it's got my now favorite weapon in Star Wars; the Mass Driver cannon, it's tough as hell, and it's a home grown Mandalorian design (isn't it??  not really sure about that one.  It's named after the Mando Capital).

My second pick would be the Star Destroyer; just too badass looking to turn down.  We can steal one (or more) for the clans  big_smile


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Can you wear it??  The armor and flight-suit, I mean? 

A lot of it looks more like a statue to me


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Darth Revan, hands down.

I know that http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Revan says he returns to the light as the canon ending for the game (Knights of the Old Republic), but while he was a Sith, there are none better (and yes, I consider him AND Darth Malak (Revan's apprentice) greater Sith then Vader).

The Mandalorians (at least the Mando's of old) have the highest respect for him because of his success against them in the Mandalorian Wars

Also, he's a master lightsaber duelist, strong in the force, and perhaps the greatest war strategist in all of Star Wars (though the Emperor would have to be rated very high on that one).

All in all, if I had to follow a Sith instead of a Mandalorian into Hell and back again, Revan is my guy


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Oya Manda!!! 

Hi all; guess I'm the new guy.  Been a diehard fan of Boba since I saw Ep. V about 10 or more years ago, the Mandalorians since I played Knights of the Old Republic, and Jango Fett since Ep. II came out.

It's great to be among fellow Mandos'/Fett fans

Can't wait to dig into the forums here and hope I can bring an interesting perspective to the chats!

---Ralin Out