Glow ..... emailed you from my yahoo acct. couldnt PM you here.???

Talk soon.

No you cannot wear the suit it is afixed to the Replica Body. It is awesome. Hopefully someone with a large wallet and a keen eye for the REAL DEAL...will be interested. Feel free to spread the word. This is 100% legit and ships anywhere in the world.

The Replica is in storage, so I apologize for not having accurate measurments. There are so few of these in production, I could nt find any info on the net. Anyhow, the Replica is approx. $5000, but Im still researching the market. C3PO is $11000 on email right now, A Don Post dealeo.

More soon.

If you are interested we can get more technical.


Yes I have photos, but was unable to locate them on this drive. I should be able to find them soon. Do you how I can post them here? It is over 6 ft. tall and is an actual life size replica. Just as many of the Star Wars figures are sold, on a platform, life size, weapons included...exactly like from the movie. What other specific "real" information can I provide you with?

Please contact me if you are interested. This life size replica comes with a certificate of authenticity. I believe it is 1/500 in the world in production.

PM me  or write here.

Please only serious inquiries.

Shipping anywhere worldwide. Item is in Con. US