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Karson Fett wrote:


So Boba therefore contemplated the punishment ppl should recieve who post one-word posts that don't advance the story in the least..... 

He concluded that...


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Agreed; can't wait to have the custom design back up and running.  Look forward to navigating the new upgrades as they arrive


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Nice to have you Capitl! 

And glad to have you back Nigzy!  Not sure if you remember that RPG AoS, but I'm hoping to beat it back to life.  Loved your posts, and if you're down you should rejoin!  As long as I've got SOMEBODY to bounce off of in that aged monster I'll post  tongue


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Karson posted a link to the Official T-Shirt design thread.  That probably is a more ontopic place then here for suggestions on tshirts.  This thread was started to about talk about the site in and of it's self.

Either probably works, but over there we can see ideas that were suggested in the past as well as more recent ideas


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I think he's saying that's what he's 'Now Playing'


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The 'Recent Posts' link isn't working I've noticed


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So Boba set of on his journy of the land of 'Iumerrrr,' the fabled lost city of the ancients.


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Fettmatic wrote:

Bad Company was cool too, do you have the album it's on and would you recommend it?

NP: Iron Maiden - Wasted Years

Yeah I've got the album and definately recomend it.  Hard To See and Burn It Downare two epic songs from that album, and there's several others that are pretty good. 

I never would have considered myself a 'metal head' in anyway before I started listening to them, and I'm really still not, but this band alone has really broadened my horizens into the genre.  I just love the lead singer's voice.  He can do really heavy metal, but sound just as epic in ballads and slower paced songs.  And the band behind him is just awesome.

I didn't think there were quite as many really good songs on the 'Way of the Fist' album, but it does have one of my all time favorite songs on it, bar none.  Never Enough is like a theme for everybody who ever fought to fit in but was just never good enough; and finally had enough.  Epic song from a great band


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It's up now.

Great idea, hopefully it wouldn't infringe on Lucas's rights by using the Mando helmet.  If it did, maybe a stylized fan-made version?  Or maybe just the T-visor emblazened across the entire front of the shirt with BFFC embossed over it?  Food for thought


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That's the first time that 'no' has brought me entertainment; cool link.  And totally agree


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by the worshipers of all things cotten.  Tracking the perverted pant-snatchers to their base on the planet Fruit of the Loomia, Boba was shocked to learn that...


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"I got Kevin Costner on the line; HE'LL know what to do!"

That's classic; and so sadly accurate...


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Also working on a Nord/Barbarian rig for a character I'm trying to write for.  Will post pics as I get them, but I just broke my damn camera, so not sure how fast that'll be...


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What is it, two and a half months later? 

A cap has finally shut off the flow of oil; and it's still not a final fix.  Who would have thought....


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Fettmatic wrote:

^ pretty cool, reminds me of Nightwish or Evanescence or something...

as far as Viking bands I don't know many but this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79Lf13u9B5Q is a pretty good song (and they are Scandinavian so close enough tongue)

Not bad; I like the sound from the singers.

Same on Mien Teil.  Don't understand a word they say, and I usually listen to it with the video minimized, but the sound the band and singer has is awesome.

By Viking music I was meaning something a litte more like THIS.  A bit repetitive, but I love the sound.  Not something I'd listen all the time, but it really puts me into the warrior spirit when I'm writing or working on my costumes   big_smile

As far as normal, everyday stuff I love to listen to all the time, one of my all time favorite songs right now is Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch.  It's the theme song I've picked for my Cheyenne Security Agency concept for my Army of Two/Expendables style mercenary company.  My friends joke that it's MY theme song since I listen to it so much   tongue


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I think you're right.  The first timeline I saw someplace said a full 1,000 years, but in one of the vids on youtube they said 300; not sure where I got the 1,000 year span.

Hopefully this will only cover a really broad overview of what the next KotOR games would be, and they'll still consider making dedicated single player sequels that explain specific stories in the franchies, like Revan, the Exile, and any new heros/villains they choose in introduce; maybe even taking inspiration from developements from the MMO. 

But unfortunately I get the feeling this is only wishful thinking....  *sigh*


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So I guess the links I posted are real..

Eh, I'm honestly not complaining a whole lot at this point.  It is an MMO after all.  If they dedicated tons of work into the visual side of it, you'd need a seriously top rated PC to handel it, and there'd be little room left for the tons of goodies normally seen in an MMO, as well as limiting the reach of the storyline.

Fettmatic wrote:

Also I wouldn't worry about them not making a KOTOR 3, I'm sure it's bound to happen eventually and if the timeframe between the old republic games is that huge then that's even better. I'm curious, though,  about what kinds of things they're going to touch on in TOR from the older games particularly I'm wondering what they'll mention about Revan and the Outcast and what became of them and everything.

Honestly I hope Not.  If they take the time to answer the questions of Revan here, that takes away from the posilibity of them finishing his story properly.  I mean, when you think about it, this COULD be the third installment of the trilogy.  What if these Sith ARE the faction Revan discovered in the Unknown Regions, and after waring them for who knows how long, they have finally moved onto the Republic... it's possible, but I kinda hope not.


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Thanks ner vod'e!

I'm damn near done with it; only things I'm working on now are trying to bulk up the vest to make it look more armored - trying to find another vest to wear underneath so it looks more bullet proof etc, and I want to add shoulder bells similar to those in the games.  Other then that, I'm set besides trying to diversify my camo configurations a little more; because of where I live I'd like to add a desert pattern - black was cheaper and easier to find, but a second set of gear in coyote and brown would be nice.


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lol, what is that bottom one??  A Jawa deep sea diver?   tongue


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Actually I believe that the new MMO takes place almost a whole thousand years after KotOR II, so there's plenty of room for a KotOR III, I'm just worried nobody's planning on making it.

Here's hoping...


Going back to the gameplay issue, can somebody verify if THIS is legit for me or not?  If it is, I'm not 100% sure what I think.  NOWHERE NEAR as pretty as the vids they've been feeding us, but then again did any of us expect it to be?  It actually looks more like the first KotOR games then I was expecting for some reason


Here's another couple I just found.  Link II

Intro to Bountyhunter Class

Again, not nearly as flashy as the trailer vids, but really not that bad for an mmo.  Opinions?


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The radios were quiet now.  All preparations had been made.  Everyone knew their mission.  As the final seconds ticked down to the go-point, an eerie silence settled around Ralin in the cockpit of the Hawk.  The large armored bay doors were open, a force field protecting the hull integrity from the hyperspace tunnel beyond.  Looking around, everything outside the confines of his starfighter was static and secured; all the preflight prep crews had withdrawn from the hanger in preparation for the planned maneuver.  Checking his flanks, Ralin could see through the transparisteel viewports of the spacecraft along side his own.  To his left, Ma’ryk’s head was bowed in silence, seemingly meditating, or perhaps offering a prayer out to the Manda.  On his right, Solus’s head bobbed to the rythem of some heavy beat, pumping himself up for the bloodletting to come.  Checking his rear-facing monitor he could see into Cabur’s craft as she sat at her station, arms outstretched gripping the edges of her control panel as she impatiently waited for orders.   

In his own sanctuary, Ralin sat quietly, mentally reviewing the projected positions of the clashing fleets ahead of them.  The Rebels were already engaging Peacekeeper forces over Koriban, including the same fleet that had withdrawn from the battle on Mandalore.  He could only hope that the supposed Chiss fleet was well on its way. 

Even IF they show, it might not be enough...

Pilots, one minute to early release point.  Engage your engines and prep your systems commanded the battleship’s captain over the hanger’s comm system.  Flipping all his drive system switches to green, Ralin powered up the Hawk. 

“This is gonna be tricky folks.  Stay close to the mother ship but give each other some room.  We don’t need any collisions adding to the toll.”

”Copy Alor‘ad came several responses over his comm. 

A catapult deployment was a dangerous maneuver, but if performed properly could catch picket fighter patrols totally off-guard and give you a huge jump on your enemies because you didn’t have to revert your systems from hyper drive setting to real space.  Launching from the mother ship seconds before it dropped out of hyperspace would launch your own craft forward several hundred kilometers before the hyper-tunnel disapated.  This would place your fighters with weapons and shield systems already prepped for combat, and rocket them much closer to the enemy then they are expecting.  However, if you strayed away from the mother ship’s hull by only meters, the hyperspace tunnel’s turbulent walls would disintegrate your craft.

As the seconds ticked away, Ralin eased the control yolk back every so slightly, lifting the BloodHawk up off the deck, and eased the fighter’s nose right up to the edge of the force field that enveloped the hanger bay. 

“Pilots, launch in five…”

Ralin turned to his left and sent a salute to Ma’ryk.


Looking to his right, Ralin nodded toward Solus.


Waving his gloved hand across a panel of switches, Ralin activated the Hawk’s weapons systems.


Ralin inhaled deeply and gripped the flight controls a little tighter.


His teeth clenched a little tighter; the muscles in his arms beginning to knot and a flutter in his gut reaching to his throat.  This was a bad idea…


Before the captain had finished yelling the first command Ralin had shoved the accelerator forward.  Pinned back into his seat by the momentum, Ralin was greeted with a massive shudder as his craft left the peaceful stillness of the hanger bay for the torrent of the hyperspace tunnel that whirled around him.  Pulling back hard and to his left, he yanked the Hawk away from the hyperspace tunnel’s wall and back almost impacting into the side of the Battleship.  For a second the mammoth vessel stayed alongside Ralin, and then vanished from view as it left hyperspace.  In the same moment, the blue swirl before him collapsed and was replaced by the white speckled blackness of space as his lungs slapped against his ribs, the sudden deceleration barely being controled for by the Hawk's compensators. 

Ralin made a quick scan of the vessel’s critical systems.  Flashing red lights began to fade from the control pannel as diagnostics realized that the ship hadn’t just been swallowed by a wormhole or slapped by a stellar shockwave. 

”Never again…..” Solus gripped into his comm. 

“We all still living Talon?” Ralin asked of his makeshift squadron. 

”Ask me later…” muttered Ma’ryk.

”I’m here, but I think my stomach got left on the ’Punisher’” Cabur came back. 

The rest were alright as well.  Listening into the other comm links, most of the other squadrons reported they were also up 100%, including Boba’s Eagle squadron, though a few squadrons were a couple fighters short.

”Holy Kad Ha’rangir… look at that“ whispered Ma’ryk.  Only then did Ralin really take stock of his position and his surroundings.   

The catapult deployment had worked perfectly.  Seven full squadrons of heavy assault fighters and gunships were several hundred kilometers ahead of the fleet, with several enemy patrols actually behind them, trapped between the Mandalorian assault.  As planned, the planet was on their right, and the major space station orbiting Koriban was directly ahead of them. 

Ralin hadn’t initially seen the battling fleets because they were unexpectedly above them.  Massive warships were slugging it out in such close quarters that no fleets could be made out, just a frenzy of behemoths smashing each other with everything they had.  Some were already glowing hulks, fire raging out of breached bulkheads as the air and flames and crews were sucked out into the cold oblivion.  Massive laser bolts the size of his own ship raced in every direction away from the brawl, coloring the carnage in in brilliant greens and reds. 

”All squadrens Mandalore Fett’s voice called through the chaos of the moment.  “Execute, execute, execute.  Oya Manda.” *STATIC*

Refocusing, Ralin adjusted in his seat and narrowed his eyes.  “Copy lead.  Talon, we’re under them.  Target their hanger bays and their power cores.  Oya Manda, and watch your six...”


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Some of the newer pics to go along with the character:

Pic I

Pic II



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Heres an update on my Army of Two character and costume project.

Worked out this character sheet as a reference for my writing.  This is the "Official Company" version; will make a deeper and more detialed writer's reference later.  For now, this is Captain J.C. Bateman, Cheyenne Security Operator:


UPDATED: 14/07/2019


NAME: Jack Robert Christian

AGENCY ALIAS: John Christopher Bateman



RANK: Captain


RECRUITED: 17/10/2015


AGE: Twenty-Nine

DATE Of BIRTH: 10/06/1990

HOME TOWN: Flagstaff, Arizona


HEIGHT: 5 - Feet 11 - Inches

WEIGHT: 184 - Pounds



    Abdominal scaring in both upper quadrants from a shotgun wound - Burn     and bullet wound scars on left forearm - Two gunshot wounds on upper left     thigh

    CSA Emblem on right shoulder - Force Recon, Scout Sniper, MSOT are     tattooed on left upper chest one over the other chronologically


Recruited personally by Mr. Cartwright in October of 2015, Capt. Bateman was tasked with the creation of a second team for the Cheyenne Security Agency.  In the span of six months, he had organized a team of eight field agents and a full support staff.  Team Two became operational in May 2016.  To date, Team Two has taken well over one hundred contracts, including fifty seven missions involving hostile engagement. 


Mr. Jack Christian joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of seventeen, having graduated high school early and achieving an ASVAB score of 93.  Enlisting under the Security Forces MOS (Military Occupational Specialty), Jack completed boot camp from MCRD San Diego in January 2008, and proceeded to Chesapeake Virginia for his training into the Security Forces program.  After his training was complete, Jack was assigned to Kitsap Naval Base in Bangor, Washington.  In four years as a member of the Marine Security Forces, Jack advanced to the rank of sergeant, completed the designated marksman course, and was transferred to the 2nd FAST Company based at the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station in Virginia. 

Before the beginning of his fifth year of enlistment, Jack’s application into the Marine Force Reconnaissance program was accepted.  Within two years he was assigned to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Specializing in Direct Action, or ‘Black Operations‘ activities, Jack was promoted to Staff Sergeant and, among other honors won in both deployments, was awarded the Silver Star for action in Afghanistan. 

At the end of his billeted tour with FORECON in 2013, Staff Sergeant Christian was recruited into the relatively new Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, the USMC branch of Special Operations Command.  With a promised promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, Jack embarked into the rigorous and long training regimen.  By 2014 he was a fully trained operator for SOCOM, and was deployed with the Marine Special Operations Regiment based in Camp Lejune, North Carolina.  He was part of the company’s fourth deployment to Afghanistan, assigned to the recently tumultuous northern border with Tajikistan.  On December 2, 2014, Jack was involved in a bloody firefight with Taliban forces in a village east of Kunduz.  Jack’s four man team held their position against a vastly superior force for eight hours with no support.  Two of his teammates were killed during the engagement, the third died before the medivac could get him to medical facilities, and Jack himself was wounded.  The battle was initially hailed as a major victory, but later investigation revealed that several dozen local villagers including women and children had been killed in the firefight, many supposedly by the American team.  Staff Sergeant Christian argued that the village was a terrorist camp, and that the low light conditions combined with the massive number of hostiles in the area made mistakes in identifying hostile targets from noncombatants was impossible to avoid.  Political pressure was brought onto the military, and a court marshal was ordered.  Although it could not be proven that Staff Sergeant Christian had killed any noncombatants himself, the court came to the conclusion that unnecessarily harsh interrogation tactics had been employed before the ambush took place, and that he as the team leader was responsible for an unnecessary number of civilian casualties.  As part of a plea deal in July of 2015, Jack agreed to an early release from service, and was stripped of all benefits of an honorable discharge.  He was the only member of the team not receive the Navy Cross.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

yup, back in tha day...

As for updates/work, I don't know if it's my browser or what, but I have a hard time navigating back to the 'Message Boards' home page.  Say, like right now as I'm looking at this thread, I can scroll up and see the 'Message Boards' link with the others on the top left side of the windowhighlighted in yellow, but it's not letting me hit it so I can navigate back to it.  It's just dead when I try to click on it.  When I'm in the chat it's not even there, and when I try to hit 'Recent Posts' I'm sent to a page that says I've hit a bad link or something like that. 

Also, just as a side note, my karma thingy never got reactivated.  I see my old score in the top members board, but I can't give/take anybody else's karma and I can't find the option in my profile options to reactivate it.  Just a heads up in case any other members are having the same issue; I don't mind it either way

Thanks boss; now that I'm on high-speed I can really appreciate the hard work you put into this site - great work!

I think she meant my post here


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Fettmatic wrote:

Yeah the trailers are pretty cool, but I've really only seen pre-rendered stuff when it comes to TOR so I wonder how the game will play out. Really though, I wish they just made a KOTOR 3 since I'm not interested in MMOs (not like my computer can handle any anyways)

Totally agree on both counts.

I'm a little worried that we havn't seen any game play; are they hiding it?  Or are they just waiting to build anticipation?  My experience is that the games with the best ingame looks and feel usually start bragging on it early.  The fact that we havn't seen anything of what the game actually looks like at play is unsettling to say the least.  I'm worried it's gonna be all show and no real go.

And a REAL KotOR sequel would be a GOD SEND!  I want to know what the hell happend to Revan and the Outcast!  What became of their followers!  Who joined them later!  What was really out there in the wilds of uncharted space that turned all the Jedi of the Mandalorian Wars to the Dark Side, and did Revan succeed in stoping them???

Now we've got an MMO that's just ripping off the same old story-line again - it's a damn good storyline that's worthy of being ripped off, but come on...  The Original Trilogy, then the New Trilogy, then half the major EU series, then the first KotOR comics and games.......now a thousand years late a DIFFERENT KotOR era rehash of Sith striking back and Darksiders trying to take over the entire galaxy....  It's really getting a little old honestly.  And this one rips off the armor and even the Jango look of the clones from Ep. III, as well as the Revan and Malak masks *though the role reversal is weird - the head dude is wearing the Malak mask while all the minions look like their wearing Revan masks... if that's how they've decided to be creative, the flashy movie clips might be the only cool thing about this game - hope I'm wrong, but just sayin'*