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haven't been on this topic for a while...

welcome to all our newest members.



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Never saw Firefly but i am familiar with the serenity movie that spun off from the series and Ive played the Serenity  tabletop RPG once or twice...

sounds cool.

not so sure if my current activities would allow me any more time...

good luck, ner vod


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you might wanna talk to Novall Talon...

he's awesome when it comes to armor building.

heres a post w/ a pic about the fem set he built.

you may have already seen it tho.

http://www.bobafett.com/boards/viewtopi … 883#p80883


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shut up and post tongue


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Thanx guys big_smile

Glad to see so much support...


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Ah, Ithorian. I was wondering why she had horns for a second, Cool boba drawing.

you mean Iridonian, ner vod... just thought you should know

awesome job Phoenix


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I'm not sure how I'm here, but it doesn't feel quite right. I'm wearing the armor of the Saraai-Kaar and walking through a wasteland of ruins. It's not Mandalore, i know that much for sure. It looks ancient and dead, with ruins and statues that can only be identified as Sith. I don't remember much since I'd crashed. I just know I'm not supposed to be here. Up ahead I see a shadowy figure in dark robes walking towards me. He feels familiar in the force somehow. As the figure walks closer I feel a whirlwind of emotions coming from him. Anger and resentment and fear, but they are wrapped in layers around a stable white core of goodness I recognize quite well.

"Skywalker..." I say, surprised yet a little afraid.

He looks at me sternly yet speaks softly, "Theyda Starjammer, I don't have much time. I'm being held captive here by an unknown faction of Sith. They have forced me into periodic force trances to ensure I don't cause them any trouble. The effort weakens them, as it weakens me to maintain this link. My sister will be arriving at Mandalore soon to assist in repelling the Peacekeeper forces. She has struck a deal with the Chiss' Grand Admiral Thrawn. You must make haste to free me from here."

"Where are you, Overlord?"

He looks troubeled by the title. "I've decided to step down as Overlord and assist in building a new government when this is over. I've seen the damage such titles cause. Find a planet named Korriban. I must go..."

I awaken with a start...


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going to Delaware for the weekend be back Monday...

BTW Episode 3 of my webcomic is done. Click the link in my sig to see it.



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((ooc: sweet, good to see you back Z))


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i hate workin to make ends meet...and still bein' broke...


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I hate ppl who claim to be "fans" of comics and movies and games, but spend they're time (and mine) b****'n about how a certain character was portrayed wrong or how so and so was such a bad character concept...

I especially hate know-it-alls who talk my ear off about rumors about this actor starring in this comic based movie, or how so and so would've been so much better...

shut the frell up, and let the rest of us enjoy it!


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lol...i hear that. Best Music Festival Ever.

lol...well done, Mel.


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BFFC-Draco wrote:
virulent_messiah wrote:

back from VFEST!!!

Trent Reznor is GOD!

k maybe not...but he and NIN were awesome! so were Foo fighters, offspring, STP, and Iggy Pop!


As I was reading that I was thinking "NIN, awesome, FF, cool, Offspring, cool, Iggy Pop?!" I then went into a spasm of jealous profanity. Iggy freaking rules! I even named my cat fter him. Does he still jump and fall all over the stage, or cover himself with peanut butter?

I can't believe the guy's sixty something, and he could still beat the crap out of almost anyone.
http://991.com/newgallery/Iggy-Pop-A-Mi … 328896.jpg

Dude, Iggy was insane...i felt bad for the roadies who had a tuff time keeping up with him. He was all over the place...awesome!


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woah...sorry, vod

my  condolensces...


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back from VFEST!!!

Trent Reznor is GOD!

k maybe not...but he and NIN were awesome! so were Foo fighters, offspring, STP, and Iggy Pop!



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Well, my long awaited trip to Baltimore has finally come.

I'll be witnessing rock n roll heaven @ Virgin Mobile Music Fest for the next couple days...

Be back sometime Monday afternoon...

Have fun...


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The staccato rhythm of automatic assault weapons from General Grievous's cadre of cyborgs filled the dank air, puncuated by the snarling hum of the four lightsabers: high strike blue, low slash green, block yellow, and mid section slice purple. Xenomorphs fell at his feet, or leapt away snarling and hissing. Some struck at him but were deflected or killed outright.

General Grievous knew that the only sure way to end this was to destroy the Xenomorph Queen. He knew that at this point, it would be nearly impossible. He spun sideways, slashing through the neck of one of the aliens, right into the path of another. He stared straight into its eyes. It snapped its powerful jaws at him. He stepped back as best he could in such confined space, lancing the upper tip of the purple blade out through its lower jaw. It howled in rage and managed to pull itself off of the blade. Viscous green fluid splashed out at the Kaleesh cyborg, catching him by surprise.

He watched in shock and rage as the green acid ate through his alloy chest plate, burning deep through the armor. Fearing the acid would soon make its way through the chestplate into his organic gut-sack, Grievous began to fall back. He issued a remote order to the t100 soldiers via the two internal antennae built into his head, and they began to cover his retreat.

He was wounded, feeling the acid continue to burn through his chest armor. It angered him to retreat after so much progress made. He had no choice but to return to the Star Temple's Command Bridge.

The Emperor would not be pleased...


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Valthonin wrote:

Does this seriously need to be a topic? Gimme a break man....

seriously, GLOP, youre floodin the boards with some useless, trivial, irrelevant topics here.
Gettin kinda old...


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he had never learned to play any instruments as a kid...


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...drooling and dreaming about what a bad@$$ he was...


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but he was only pretending so jar jar would leave him alone...cuz VM's too much of a bad@$$ to actually faint...

...especially in sequin speedos...


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"Annie! meesa thought yousa join the empire! Ooooh whysa yousa in your undies?!" jar jar asked

"kill me now..." VM replied


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"ow! not the face! not my beautiful faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!" he yelled as they dragged him off