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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

He must, eventually, But i think it would be awesome if he was in space combat and there was a weird explosion and when it cleared there was nothing left, no debris, nothing. It could be like some anomaly, and you wouldent know what happend to him big_smile

Kind of like where I left it in my FanFic, Return of the Mandalorinas, in my last post  smile (anybody reading that anymore??)

If you are, you'll find out what happened to him soon  (not dead yet  wink )


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Lord Revan wrote:

1. Black Lambskin Leather Jacket

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. . .   Black leather!   Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

draco fett wrote:

I don't hate Jango

You don't?!?  Ok, if you say so. . .

But you HAVE called him an idiot and a coward.  Those are the two points that I contest with you

About grabbing for Mace’s lightsaber instead of shooting him; yeah, dumb move.  Yet another case of bad writing, I think.  We know Jango fought and killed several Jedi, so we can assume he’d know to shoot first when given an opening like that.  Since that IS the move the damn writers AND Lucas chose to give him, I interpreted it as a move made out of disorientation from just being run over by the Reek.

I’d rather just pretend it didn’t happen that way and reshoot the whole thing in my mind   tongue


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Hey Terra;  glad you decided to post after all   smile

((You know; but in case anyone else was wondering; I'm a guy, too   tongue ))


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besides a couple gift cards to the local entertainment shop and some ammo, nothing I wanted  ;[

Although, I should have a leather necklace with a bronze amulet coming in the mail  smile  It’s like a little Spartan shield from the movie 300 with the Spartan chevron on it


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In the third book of the Han Solo Trilogy, Rebel Dawn, he's portrayed as having VERY good hand-to-hand skills.  He took out a very skilled Rebel body guard without really trying. 

As to what is and what isn't canon; I look at the starwars.com database for the facts.  Everything else in the EU I take with a grain of salt, and depending on whether I like what I read   tongue


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That's also true; if it was susceptible to incoming fire or (as I could easily see it doing; which is another reason not to have it) banging against the back of his helmet every time he hit the deck, our favorite bountyhunter would have been vaporized long ago


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Been wondering about the leg armor thing.

How much protection does the flightsuit provide??  It’s like a light armor or heat resistant mesh, right?  How much is he really losing without the plates?? 

I’m sure the suit alone isn’t nearly as good; but maybe he figures it’s good enough that he can save the weight

(anybody know how much the armor plates are supposed to weigh??  If they’re actually really light, this argument is over; he just feels he doesn’t need them)

PS  I agree with A_A; good point about the missile.  Looks badass to me for some reason, but it's really WAY too tall


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I think when the authors are done with Boba, he should just disappear into the Unknown Regions or into Wild Space like Revan, giving no more explanation then he's looking for a new challenge; leaving his fate to speculation and our imaginations. 

Probably the best end for him I can think of   (if he must end)


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Ralin slowly cruised the air-lanes above Coruscant. 

“Hawk, access Clan records for any dealers of Mandalorian weapons and armor here on the capital world.”

Hawk’s droidspeak affirmative and the short list of dealers that followed was broken down instantly by Drakus’s universal translator and the text was scrolled across a corner of his helmet’s HUD.

“Hmmmm. . .  Not much to choose from; which is closer?”   

“*The closest is located in one of the older sections of Coruscant; just a few minutes travel from here.  There are reports that the dealer also supplies lower level contracts for bountyhunters.*”

Ralin took a moment to study the report on the weapons dealer.

“We’ll try him.  Don’t think he’ll have a contract worth our time; but he might have some valuable Intel on Skywalker’s activities.  Lay in a course.”

“*Coming up*”   

The Blood Hawk banked sharply and increased speed as it moved towards it’s new destination.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Like me!

You're not active;  you're hyper-active!  (at least here)

I need to waste WAY more time here if I'm supposed to come even CLOSE to matching that!  wink


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All hail the active members!!!   (I'm considered active now, right?  tongue )


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Merry Christmas to all the Mando's out there!  Whether they're here on BFFC or lost out there waiting to find this place


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(Since we’re making clarifications about our ships (and since V_M didn’t answer my PM), thought I’d add some points that I left out about my armor and my ship, the Blood Hawk.

My armor has sound sponges like the one used by Boba Fett in one of the Han Solo Trilogy books.  When activated, I don’t emit any sound when moving, despite the heavily armored boots and armor.

Also, I do have an astromech.  I took an R2 astromech brain and installed it into my ship’s main computer, making the entire ship essentially a droid, like a Basilisk War Droid only smarter.  I routinely talk to the ship/droid, and refer to it as Hawk. 

The Hawk’s modifications have been focused on combat.  Hyperdrive is only a decent 1.4 

Most of my credits have all been sunk into the 6 light, long barreled, high velocity Mass Driver rifles, which have a limited travers, allowing the Hawk and it’s bolstered targeting computers to automatically adjust the weapons line of sight onto a turning/speeding target

The armor has been beefed up even more then the already good standard defenses to repel anything that penetrates the two-tier double shielding

The two proton torpedo launchers have been replaced with two guided missile launchers (ie the or a latter equivalent to the missiles Jango used in Ep. II)

The sub-light engines and manuvering thrusters have been upgraded, allowing top speed and maneuverability equal to that of the original Virago

And I think that’s it; anything else I think up I’ll just save for the next RPG tongue

How bout it, V_M??  This ok?  Too late??  I’ll delete this or move it to an edit on my original post if you like.

P.S.  Hey Mandalorian Assassin!!  Where are you!?!  Been waiting for you to do something before making a move.  You still in this?? 

---Ralin Out )


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Hadn't thought of that one; good point!

Love the red gauntlets

Ralin Drakus wrote:

I would wield two blades like my Revan on KOTOR, a blue one in my right hand and a red in my left

Since everybody is getting specific, thought I'd add a little detail.

Each saber would have a long grip, enabling two handed use if I prefer using only one; like a Medieval hand'n'half sword.  Narrow but sturdy build.  Black metal with thin black leather padding below the fucus dials with stainless dials and accents.  Blades would be a little longer then average.  Blood red jem at the pommel (the opposite end from where the blade extends from).


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Hey BountyOne!  Good to have you.

Been here about a month myself, and haven't been off yet  tongue

You'll have plenty of help with any projects you work on; costume/armor builders, artists, writters, and anything else you need are all here somewhere and most all are willing to help (like to think I'm a writter myself). 

Can't wait to see you on the message boards!

Welcome to you too, Mandalorians for life!  (still love that title and av.)

I don't think he's as good as Boba either; I'm just confused at why people nit-pick (yeah, I like that phrase) over the little things Jango did wrong.  My biggest complaint against Jango is that he doesn't use his blasters properly.  None of the Jedi he faced was using 2 light sabers, meaning he that if he sent a burst of rapid fire at either Obiwan or Mace he should have taken them down without much trouble (I don't care how good you are with a light saber; you can't block more then one bolt at a time for long, especailly if they're well spread). 

This stuff about "he used 2 rockets" and "his armor is too shinny" seem to me like lines that are being thrown around to justify some other reason for not liking him.  Don't know what that could be, as he seems like an interesting character to me, and he and the battle at the end made an otherwise boring Ep. II for me. 

Jango didn't jump onto a hover skiff with a Wookiee, Han Solo, AND a Jedi, but everybody still loves Boba (including me, even though it was a really stupid thing to do).  You (yes, I mean you, Draco) could pin the "idiot" tag on Boba for that one, and it's really a much more stupid move then using 2 wrist rockets.

If you guys hate Jango because he brought light to a formerly dark and mysterious character, fine.  But lets start giving the real reasons for Jango hating.

JeDiEd28 wrote:

If i was a Jedi i would have a dual lightsaber with mix of two colors Black because of boba fett and Gold because the making of starwars is a gold winning honor

What does black have to do with Boba?  It's not his armor.  You mean his character/personality??


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'Mandalorians for life,'  gotta love that!!!  Nice name!

Nice Av., too!


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Anything wigh Bruce Willis


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

I also think Jar Jar should've gone the way of the dodo...he's incredibly frustrating...Why did they have to delete that scene?

Probably because Lucas know's Jar Jar was one of his greatest mistakes, and he doesn't want to admit it



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I liked him in the movies (and loved the armor), but the limited role kind of put a damper on my interest.  It was playing KOTOR, learning about the Mandalorians, and finding out that Boba was connected to them when my interest really took off.


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

I like how effecient Fett is.  No matter what happens, he's always cold, calculating, and lethally efficient.  His armour, completely masking his features, also adds to his mystery, and gives him a general aura of cool-ness.  smile

Right on!!!


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sounds like it would have quite the kick!

I like it!  (blade might be over the top; keep a blaster or VibroSword for the close in work.  But other then that, very nice)