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So he used the missile from his jet-pack to open the door.  Unfortunately, Boba forget that he'd inserted a nuclear tipped warhead in the jetpack that morning after reading the morning's paper instead of his normal NicelyKnockOnDoor projectile.  This had the affect of...


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

I think I did a fan girl squeal afterward

You did; Mat told me so   tongue   Just got done reviewing the pics from you guys's Facebook pages; couldn't decide if I should be in awe of the pure awesomeness or if I should be sick to my stomach for not making it there myself..  A little mixture of both I guess   tongue    Glad you all had such a great time; you guys should post some of your pics here!


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I saw a pretty good trailer where the creators were talking about the project, and looking at what they had in mind I'm pretty excited about Force Unleashed II.  If only the same team was given an equally large budget and a good team of writers to work on Bounty Hunter, or maybe even better a return to Republic Commando under KT's rein.  Perhaps a return of the Commando game would hasten in the over-due death blows we're going to need to take apart the cartoon era storylines that have been added to Star Wars...  We know it's going to happen eventually; almost every other EU plot out there has been stepped on one way or another


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Woooooow........... Boba Fett looked you in the eye and said "I'm going to KILL you."  Congrats for not curling into a ball and crying   tongue

But seriously, MAJOR props man!  VERY nicely done!


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Might want to amend the title then, because it and what you say the thread is about really aren't the same


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Honestly I had to go back to the top of the last page before finding a post that WAS totally on topic with the thread's title... 

The thread has been pretty civil considering the conversations though; props to our members.  I leave it to Aaron; this is the fans section, but it's a hot button topic... could go either way.


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Events were moving quickly.  The Mandalorian heavy fleet was slicing into the Peacekeeper flank in an effort of split the PK fleet and link up with the Rebel forces.  The element of surprise and faded, and massive waves of laser-cannon fire was blasting the lead elements of the Mando assault.  The goal was being accomplished, however, and the reduced pressure on the Rebel fleet was now allowing them to finally fight back the defenders. 

Ralin and the other quick strike squadron’s mission was now clear.  They had to link up with Starjammer’s flight and take the fight to the planet’s surface. 

“I’ve got him” crackled Fett’s voice through Ralin’s headset.  “He’s ahead of us, far side of those two PK cruisers.”  Boba’s ability to track a target in even the most hectic scenario again amazed Drakus.  He made a mental note to ask the famed hunter about where to find similar detection and tracking devices.

Ralin keyed his transmitter as he avoided a pair of TIEs.  “Defender squadron, this is Talon leader of Crusader flight.  We are approaching your sector.  We are ready to initiate phase three.  Over.”

“Copy that; initiating phase three.  Defender out.”

Angling his fighter toward the planet below, Ralin calculated a rough intercept course with They'da’s projected course just above Korriban’s atmosphere.  Skimming the surface of a Star Destroyer, Ralin had to wonder if things would be even more daunting on the planet below…


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Here's hoping...  I never had the chance to play the first Bounty Hunter game, but I remember the original advertising and wanted to play soooooooo badly....  Would love to get a second chance with a new addition.

But more importantly, I don't want them to touch Boba unless they take the time to get a couple of really damn good authors and script writers.  As fairyblood said, they've pawned off a lot of crap on us Fett fans just to turn a profit for a while, especially recently.  If they don't want to take the time to put a real effort into his story, I'd prefer they leave the game dead..


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This is becoming the "Is Slavery OK?" thread..

I agree with Fettmatic in that you cannot take a literalist approach to the Bible.  It's primary form of teaching, from my point of interpretation, is through the use of parables and examples rather then literal rules.  There are exceptions to this, especially in the Old Testament, but as a whole the accounts of the Bible are meant to be examples to us and to prepare us for the future.

As for the slavery thing, is it possible to be a good, fair, and rightous master to a slave?  Of course, and there were many of them over history.  Does that make slavery any less morally wrong?  Absolutely not.  We as human beings should not have the power to own another person.  Bondsmen, indentured servents, and prison type labor are more like sub-fields of slavery and are a little bit different, as those situations are the direct result of the person's own actions.  The principal behind slavery however is wrong and morally corupt at its core.  It allows a person to strip away another person's God given right to self determination.  No one should be allowed that amount of power, at least outside of the criminal justice system *that's why judges and the juditial system need to be held to the highest standards.  To protect society, they Do have that right to take away your every right and freedom.*

That's my take on it.  And with that off my chest we should probably get back on topic

Wow......  This could be really cool.  Great find boss!


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*Karson: I suppose so if you can do a little research on the RP enough to figure out whats going on and make a character that will fit in.  Great options right now would be:

#1. Joining the Mando assault on the Peacekeeper flank as a crew member on one of the capital ships that have just engaged the enemy, a pilot who is protecting the capital ships/attacking the PKs, or with the advanced squadrons who are going to fight their way to V_M and land on the planet's surface to look for Skywalker

#2. As a Peacekeeper trying to fight off the invaders

#3. With the Rebels who are already engaged.

There's other options out there as well if you backtrack and see some examples, but those that I listed would be the most active right now.

@ Logan; Nice to meet you and welcome to AoS!  Really cool character sheet.  Hopefully you were able to check back and read up on recent events.  Honestly there are probably a whole lot of Death Watch among the Mandalorian fleet right now; the common threat would have priority, and the fueds of the past would be set aside, at least for the time being.  I'd suggest you taking one of my options in #1 that I listed off for Karson, but that's totally up to you. 

V_M, if you get a chance to post before I do, my squadrons are fighting toward you with the aim of escorting you to the surface and joining you in the ground fight.


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Fettmatic wrote:

It also condones slavery, that's why you shouldn't just follow everything it says, you have to make your own judgement calls

Quote what passage you're referencing there please; cause I got no clue where you're getting that from.  Slavery was common during that time, but the only reference that comes to mind off the top of my head is how God sends Moses to FREE his chosen people, who are enslaved by Egypt.

virulent_messiah wrote:

Im thinkin it looks cool so far...ive seen some of what theyve done for the Hunter class and Sith Inquisitor as well...

I dont really play MMO's but I may be interested in this one...

Same here.  I'd never had the cash or the internet to handle an mmo, but now that I have high speed, I'm seriously considering putting aside the money to get started.  I'll probably wait to pick it up until way after the first release; probably after the first couple add-on packs come out.  That way I'll avoid most of the initial bugs hopefully and take advantage of some late-comer deals and lower prices


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Wish I could have, but still stuck here...  I'm gonna make one of these conventions before I die...


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WoW V_M, you edited the hell out of that last post since I last saw it.  I'm not waiting anymore for somebody else to jump in; think I'll just throw another rock into the pool and see if we can't stir some interest. 

As Talon squadron and the other Mandalorian assault fighters raced toward their targets, it quickly became apparent that the battle was reaching its fever pitch.  The Mandalorian fleet had arrived perfectly in position as planned, able to race between the engaged Imperial fleet and the planet itself.  This would give cover to the landing forces who were to try and rescue Skywalker, as well as squeeze the embattled Peacekeeper fleet between the invading forces.  Still, the PK fleet was massive.  Even the Mandalorians pressing into their exposed flank might not be enough to force their withdrawal. 

But now wasn’t the time to question it.  Ralin and his warriors knew their duty, and it was now up to them and their bravery to see their mission through. 

Racing ahead of the others, some of the squadron’s heavier assault fighters led the charge into the bellies of the embattled Star Destroyers.  Firing salvoes of heavy dymek missiles and ion cannon blasts, the gunships weakened the warship’s shielding enough for the real attack.  Loaded out with custom MandalMotors designed Phoenix hull piercing warheads, the rest of the fighters locked onto the exposed power core domes on the undersides of their targets.  Five PK destroyers imploded from the concentrated assault.  Their sister ships quickly recognized the unexpected threat and rolled defensively toward their attackers, and hundreds of PK fighters turned away from the New Republic fleet and back to their mother ships.  The heavy Phoenix missiles were quickly expended, claiming three more destroyers and severely damaging several more. 

Now it would be a slugging match.  As the Mandalorian battleships moved into firing range with the PK destroyers, Ralin prayed to the Mand’a that they could buy time for him and Starjammer to find Skywalker.  And even more he prayed that finding the chakaar would be of some use to the poor souls dying for him up here…


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Add more sleeping and eating, and wasting money on stupid stuff, and that about sums me up   tongue


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LOL!  Cool pic

And speaking of Fallout 3, video games and movies, as well as my own personal spin-offs of those, have been a major alternative universe for me for years.

One project I'm actually working on now is a plot combination of Fallout 3 and Lord of the Rings/Oblivion(the game).  A fantasy world that has fallen into total apocoliptic disorder.  No cities are still functioning, wild beasts and monsters are reclaiming the land as man and beastfolk are too disorganized and desemated to fight them off, and only small bands of survivors and marauders still fight for existence in the ruins of a shattered world

I've got several characters for this world, including a lone Viking/Barbarian raider, a clan of Vampires trying to restore humanity (and with it themselves behind the scenes), and various others.  Most of my charcters and storylines are based on stuff I did in the game Oblivion.  Great game... still get back into it once and a while


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I've been watching the entire series of 'SWTOR-Time Line Entries' since posting that one, and they are very detailed, giving a total plotline leading up to the events that will be unveiled in the game.  Everybody should watch the entire series; they'll give you the whole picture of what's been transpiring in the galaxy since the first KotOR games and what to expect in the new one. 

I think this is the last of the Time Line vids, and gives even more detail on what happend to Reven:

SWTOR Time Line Entry 8


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Wow, just found a really cool clip on youtube.  One of those 'history' clips that BioWare has been putting out for TOR.

The Mandalorian Wars

Maybe I'd just missed it from other sources, but I'd never heard exactly what happend to Reven and Malak after they'd destroyed the Mandalorians at Malachor V; just that they'd ventured into the Unknown Regions, pointed that way by a Sith holocron or something, and discovered the Star Forge.  I'd never understood exactly what turned them to the Dark Side the rest of the way, finishing the Darkness they'd developed within themselves during the war.

This Vid claims that they discovered the Sith Empire in exile in the Unknown Regions, and where converted to their cause by the "Emperor"!  Where did this Empire come from??  Is this news to you guys or am I just way behind on this?

Unfortunatly he failed.

The mission was to show us what created the monster we experienced in the OT.  What he did was rewrite one of our favorite and most memorable characters into a whining wuss. 

Lucas did manage to give us some new characters and give great backstories on a couple of the old characters (Obi-Wan and the Emperor), but again, the whole point of the prequals was to explain Anikan.  With that in mind I think the Prequals failed, because the one character who was supposed to be built up and given a level of sympathy for was the second most annoying character in the series, and most of us probably cheered when Obi-Wan lopped him to bits so that he'd finally shut up and stop acting like a sniviling teenager

That's my take


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Wow, I would have so many of these...  This is the sort of thing I've been into since I was a kid.  My brother and I were home schooled, and to keep ourselves entertained that's what we would do for entertainment; at pretty young ages we created some pretty darn intricate alternate universes and roll playing them with toys or playing outside. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If the South had won the Civil War with various timelines following (I've never read them, but I've seen that Harry Turtledove wrote a series of novels covering the same thing)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If Vikings had unified Scandinavia before converting to Christianity and various timelines involving the empire they forged

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'll need some time to think of more of them, but those were our favorites as kids.  Those and of course our own Star Wars spin-offs, one of which was bringing Star Trek tech into the Star Wars universe (I built a Klingon Bird of Pray model and used it in our Star Wars playing), as well as using Mechs from the MechWarrior universe in Star Wars.

Well, that falls into my point.  It almost seemed as if there was a writer for each actor.  Damn near ALL of Anikan's lines were cheesy beond words; your examples highlighting the many that were out there..

"If you're not with me........ then YOU ARE MY ENEMY!"  crappy line and even worse delivery.  I'll give it to him that he was better in Ep. III both in look and sometimes in lines; his deliveries and lines in Ep. II were just aweful throughout.

But I never thought Obi-Wan's line were ever that bad.  And if there were any his delivery was so good that it covered them up.  Same with many other actors.  Christopher Lee's lines were all great, Sam. L's lines were stereotypical of most of the characters he plays, but they were never the less good and well delivered, and most of the other noteable characters were well written for, or at least I believe they were


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I have two possible tats that I may someday want to get.  Both would be my own drawings *or at least based on them*.  One would be my Clan Drakus Mando Death-head with red eight point star eye against dimond shield.  The other would be the logo I still have in the planning stages for my Army of Two/Expendables spin-off mercenarly company. 

The Mando would be high on my left shoulder, and the merc stamp would be on my right.  High up where a military shoulder patch would be.  I'm pretty sure I've posted the Mando logo in my creations thread.  When I finally finish my merc logo I'll post it

lol, and I thought I had the scoop on this; got linked the video through my starwars.com newsletter.  Glad I searched the boards before posting my 'breaking Boba-news.'  Hadn't heard of it before, but looking at it they seem to be gearing up for one killer Boba Fett boss fight

And I agree with Fett_II.  Morrison was such a disapointment a a replacement for the original voice, so this one was a reasonable in-between. 

Anybody know if there's gonna be big differences between the consoles again?  Basilik War Droids on Wii and not 360 and holes like that?  Was so let down when I heard I missed that...

Fettmatic wrote:

Yeah, Ewan McGregor is an awesome actor but the writing was just so horrible in the prequels and the fact that it was all green screen and everything etc. The movies had the potential to be so much better with so many great people

It's kinda weird.  As BAD Bad badbadbad as the writing was for 'Annie,' I always thought McGregor's line's and delivery were pretty darn good.  It was as if each actor in the prequals had their own writer, and they just mashed it all together for each scene.  For instance, everybody's lines were actually pretty decent in Ep. I, but you've got Anikan doing his own creepy little 'I'm 8 and I'm in love with a 14 year old,' and then you've got all the Gungans seemingly being written for by the Barney the Purple Dinosaur team.  Kinda weird looking back on it...