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Fett_II wrote:

these reports had a lot of names on them, names of people who the army had spying for them and collecting the information seen in these reports, people of all sorts of nationalities. and now their confidentiality is no more. classified is classified for a reason.

This is also what I've heard, and if true then there really is a situation of possibly aiding and abetting the enemy.  Disclosing information of current information sources and their contacts, especially in Afghanistan where I believe these particular sources are located, could be a very serious blow to our operations in the region.  Not to mention a breach of faith with those contacts, and another reason for the civilians over there not to trust us or want to help.  Why should they if wanna-be do-gooders are gonna post their names on the web and place themselves and their entire families at risk? 

I don't know enough about the website to say whether or not I think it should be taken down and/or if its founder needs to be arrested, but I know some ppl are really considering it.


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wow, you guys are still checking up on this dinosaur?  I'm flattered

On top of my lazyness and constanly being busy, I've got a new issue that's going to make it hard for me to update this thing ever again.  I moved a few months ago, and my parents have the old computer that I originally wrote this on.  I actually want that PC so that I don't have to use my brother's for my writing needs, but it's probably gonna be a while before I can get it.

And in all honesty, I'm not sure I have anything else finished..  I know there was more material, and tons more planned plotline, but I can't say for sure after all this time if it was finished or not.  Only one or two more finished chapters at the most.  When I get the computer to my new place I'll check it out for you guys.


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Karson Fett wrote:

Classic Rock!!!! AC/DC

Wow, somebody besides Fettmatic, Terra, or me posted on this thread.  lolz

I've been too freekin busy to listen to ANYTHING....  and my CD player is broken in the car so I can't even liten to anything on my way to or back from work   :.(...       It sux


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BFFC-Draco wrote:

so he realized the only option was to...

(I can't believe this is still going haha)


But unfortunately his local Kmart had been over-run by annoying-customer-eating giant racoons.

Of course, Boba's only option to this scene was to...


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Too bad I'll be at Osan Air Base, South Korea during this one, or I'd try to hit it up.  Been wanting to go to one for a while, but just been too busy with work.  Oh well.

I didn't know you're in the service Sadriel; Oya ner vod!

Also, looking at that top picture in your Round Two post *post #11,* that's a really awesome job, but I don't think it's Boba..  which may actually make it even more impressive to me.  That or it's a fan-fiction/Mando'ed out version of Boba.  Note the Jaing eyes on the helmet and the emblem on his left breast plate.  Anybody know the character or reference on that one?

I think the pic below it is funny... 

"Don't move... Just keep looking forward and they won't notice us..."

And I totally agree Sadriel, that first image you linked of Boba watching the Falcon and its crew is epic.  If only THAT was a part of the first Special Addition... that and his battle with IG-88


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BFFC-Draco wrote:
Karson Fett wrote:

I agree but its best to go.

I disagree. I think that most churches place too much emphasis on the traditions & rituals rather making an actual connection with God. I'm sure that works for some people, but I find it very counter-productive.

Wow, not only am I back, but DRAKO IS BACK!!!  Suc'uy ner vod!  Good to have you back from the Unknown Regions   big_smile

And on topic, I totally agree.  That is the exact reason I have been very causious about joining a church.  If they're not reading and teaching from the Word, and just singing songs and preaching about current events and never quite have the time to get more then a verse or two into the Bible, then it's not an organization I need associate myself with.


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Karson Fett wrote:


So Boba therefore contemplated the punishment ppl should recieve who post one-word posts that don't advance the story in the least..... 

He concluded that...


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Agreed; can't wait to have the custom design back up and running.  Look forward to navigating the new upgrades as they arrive


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Nice to have you Capitl! 

And glad to have you back Nigzy!  Not sure if you remember that RPG AoS, but I'm hoping to beat it back to life.  Loved your posts, and if you're down you should rejoin!  As long as I've got SOMEBODY to bounce off of in that aged monster I'll post  tongue


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Karson posted a link to the Official T-Shirt design thread.  That probably is a more ontopic place then here for suggestions on tshirts.  This thread was started to about talk about the site in and of it's self.

Either probably works, but over there we can see ideas that were suggested in the past as well as more recent ideas


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I think he's saying that's what he's 'Now Playing'


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The 'Recent Posts' link isn't working I've noticed


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So Boba set of on his journy of the land of 'Iumerrrr,' the fabled lost city of the ancients.


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Fettmatic wrote:

Bad Company was cool too, do you have the album it's on and would you recommend it?

NP: Iron Maiden - Wasted Years

Yeah I've got the album and definately recomend it.  Hard To See and Burn It Downare two epic songs from that album, and there's several others that are pretty good. 

I never would have considered myself a 'metal head' in anyway before I started listening to them, and I'm really still not, but this band alone has really broadened my horizens into the genre.  I just love the lead singer's voice.  He can do really heavy metal, but sound just as epic in ballads and slower paced songs.  And the band behind him is just awesome.

I didn't think there were quite as many really good songs on the 'Way of the Fist' album, but it does have one of my all time favorite songs on it, bar none.  Never Enough is like a theme for everybody who ever fought to fit in but was just never good enough; and finally had enough.  Epic song from a great band


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It's up now.

Great idea, hopefully it wouldn't infringe on Lucas's rights by using the Mando helmet.  If it did, maybe a stylized fan-made version?  Or maybe just the T-visor emblazened across the entire front of the shirt with BFFC embossed over it?  Food for thought


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That's the first time that 'no' has brought me entertainment; cool link.  And totally agree


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by the worshipers of all things cotten.  Tracking the perverted pant-snatchers to their base on the planet Fruit of the Loomia, Boba was shocked to learn that...


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"I got Kevin Costner on the line; HE'LL know what to do!"

That's classic; and so sadly accurate...


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Also working on a Nord/Barbarian rig for a character I'm trying to write for.  Will post pics as I get them, but I just broke my damn camera, so not sure how fast that'll be...


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What is it, two and a half months later? 

A cap has finally shut off the flow of oil; and it's still not a final fix.  Who would have thought....


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Fettmatic wrote:

^ pretty cool, reminds me of Nightwish or Evanescence or something...

as far as Viking bands I don't know many but this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79Lf13u9B5Q is a pretty good song (and they are Scandinavian so close enough tongue)

Not bad; I like the sound from the singers.

Same on Mien Teil.  Don't understand a word they say, and I usually listen to it with the video minimized, but the sound the band and singer has is awesome.

By Viking music I was meaning something a litte more like THIS.  A bit repetitive, but I love the sound.  Not something I'd listen all the time, but it really puts me into the warrior spirit when I'm writing or working on my costumes   big_smile

As far as normal, everyday stuff I love to listen to all the time, one of my all time favorite songs right now is Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch.  It's the theme song I've picked for my Cheyenne Security Agency concept for my Army of Two/Expendables style mercenary company.  My friends joke that it's MY theme song since I listen to it so much   tongue


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I think you're right.  The first timeline I saw someplace said a full 1,000 years, but in one of the vids on youtube they said 300; not sure where I got the 1,000 year span.

Hopefully this will only cover a really broad overview of what the next KotOR games would be, and they'll still consider making dedicated single player sequels that explain specific stories in the franchies, like Revan, the Exile, and any new heros/villains they choose in introduce; maybe even taking inspiration from developements from the MMO. 

But unfortunately I get the feeling this is only wishful thinking....  *sigh*


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So I guess the links I posted are real..

Eh, I'm honestly not complaining a whole lot at this point.  It is an MMO after all.  If they dedicated tons of work into the visual side of it, you'd need a seriously top rated PC to handel it, and there'd be little room left for the tons of goodies normally seen in an MMO, as well as limiting the reach of the storyline.

Fettmatic wrote:

Also I wouldn't worry about them not making a KOTOR 3, I'm sure it's bound to happen eventually and if the timeframe between the old republic games is that huge then that's even better. I'm curious, though,  about what kinds of things they're going to touch on in TOR from the older games particularly I'm wondering what they'll mention about Revan and the Outcast and what became of them and everything.

Honestly I hope Not.  If they take the time to answer the questions of Revan here, that takes away from the posilibity of them finishing his story properly.  I mean, when you think about it, this COULD be the third installment of the trilogy.  What if these Sith ARE the faction Revan discovered in the Unknown Regions, and after waring them for who knows how long, they have finally moved onto the Republic... it's possible, but I kinda hope not.


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Thanks ner vod'e!

I'm damn near done with it; only things I'm working on now are trying to bulk up the vest to make it look more armored - trying to find another vest to wear underneath so it looks more bullet proof etc, and I want to add shoulder bells similar to those in the games.  Other then that, I'm set besides trying to diversify my camo configurations a little more; because of where I live I'd like to add a desert pattern - black was cheaper and easier to find, but a second set of gear in coyote and brown would be nice.


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lol, what is that bottom one??  A Jawa deep sea diver?   tongue