Yup... I'm bringing this thread back... Jacob got his prize today, and we just wanted to say thanks. He is very happy with it. It really made his day. smile

Thanks, guys... My son is excited to be featured with the other fantastic costumes on the winners page. He's also looking forward to his figure pack as well. Neither of us have ever entered, or won, anything... Its a pretty good feeling. Good times. wink


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Its a DP95... Don Post 1995... Sorry, I thought folks would have known that over here. At TDH (the dented helmet) everything is shortened to initials. lol... Bad habit to get into, I guess.

lol... I was just teasing... <3

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Dude, you should enter you kid in the contest big_smile

lol... I did, and I keep checking back, but never see any updates? That reminds me... I have a bone to pick with Admin. here. Because of you, my wife harasses me daily to see if he won. LMAO - Would you guys just post the winners already, and get her off of my back? Please? I'll give you a dollar. smile



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Well, the first thing I did was pry off the ear cap/RF with a buck knife... Then wet sanded all of the paint off. Then I heated the backside of the helmet up with a hair dryer, and stuffed a pair of flip flips inside of the helmet, arranged to splay the sides of the helmet out. It sat like this for a couple of days to form.

When I got back to it, I cut a 9 inch steel craft hoop in half and hot glued one half to the bottom ridge of the helmet to hold the new splayed shape in place (plastic has a memory). I also filled in the sections that said Don Post, and Lucasfilm in with a small amount of Bondo.

From here it was pretty standard business... Cut the visor/keyslots out, taped off the opening with masking tape, primed and painted.

Peeled tape, added green welding visor and screen mesh (keyslots), and thats pretty much it. smile

Before (this is the actual helmet as I received it) :









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Just got done with my DP95... I gotta say it turned out much better than expected... YAY.. smile





Great pics by Spidey, DM, and Wise on TDH... Check 'em out... Can't wait for mine to arrive.

http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/forums/s … hp?t=23684

(waves hand)

"When judging begins, you will vote for this costume."

smile smile smile

La la la la la laaaaaaaa.......... smile

Thanks everyone for the nice comments... Any update on the contest? I didn't see one, but maybe I've overlooked it?

lol... No, I'm not the TK... And thats not my house, but yes, he is pretty close to hitting the drop section. I'm behind the camera, taking the photo.

Miba, he was month away from being 5 years old when these were taken.

Thanks... The jetpack could have been better, but it was literally thrown together in 2 days. I didn't even have time for the proper rotj colors, so I fudged an ESB wanna-be scheme for it. wink

My sons costume from 2006... Made from a combo of a toy kit, a Walmart trash can, a sweat suit, mock turtleneck, and some bondo/foam/fiberglass for the jetpack. The helmet is the $20 Rubies two piece Jango that I converted. Oh, and some slip on shoes that I spray-painted. Total price was around $150 or so.

Hope you all like it. I'm pretty proud of it considering it was the first costume that I've made/painted.