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The rain was like a torrent now, pouring down in sheets from the shingle rooftops three and four stories above.  What little glow the evening sun offered the countryside around Keldabe wasn't visible here. Only the marginal glow of the city's lights reflecting off the clouds above remained. Near total darkness dominated the back alleys. 

The squad size group approached two by two, shoulder-to-shoulder through the narrow passageway. Their armored boots treading as lightly as possible against the dirty cobblestone.  Weapons shouldered, the group came to a stop as the passageway opened. Their sergeant silently motioned for the group to take a knee as he scanned the area. The way opened into what was once possibly a place for pedestrians to rest and the tenants of the looming apartments to sit and talk.  Now the widened intersection to the entrances of several alleys branching off in this place had degenerated into a spot for the locals to dump their trash and escape pursuers with the maze of escapes offered.  Piles of junk and bags of garbage littered the scene.  The sergeant checked the scanner strapped to his wrist again: one obvious blip remained stationary just inside a covered alley to their right. The other had vanished from his sensors soon after the marks had turned from their course toward the star port.  Turning to the mercs behind him he signaled with his hand one target ahead. Beginning with three, he made a quick countdown.

In an instant burst, the nine mercenaries rushed from their position.  As each left the alleyway they moved abreast to the left of their sergeant creating a firing line and rushed forward towards the target. Before even half of them had reached his position Valok Haal leaned forward and fired his .48 calibre pistol.  One merc, a Devaronian, was lifted from his feet by the massive slug that ripped through his chest.  The bullet proceeded to nearly tear the arm off the human that was passing behind him.  The mercenary's scream of horror echoed off the stone walls as he lay trapped under his dead comrade's body's and stared at his quivering fingers. 

Before the bodies of their teammates even hit the dirt the other seven members of the mercenary crew had darted to cover and all opened fire. The hail of their bolts sent Valok ducking back under cover.

Quickly and methodically, two mercenaries at a time would move forward from one cover position to the next as the others rained fire into the edge of the stonework building Haal hid behind.   Valok leaned out and fired a couple of shots but couldn't get a clean aim.  Slowed by the blind fire coming from the alley the mercenaries hunkered down behind whatever they could find.  The Sgt. unclipped a grenade from his combat vest and yelled from behind the crushed remains of some now unidentifiable kitchen appliance he'd found.  "We're not here for you Mando! Tell Us Which Way Drakus went and we'll let you live!"

Haal's answer was quick, twisting around the corner and squeezing a shot into the combat helmet of the nearest Merc, dropping the Aqualish with a thud.

The mercs all instantly return fire. The sergeant cursed to himself and activated the grenade in his hand.

Behind them, under a pile discarded trash that they passed, Ralin kicked off the bags of garbage that concealed him. The sensor cloak being generated from his wrist gauntlet masked him from the mercenaries personal scanners.  Both heavy plasters drawn, Ralin instantly targeted the mercenary sergeant. A blaster bolt into the back  of the man's head sent the live grenade rolling by the feet of his comrades.  One of the mercenaries, a Trandoshan, spotted it and tried to flee. Ralin fired both blasters into the aliens chest.  The grenade detonated next to the other two mercenaries who had been next to their leader before they even had a chance to face the new attacker. The last two mercenaries, peppered by debris and knocked from their positions darted for the nearest exit.  Ralin cut one down as Valok moved in and shot the other.  Both were dead before they hit the cobblestone. 

Valok's eyes were wide, adrenalin  pulsing through his body. " Damn..." he whispered to himself and he took in the carnage of the scene.  His fist was locked around the grip of his pistol, knuckles white and drained of blood. His eyes were fixed on the half hollowed out skull of the Aqualish merc he'd shot. 

He shuddered back to reality has Ralin's gloved hand gripped the shirt around his shoulder.  "Wake up."  Valok stared into bleak T-visor of Ralin's helmet for a moment before taking a deep breath and refocusing.  "I'm alright."  Ralin patted the younger man's shoulder stiffly.  "You did good kid.  Search him" he pointed to the charred remains of the mercenary leader.  Valok shuddered slightly, the man's body had been blown against the far wall by his own grenade.  It was hard to tell where his scorched flesh began and burnt clothing and armor ended.  Gritting his teeth, Valok went about the grim business. 

A single blaster bolt to the temple of the Trandoshan who was barely breathing ended his suffering. Then Ralin walked over to the young human who is still pinned under the body of the Devaronian.  The youth was straining to reach the blaster carbine he'd dropped, the blood from his disfigured arm and dead partner awash in the rainwater that pooled around them.  Ralin lowered himself down onto his heels.  "Who sent you?"

The youth continue to grope for his weapon, his bleeding fingers clawing into the rough stone.  Ralin holstered his blaster and then slowly slid the youth's weapon even further from reach. "I'll ask again boy, who sent you to kill me?"

The rain made it invisible, but the red in the boy's eyes betrayed his tears of pain and fear. "It was just a contract, we flew in to do a job that's all I know - that's all any of us knew!"

"Who was the contracting agent.  The middle man."

"I don't know. I swear I don't know!"

Ralin nodded his head.  "I believe you."   In a swift motion Ralin's wrist mounted fighting blades sprang to extension and pierced the mercenary's heart.  With a twist, the young man bled out in seconds.  Retracting the blades, Ralin stood and walked over to Valok.  "Find anything?"

"Well they sure as hell aren't from Mandalore.  Think this one is Corellion."  He handed over a identity chip and charred datapad. 

Ralin examined the chip for a moment.  "The rest of the galaxy hires us to come from off world to do their dirty work, makes sense hire unaffiliated mercs to do your killing for you here."

"You think Mandalorians want you dead?"

"Only thing that makes sense.  There are bloody days coming to Mandalore; politics brings the worst out of all beings.  Some smell power like blood on the air, and they'll always find those willing to follow their banner.  Let's search the rest..."

Before Ralin could finish lights flashed down from above; an armored speeder hovered over them, the colors of the Mandalorian Protectors painted across its hull.  Troopers from the Mandalorian militia police appeared from the alleys and leveled their weapons.  "Make no sudden movements" boomed a voice over a megaphone from the speeder above. 

"Relax" said Ralin to Valok.  "Maybe Fenn can give us some answers about this. 

*Let me know if I need to edit anything. My aim is to be taken to Fenn Shysa who will question me about the dead mercs and try to recruit me to his bid to become Mandalore. Anyone who wants to be a Mandalorian Protector this would be a great in for you, you can help me and Rev investigate who these assassins are and why they wanted me dead*

Because he's a badass like that tongue

I wasn't able to play Old Republic nearly as much as I wanted to, did any real backstory or history on this character ever surface?


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I agree so much! It's like random authors and creators have been given permission to write licensed fanfiction's branching off in whatever directions they please.  It's frustrating to say the least to anyone who's a true fan of certain bodies of work; rather it be original novel series that are destroyed by the prequels, videogame or comic canon that gets ignored by the kids cartoon. It's just completely out of hand.  To say that I can't reference back to an old game or an early novel series as my preferred canon because it "doesn't count anymore," I'll argue that everything new that is supposedly Canon now will just be replaced by something else in the  future.  If all of LucasArts can ignore their own material why can't I ignore those parts that destroy the stories that made me love Star Wars?


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Absolute second-to-none favorite show is Sons of Anarchy.  It's hard to keep an audience on the edge of their seat for six seasons but Kurt Sutter's amazing writing and character development is the best I've seen - love that show


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I have and always will reference back to the two original KotOR games when asked to define the true Mandalorian culture - They are the Star Wars equivalent of the Spartan culture from 300.  They live for glory gained in war.  It's as simple as that.  All these damn cartoons and prequels that blatantly trash that foundation I will continue to ignore

Never was able to recover those last couple of chapters that I was planning to post...

Working two jobs and two kids, but I just copied over everything posted here so I can clean out that coding crap and maybe someday start adding material again.  No promises, but I'd love to work on this beast again so we'll see what happens

Nearly forgot I wrote this..  Seems a lifetime ago lol

The Night Mother then killed the five monkeys and offered their souls to Sithis


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Just noticed the replies - Is anyone still game for this RP?

Any of these can be resuscitated - I'm game if we can track down any of the other players


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I miss these...

Ralin smiled.  The Karrek job... he remembered.  One of the shadier ops the former partners had ventured on, but by far the most memorable.  

"Your cousin would use that misadventure to verify your identity." Ralin released his grip on the butt of his blaster and waved for another drink.  "How is he?" 

"Eager to pass me off to Concord Dawn  and my new trainer so that he can get back to the hunt; he's probably half way to his next bounty already."

"I shouldn't doubt it" Ralin stated wistfully as he rocked back the glass and let the harsh liquor slide down in a single gulp.  

Valok narrowed his gaze slightly; his brown eyes taking the measure of the man sitting before him.  "What did happen on the Kerrak mission?"

Ralin grinned slightly, a chip in his tooth visible for an instant.  "It was a bank heist.  Corporation contracted us to copy certain information from a rival business; vital to a trade or some such civilian throat cutting.  Of course the terminal easiest for us to access was on Kerrak: Outer Rim world with minimum risk of Imperial entanglements.  Only issue was that the data terminal we had to access was in a company owned bank... company owned city honestly; mining interests.  Long story short, our plan of a quick in and out op without a shot being fired disintegrated into a full blown firefight, the two of us trading shots with every security force officer the company had.  We walked six city blocks moving from speeder to speeder for cover until we wee able to exfil.  We saved each others lives more than once that day."

"Wow, I never knew.  Solus has told me of many of his missions, but he'd never even mentioned you until this past week.  You worked together for over a year; why'd you split?"

Ralin stiffened slightly, he clenched his jaw for a moment.  "He didn't tell you?"

Valok gave a quick jerk of his head.  "No."

"Can't say I'm surprised" Ralin said with a snort.  He stood from his booth and in a single quick motion pulled his helmet on over his head.  "He has his reasons; no doubt he'll tell you in his own time.  Let's go farm boy."

Ralin strode out ahead as Valok collected his gear and chased after.  Stepping outside they were greeted by a solid sheet of rain.  He started down a narrow street and aimed himself toward the star port.  

Valok trotted up beside him.  "If you're gonna be training me I'd like to know more about you... and why it is my cousin won't work with you anymore."

"I'm not training you" Ralin snapped without turning.  "I'm simply giving you transport to Concord Dawn and will tell you about some of my contacts."

"If that's all he asked you than why didn't he take me himself?" Valok fought his hair back out of his face as he was drenched."

"Because like any good trainer he realizes he has limitations and a biased scope of experience.  He has placed you in the hands of others who will give you a greater spectrum of skills and experience."

Ralin stopped abruptly.  The narrow ally they had been following was closed in and partially protected from the deluge above by the overhanging second and third stories of the stone structures that surrounded them.  Helmet mounted scanners swept the even tighter alleyways that branched off to their left and right, and the ways ahead and behind.  

Valok was quick to take notice.  "What is it?"

In a single quick motion Ralin turned on his heel and started down the narrow passage to his left.  

"This isn't the way to the spaceport..."

"We're being followed."

Name: Ralin Drakus

Species: Human

Age: 25

Appearance: 5'11'' Lean athletic build. Short crop of dark brown hair with the sides shaved high and tight. Lean face with an angular jaw. Many scars from combat as well as training across body, most on arms and chest

Personality: Cold and indifferent to most beings he meets, but possesses a friendly and even dry humor with those select few he is close to or who earn his trust

Occupation: Freelance Mercenary, sometimes accepts bounty hunting or assassination contracts.

Loyalties: To his Clan and Code. He and his clan are unaffiliated with any of the major players in Mandalorian politics that are currently attempting to gain power

Bio: Ralin is descended from an ancient line of Mandalorian warriors. Some of the earliest humans recorded in Mandalorian history were members of Aliit Drakus. Clan Drakus has traditionally had very strong ties to the ancient Crusader Code that was dominant in Mando culture before the Mandalorian Wars 4,000 years BBY, and Ralin is no exception. His belief in the Manda and code-bound mission to gain honor through combat are as strong in him as any of his ancestors, despite the rarity of such such beliefs of his people today. Ralin's father Konnar was one of the Cuy Valdar, the famed training sergeants of the Clone Wars era Commandos and ARC troopers. Unbeknownst to Konnar his wife had become pregnant just before his departure for Kamino and had died in childbirth. When word finally reached him, Konnar abandoned his post just prior to the Clone Wars to raise his son. Little is known of the Drakus Clan since that time as they all boarded their heavily modified assault frigate and assorted fighters and starships and disappeared. Only in the last year did Ralin return alone, his armor painted black with the traditional red chevron upon his breastplate indicating leadership of his Aliit. He has taken several mercenary and bounty hunting contracts since his return, and has a growing reputation for his cold efficiency and effectiveness

Weapons: Custom long barrel sniper rifle (imagine a Star Wars version of an M-14); Matching Mandalorian heavy blaster pistols(strapped to legs Jango Fett style, but a little higher on his hips. Both pistols are of ancient Mandalorian design recovered from a Dxun storage cache); Jetpack mounted rocket/missile launcher, usually a high explosive warhead pre-loaded; Double edged dagger with 'brass knuckle' style grip sheathed horizontally on belt behind his back hidden under Kama.

Gauntlet mounted weapons/gadgets include: Dart/Rocket launcher; Interchangeable flamethrower or micro-grenade launcher (Ralin mounts the grenade launcher as his standard gear); Cutting laser and holdout blaster; A fiber-cord line with grappling hook for scaling/descending obstacles which can be mounted and fired from grenade launcher; Two-prong retractable18 inch blades in right gauntlet (like those used in the Predator movies); Personal cloaking device recovered from ancient weapons catch on Duxn; Gloves that deliver bio-impulse waves to the muscles giving enhanced strength

Armor: Black with red accents Mandalorian beskar armor over gray flightsuit ; Helmet possesses advanced targeting integration with Ralin's weapons and his ship's combat systems allowing him to have a sighting retical that is fully adjusted for range and movement of the target displayed on his helmet's HUD allowing for seemingly unaimed shots in directions Ralin doesn't appear to be looking; Flightsuit is a medium weight armor mesh resistant to heat and slashing attacks, Kama made from heavy leather treated for heat resistance that protect the back of the legs from blaster bolts and jetpack afterburners; Jet-pack painted black and gray (often stored aboard Ralin's starfighter until needed for a specific mission or visiting urban/inhospitable worlds where vertical maneuverability is likely to be needed); Sound sponges mounted into the heels of his armor plated boots so when activated absorb nearly all sound created from Ralin's heavy footfalls and the ancient spurs he wears

Ship: Blood Hawk - a modified StarViper Assault fighter; two of the original six laser cannons have been replaced with MassDriver cannons (which fire energized projectiles that pass through shields unhindered), the four long barreled laser cannons remaining have been modified sacrificing rate of fire for massive destructive impact, two ion cannons mounted in the chin of the starfighter to disable fleeing starships; the living quarters are spartan at best, with a simple bunk and hygiene essentials for himself, and two sealed prisoner stasis capsules (simple bunks that are enclosed in shatterproof plexi and equipped with restraint cuffs and Intra Venus (IV) med units for medicating and/or sedating bounty captures for a guaranteed quite transport) that are large enough to transport a wookiee- sized being

"JOIN US! The time to restore Mandalorian independence is upon us! The Empire is offering ransoms and bounties for these pathetic Rebels that could fund a nation! Our Nation! A MANDALORIAN NATION! Why should the bounties of a generation be squandered by alien hunters and those of our own with no vision to use it? We can bring back the GLORY of our ancestors and return the power that is rightfully ours to this planet! And with your help we shall! The Deathwatch is calling! Answer! And you shall know true glory!" The ranting never ceased these days. If it wasn't one faction promoting their choice for Mandalore, leader of all the clans, than it was a pack of mercs standing at a street corner begging people to join.

The Deathwatch recruiter continued with his lies, knowing nothing of his ancestors or what true honor or glory is. Ralin straightened himself from the wall he'd been leaning against across the market plaza. The holonet hub he'd ventured into the market to access had confirmed his most recent payment. The gray overcast above promised rain, making the dirty cobble stone street of the market seem all the darker, and the ancient stone structures surrounding the Keldabe plaza seemed abandoned and lifeless. The Deathwatch banners snapped in the wind around the table where recruiters tried to argue the righteousness of their cause to the handful of spectators who bothered to stand around. None in the crowd seemed overly interested. Only Ralin and the Deathwatch were even wearing armor. The recruiters were in full battle gear to display their prowess and attempt to impress the masses. Ralin couldn't help but notice how there wasn't so much as a scratch on any of them. He snorted in disdain behind his own black T-Visor.

A crack of thunder broke across the Mandalorian afternoon sky, and seemed to signal the end of the recruiting for the day. The five Deathwatch Mandos began to move their flags and gear indoors. Ralin made his way down a narrow alley to the tavern he frequented.
Once this wouldnt have been anyplace special to Mandalore. Like all inns, taverns, bars, and even restaurants contracts could have been found posted somewhere in the establishment, booths and tables of a private setting were easy to find, and the barkeep knew what gossip to pass and what questions not to ask. Ralin's father had told him many stories of his home world and the best places to frequent when looking for a certain contract. Much had changed in the last generation however. Only the oldest and seediest parts of Keldabe still catered to the hunters of their society. Ralin still remembered the disgust he felt when he landed at the starport and saw the pacifists lining some of the walkways, holding holosigns protesting all those who were clad in the armor of their forefathers, yelling that war and fighting would only bring more misery to Mandalore. Had the home world of the greatest warriors in all the galaxy truly been reduced to this? Ralin sighed deeply as the barkeep brought a stiff Corellian whiskey to his corner booth.

A youth entered the tavern, a heavy military canvas duffle bag hung over his shoulder.  His skin was dark from what looked like hard laboring in the sun, his form thin but corded in lean muscle; Ralin could even make out the white of calluses on his hands, and a bulge under his rough out tunic that might have been the butt of a blaster pistol.  His clothes were worn and ragged, leather boots covered in dirt not from the city. He stopped at the bar and ordered a drink. He seemed weary, tired beyond his years though he appeared no older than Ralin himself. Despite the dim lighting, he spied battle scared helmet that rested on the table beside Ralin. He seemed to hesitate for a moment, but made his way to the corner booth. Ralin sat relaxed, one hand toying with the glass in front of him, the other resting on the grip of his holstered blaster.

"Beggin your pardon, you mind if a I take a seat?"

Ralin's eyes narrowed on the man for a long moment, but then wordlessly nodded to the opposite side of the booth opposite himself.

"Thanks. I don't mean to intrude, my name is Valok, Valok Haal."  Before taking his seat Valok carefully placed his bag down on the floor beside the booth.  Ralin caught the faint clank of Beskar plates.

Ralin slumped back in his seat, relaxing and keeping his blaster aimed squarely at the youth's abdomen. "What can I do for you Valok Haal?"

*Let me know if this works for you Rev; I'll edit as necessary*


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Magic Mike was thrilled and immediately contracted the zombies to his act


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Very Nice!  I'm bumming a character slot from my roomie (I'm considering it part of his rent  tongue ), and absolutely love it!


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Really?  Your LEAST favorite scene is when he flirts with the alien chick? 


joking, lol, but how can you guys not consider Boba's God aweful and flat out embarrassing death scene his worst shot of the movies?  I get sick just thinking about it.  I quite honestly would rather have had Boba cut from Ep. VI than have that highlighted attempt at humor left in

Favorites would be both his lines pretty much challenging Vader in Ep. V, questioning the Dark Lord of the Sith's meathods that are placing his payday on the line.  NOBODY else in the galaxy except Palps could talk like that to Vader


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That would be pretty original; never seen ANYONE try to create a costume for Boba's daughter.  And then there's the trusty custom Mando build.  Try the Mandalorian Mercs website; they'll have tons of ideas for concept, storyline, and costume tips


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Game is amazing!  Nords were always my favorite characters to play, and I love the scenery and the storylines.  5/5 from me


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Welcome to the site ner vod! 

Lots of different sources and interpretations on Boba and his personal outlook on the galaxy and Good or Evil alignment.  There are lots of expanded universe stories in comics, novels, and stories, though that's not always a help since they can often conflict depending on the outlook of each author.  This is probably the key factor behind Boba's popularity: the mystery surrounding his outlook and motivation. 

Personally, seeing him in the movies and knowing some of his EU stories, it's difficult to know fore sure if he was truly dark or just the hunter doing a job.  Nearly all his bounties in the EU are in fact rouge Imperials and actual criminals, all villains and worthy of whatever fate Boba’s clients gave.  To my personal knowledge, which is I admit limited on the subject to be honest, Boba never took a bounty where the target was an entirely innocent and righteous person.  One could argue that point based on the movies, however, keep in mind: in Episode V, yes Solo is a hero to the Rebels and at heart a good man, but by all rights he was a criminal before and after he joined the Alliance.  Not to mention he had foiled Fett on a number of occasions in the past, making Boba that much more eager to even the score.  By Episode VI, Fett was soaking up the glory of having cashed in one of his most lucrative scores, and Jabba was always a source of new contracts.  Despite the obvious evil company he keeps, Boba always seemed to maintain an aloof manner to his employers; the contracts were just bounties to be taken, not personal missions for a cause or (with a probable exception to Solo and maybe to Jedi as a whole) personal scores. 

Another argument for Boba being evil would be his hunting of Luke in the Holliday Special and in other accounts.  Luke was a simple farmhand until the war, and his only crimes were against the Empire, which in and of itself is evil.  Therefore, why would Boba take up the contract if he himself wasn’t evil.  Of course, there is now the point that Jedi killed his father, and the personal score many like to read into that.  However, I give Boba more credit as an intelligent being not to hold an entire order to blame for his father’s death, especially twenty years later.  Therefore, this is where I like to read into Boba’s character a Mandalorian heritage taught to him by Jango and further developed later in life.  He hunts bounties to test and hone his skills, he fought Luke because he was Jedi and therefore a honored foe and challenging adversary.  It’s all a pattern that could be explained by a man following the ancient Mandalorian warrior code.

There are tons of other theories and lots of conflicted sources to absorb inspiration from.  At the rate contradictory expanded universe stories and cartoons are being authorized and churned out any real answer will be even more impossible.  Just more reasons to imagine in your own mind who and what the perfect Boba really is, and don’t worry about what’s cannon today or what will be tomorrow.  That’s what I do.


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"They're acquiring a firing solution on us" exclaimed Captain Nictor.  "Evasive manuvers!  Raise all shields!  Bring all defensive weapons.."  The captain was cut off mid sentence by the invisible vice grip that clenched his throat.

"Control your cowerdace captain." Lord Drakus strode towad the forwad transparisteel viewport silently, still holding the captain in a force choke that was lifting him up to his toes.  "Let Lord Tibullus sooth his own fears here in orbit if he wishes."

The captain was released, his knees crashing to the metal deck as he gasped for breath.

"Inform him that I shall meet him on the planet's surface, once you're quite recovered captain."

"At once my lord" the officer managed to reply."

(that's all I got; typing from my phone. Hoping to get some Internet for my pc again soon, will watch for new posts)

Shocked by his sudden manlyness compared to his idol, Robin exclaimed..

Was good to hear from you ner vod; best of luck with your kit!


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Canderous all the way.  Of the two, he is the hardend warrior - Carth may have been a soldier, but his primary abilities were as a pilot and officer.

No contest head to head


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I'd have loved a Fallout RP; I have both 3 and Newvegas, and love them both.  Unfortunately, things have been really dead, at least here in the RP section.  Was hoping to liven things up in Mel's new RP, but that seems to have died off already..