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My brother is trying to get my into some of his music; not bad stuff really.  I've been in Viking/Barbarian sorta mood lately   tongue

Leaves' Eyes: My Destiny


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Regimas wrote:

holy crap. Ralins alive.

its been awhile...

What?  You thought something could kill me?   tongue

It has been a while; too much of one.  Trying to get back into the swing of things a bit.


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(starting today I've got two days off of work.  After some chores and sleep I plan to post here tonight.  Let it not be said that I ever turned down a post to this RP   big_smile

Unless somebody else posts, expect me to edit a post in here tonight or tomorrow)


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Yeah, it's not a huge deal. 

It was really annoying for a bit as that was the link I used to use all the time, but I've noticed now that I can hit the board's home page from the 'Community' drop down links.  Just thought I'd mention it in case it's part of a bigger issue that Aaron shoud know about


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Ouch CA; and DC is a freekin swamp at that.  I've heard the humidity is the real killer, plus heat that high...  even worse that what it's going to be like here pretty soon.


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yup, back in tha day...

As for updates/work, I don't know if it's my browser or what, but I have a hard time navigating back to the 'Message Boards' home page.  Say, like right now as I'm looking at this thread, I can scroll up and see the 'Message Boards' link with the others on the top left side of the windowhighlighted in yellow, but it's not letting me hit it so I can navigate back to it.  It's just dead when I try to click on it.  When I'm in the chat it's not even there, and when I try to hit 'Recent Posts' I'm sent to a page that says I've hit a bad link or something like that. 

Also, just as a side note, my karma thingy never got reactivated.  I see my old score in the top members board, but I can't give/take anybody else's karma and I can't  the option in my profile options to reactivate it.  Just a heads up in case any other members are having the same issue; I don't mind it either way

Thanks boss; now that I'm on high-speed I can really appreciate the hard work you put into this site - great work!


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Are you talking about playing the original Knights of the Old Republic game? or you're involved in a D&D style game with friends?  Either way, fun stuff.

The KotOR video game is what got me addicted to the Mando'ade and Boba.  If you havn't played it, I really recomend it.  It's old, but it's the most epic story since the original trilogy.  I played a little D&D Star Wars once as well; really loved it, but couldn't hang in because of work and where I lived. 

And I totally agree about your outlook on "cannon" material.  I'm at the point where if Lucas doesn't feel the need to respect established cannon, why should I respect his new trash?  I've always had a semi-outside the box version of the Mando'ade that many fans of the Commando books would disagree with me about some points.  But with Lucas running wild the way he does, I feel even more empowered to maintian my own ideas.  Hell, maybe someday my ideas will steamroll somebody else's hard-won 'cannon' material   tongue

For reals.  The Robot Chicken series for Star Wars is funny and all, but how low is such marketing to RC, Family guy, and anybody else who waves a buck under Lucas's nose taking the franchise?  And these Lucas Films endevors are even worse; at least RC and Family Guy are SUPPOSED to be spoofs that poke fun at Star Wars - The unreined rewriting of established cannon material by mindless kid shows that are failing to make up for the flaws in the prequals are ruining everything about the expanded universe.

That being said, there will always be the Original Trilogy, and as long as ppl market spin-offs and products from sucessful films, there will always be Star Wars material out there.  The only question is how poluted it will be with trash from the newer matieral.


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jhonnymarsh wrote:

So I always believed that when the bus they are connected or not, Yoda, not groped. It makes no sense

Say wha.......?


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You should see them first chance you get; any fan of Star Wars will LOVE the inside humor.  The Robot Chicken episodes totally own the SW Family Guy shows imo.  Episodes with the Emperor were probably my favorite, with Boba's appearence at the end of Ep. VI a tie   big_smile


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A lot of that comic became obsolete when Boba's backstory was changed from being Jaster Mereel to cloned son of Jango.  The "amusement park" concept of the original comic is so corny and out of character for what we now know *or at least we hope we know; hard to be sure of anything as the Mandos are constantly being rewritten on what seems to be a daily basis* about the Mandalorian culture. 

I would personally like to continue believing that the City of Bone is an authentic remnent of the antient Taung/Crusader Mandalorians who lived thousands of years before the movies, built from the bones of the fallen Mythosarus who were exterminated by Mandalore the First and his followers.  'STAR WARS: The NEW Essential Chronology' book backs me up on page six, describing the events as I just did, so I've got some material supporting me.  But again, the comic was out first, and second Lucas doesn't give a crap about written material and maybe none of this applies anymore.

If I'm right, the City of Bone is *probably* the last of the ancient citadels erected by the first Mandalorians.  The Wiki pages for The Planet Mandalore and Mandalore the First both seem to be using the New Chronology as reference material, and both support my argument, but all three are equally vauge about when Mandalore we settled.  The Chronology says all this took place somewhere between 25,000 years before Ep. IV and 7,000 years BBY....  Not exactly a minute little gap.  I'd assume somewhere about 20,000 years, but that's a blatent guess.

If the amusement park idea stands for whatever reason, thats at least a little easier to figure.  According to the City of Bone Wiki Link, which sources the original comic, the park was built shortly after the end of the Clone Wars.  That obviously means that structure was about 15-18 years old more or less by the time Episode IV rolled around. 

That's all I got.  Again, not sure how much stock you can put into any of this anymore with new Mandalorian material being aired regularly that ignores established information.  Anybody who is keeping tabs on the new stuff might be able to fill you in if there have been any recent references to the City of Bone that I'm unaware of.

That being said, hope this helps   smile


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Hopefully McCoy or one of the more studied fans will see this and will be able to answer better then I can.  From my view, it seems that the cannon has been changed considerably IF the cartoons are taken seriously, as Lucas seems to be taking them.  Some say that it all can be ironed out and work together, but I'm not seeing it.  Too much of the Mandalorian cutlure, which the RC books focus and elaborate on, is getting rewritten in each of the new cartoons that focus on the Mandos.  Royalty, pacivism, Death Watch dominating the few militaristic Mandos that are left; all of this flys in the face of KT's and other's established works.  And I believe that Traviss will no longer be writing any more RC books because all her work has been trashed by this newer material.  If she thinks everything has changed to that degree, then that says a lot.

You might notice from some of the other threads that I'm not one of KT's biggest fans for supporters.  But these cartoons are a blight on everything the real Mandalorian fans love and support, and I cring at the thought that kid shows are now taking priority over serious written work in the Star Wars universe


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Not too bad; your scale is pretty good, and you're on the right track with your shading.  Try not to begin with stuff straight from your head but try to use good solid references to look at as you draw.  Stand back once and a while and get a good overview of your overall picture; helps me a lot


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butter the popcorn that was left over.  Mace had so much popcorn that he called his friends and poped in his favorite movie, which happened to be...


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Sharra Fett wrote:
Ralin Drakus wrote:
Ralin Drakus wrote:

I am Mandalorian......Light side and Dark side mean nothing to us.  We follow our code; judge it as you wish

This is what I was, and this is who I shall remain    wink

Is that result even among the quizz results? Not that I'm doubting you are what you say you are though.

lol, no, it's not on the quiz, though how awesome would it be if it was?  big_smile

Just my 'philisophical debate' addition to the thread.  I think I was a Gray Jedi when I took the test; don't remember for sure.  I'll have to retake it if it's still up


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NAME - Kre-Nash *Goes by Nash*


SPECIES - Undocumented Native Species of Balkest.  A reptilian humanoid species looking like THIS, THIS *the short upturned horns indicate females, while longer downturned horns indicate males, the length identifying age* and THIS.  The species calls themselves Armodians, and although they are sentient, they are in a very early evolutionary stage of hunter-gathers.  Their colonies range widely in size, varying from a few families to several thousand.  No matter the size of the colony however, there is no central form of government or law.  Armodians communicate in hisses, growls, and whistles *similar to THIS.  They live in underground colonies, taking advantage of the same natural underground caverns and ideal tunneling soil common to the planet that attracted the Kubaz to the system.  They are nocturnal, venturing out into the jungles at night to hunt using simple hand forged weapons like stone-pointed spears and clubs, or often just using only their large claws and jagged teeth.  They have gone undiscovered because their homes are primarily located in the more southern rainforests closer to the planet’s equator, a region with much higher precipitation then the Kubaz prefer.  They are incredibly strong, fast, and agile hunters, able to run down most pray, although they prefer to ambush their victims.  Climbing comes very naturally to them , both in their home tunnels as well as in the trees on the surface.  Their double-jointed ankles allow them to climb straight down with ease.   

APPEARANCE - Dark grey with a black stripe running from the tip of his nose, down his back, and all the way to the end of his tale with tiger-like stripes running from it horizontally around his chest and legs.  Claws are black, and his eyes are grayish-silver around a large black split pupil.  A deep red patch also marks each side of Kre-Nash’s throat.  Extremely muscular build.  Wears a large dark brown leather belt with a long ragged leather loincloth.  Also wears leather bracers on his forearms and shins.   

HEIGHT - 6 foot 5 inches; about average for his species

AGE - 17 *Armodians age faster then humans; 12 and up is considered a full grown adult*

WEAPONS - Kre-Nash’s primary weapon is his spear, while he also carries a hand-axe and a knife in his belt

TRIBE STATUS - Hunter/Warrior

SHORT BIO - Kre-Nash had been hunting on the outskirts of his tribe’s territory when he felt something strange.  An unexplainable urge took hold of him, and he continued to travel north away from his home.  The further he traveled, the more consumed he became by the invisible hand that had taken control of his actions.  As he left the humid rainforests and entered the woods of forbidden regions, it became easier to succumb to anger, hate, and rage.  As game became more and more rare, he killed creatures with abandon, leaving carcasses behind him untouched for food.  He felt stronger and faster as he progressed.  One night, as the pulsating drive that pounded in his brain reached its highest pitch, Kre-Nash discovered the alien colonies that had taken root on the planet.  Finding a cave in the hills between the surface colony and the entrance to the underground hive, Kre-Nash heeded the voices that echoed in his skull; to kill. 

*Ok, obviously my character has fallen under the influence of the Sith artifacts.  He is very susceptible to Force influence, especially since he’s barely above animal instinct as it is, and therefore doesn’t know to even try and fight it.  He would be a pawn in the hand of a Sith character, but even with the Dark Side influence on the planet a Jedi would find it easy to influence him.  That’s weakness #1.  Weakness two would be light.  His specie’s  natural aversion to sunlight has transformed into a vampire-like pain causing experience.  Sudden artificial bright lights will have similar affects.  Those are your two weaknesses folks.  Other then that this dude runs and jumps damn near as well as a raptor, and climbs like a squirrel.  He’s been camped out between the two settlements for a few months now, and is something of a monster-tale that the populace semi don’t believe in, but don’t quite ignore either on a dark night. 

Anyone still game to play? *


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Good to see you ner vod!  I'm not sure Mel's RPG is gonna go anywhere even if I send in a post, so after I give a try there I'll definately start contemplating a post for here just to see where it leads.  Oya Manda!!!


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I'll stick with my boys in Delta

Skill wise they're close to the same, but they just have a level of confidence that Omega lacks.  Not to mention they've got Sev on their side; has to add a couple points  big_smile


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ugh.....  Why do they always find a way to make the female character figures so repulsive??  And Jarael there is actualy one of the better ones! *though that looks NOTHING like her from the comics...*  I've seen Mara Jade figures, one of the hotest chickes in the comics, come out less attracticve then Chewie.

On the bright side, at least there's more Mandos on the market.  At least they get the dudes right more-or-less


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(Long time-no see Zoncxs; good to see you're still out there!  Have you talked to V_M at all?  If we get him back I'll start working on a new post NOW)


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Yeah, same here. This years El Nino really threw everything off. Though now it feels like we're making up for it, hahaha! So long as we get a proper monsoon season this year, instead of El Nino coming in and ruining it before it even started like last year.

Yeah, last summer we really didn't have any of the typical thunder storms and weather at all; was all really mellow.  The dust storms and thunderheads make for some really crazy days, but at least they make it feel like we have more then one and a half season  -  summer and pieces of a spring and a fall mashed into about 3 or 4 months


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Yeah in Tucson right now it gets well over 100 every day now. And the slowly rising humidity as monsoon season approaches will just make it wrose. At least, it will if it doesn't cool down after a storm.

Life in the Dune Sea right?  Yeah, it's been well over 100 for a while here as well in my corner of the state; I think the forcast said 111 for today.  And no clouds, no wind, nothing at all to take the edge off of it...  At least it had kind of a late start.  The last few years we've been holding out until really late in May and even early June before we start breaking 100.  Usually we're up there once or twice before April is out...  Good ol' Globle Warming eh?   tongue


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This vid brings back memories... heheheee

Great stuff - I still think Vader on the golf course if my favorite   big_smile


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Very cool stuff, and some really nice back-drops for you pics.  Great stuff!


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Gonna assume Mel is still having internet troubles, as I still havn't heard back about the PM I sent her.  If I don't hear something soon I'll post with my least game changing character concept, so hopefully we can get this thing moving again. 

Hope to be posting soon!