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but realized he'd left the keys to the janitors closet where it was stored in his other pants...


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I have no idea...

Ive always been more a fan of the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon


nuff said...


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hey! i worked real hard on my avvie!



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then Chuck was bored...


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I thought KT was brilliant in her portrayal of the RC's. The fact that she had experience with the military herself helped a lot...

At least least I THINK i remember hearing something about her having  experience with the military ...



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mmmm....taco bell....


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Seco Fett wrote:

(Instead of signing every single post, why doesn't bats just make a signature that says "Bats"?)

I always figured that bats was a 10 year old...Why does bats sometimes have trouble with grammer and caps? And I always wondered why bats refers to herself in third person...

VM was gonna ask those same questions!

perhaps VM might start reffering to himself in the third person as well!
Perhaps VM will... AWWWWWW forget it.

Stupid Third person!


in all seriousness, leave Bats alone!

I think she should enjoy life without having to stress what someone far away on the internet thinks about her writing, and grammar and what not...

The fact is, as a community we should focus on how happy Bats was to get a picture with Boba.

Well done Bats!

'nuff said!

If you haven't seen it yet...and even if you have...

check out my new webcomic. If you've always wondered what a zany supervillain and his mechanical sidekick do to keep themselves busy, *cough*WORLD DOMINATION*cough* come check it out.

Show some love in the comments section on the site, too.

I'd like a record of my growing fanbase.

BTW Episode 3 is a total rip on a certain ex-presidential type person...



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BFFC-Mel wrote:

LOL well 601 ain't bad tongue

so very true...so very true


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Aaron's on top of things!

Kudos, ner vod.


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Stone Mando wrote:

i hate families.


does someone think he was spontaneously spawned from super-tough bad@$$ inducing primordial ooze?



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...and then Chuck swallowed the rest of the plane of reality that this story thread resides in. Because he's Chuck Norris, he was able to remake it. In his own image, of course.


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Yeah, man. I am soooooo far away from 1001 posts...lol


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tachyonblade wrote:
virulent_messiah wrote:


no one's posted on this in a while.

just thought maybe someone might take interest in reviving it.
Yes, someone like me...

I was talking to someone the other day about being a SW fan, and I find it so funny that I know so much crap about what amounts to absolutely nothing to do with reality.

I know, that's the whole point. It's just funny how these things consume our lives.

What's your take on it?

As I often mention in my posts, I have a master's in cultural anthropology, yada, yada, yada. From an academic perspective I would say that  SW is a subculture. As you mentioned in your first post, it is part of your identity. There is no hard and fast definition for what a subculture is but a lot of it has to do with your identity and how you present yourself to others and how you perceive yourself.  Now with these Jedi churches and whatnot it is becoming clearer and clearer that SW has become part of our mainstream consciousness and people associate with one another via this cultural conduit. There is also a temporal aspect. SW has been around now for what 32 years, so I think it's safe to say that it is not just a fad. It's like punk or goth or any other group. I guess one big difference is that with subcultures based on fashion, style and music there are multiple access points through which people can express their identity in terms of the theme. In the case of SW it is its own theme.

As far as its connection to reality goes well...we all have our own version of that don't we?

Anyway, I have read academic papers on treckies/treckers and they are always presented as a subculture. I think SW fits the criteria very well.

Great topic!

That is exactly what I mean!

Having read so many of KT's books and seeing how she's helped the development of the Mando'ad society, I've definitely taken to considering them from an anthropological point of view.

I don't have a Master's though.

Just a thought from an amateur anthropoligical hobbyist specializing in Mandalorian culture...


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

via wiki: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mandalorian_religion

Mandalorian religion
From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.
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The Mandalorian religion reflected the sensibilities and values of the Mandalorians. Like the culture itself, it changed over the years, but still maintained its fundamental tenets. In ancient times, Mandalorians were intensely religious, worshipping war and taking their myths literally. However disillusionment with devastating wars of conquest led to a re-interpretation of the stories as parables, to confer philosophical meaning rather than fact.

In Mandalorian myth, the sloth-god Arasuum eternally fought the destroyer god Kad Ha'rangir. This represented the constant struggle between stagnation, and the opportunity for change that stemmed from destruction. Every Mandalorian warrior who died supposedly joined an army in the afterlife; there they defended their wives and children, who lived on an enduring, peaceful homestead. This was viewed as the only place where Mandalorians could finally settle down permanently.

Later generations moved away from a belief in a literal heaven to emphasize the idea of the manda. The manda was described as "a combination of the collective state of being, the essence of being Mandalorian, and an oversoul." To be part of it, a Mandalorian must understand their culture and truly live out its ideals. Otherwise, they would be a dar'manda–someone who was ignorant of their heritage, and would have no soul and no afterlife. This was regarded as a fate worse than death. This emphasis on culture helped to preserve the identity of the Mandalorians even when scattered across the galaxy.
edit Aspects of Mandalorian mythology

    * Arasuum - the sloth god, personification of stagnation, idleness, and consumption
    * Kad Ha'rangir - the destroyer god, who forced change and growth upon the universe
    * Akaanati'kar'oya (The War of Life and Death) - Mandalorian creation myth

wow...that is awesome.

Kandosii, McCoy.


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I cant wait till the next one comes out...Imperial Commando, i think?


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but since zombie Boba and zombie jango were nowhere near Saturn (correct spelling, BTW) no one really cared.


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no one's posted on this in a while.

just thought maybe someone might take interest in reviving it.
Yes, someone like me...

I was talking to someone the other day about being a SW fan, and I find it so funny that I know so much crap about what amounts to absolutely nothing to do with reality.

I know, that's the whole point. It's just funny how these things consume our lives.

What's your take on it?


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well done, Aaron.

The site looks awesome now.
Keep up the good work.


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sorry i been MIA for so long, ner vode.
Been so busy with work and stuff lately...thankfully Im also writing my novel. Im glad to be doing something at least. sorry that the BFFC has had to take such a back seat. I do pop in once in a while...even if i may not post.

Take it easy, guys.

oh jeez...


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MossNoth wrote:

Nice avatar, Fett_II. I like it...very contemplative.

Sweet Mando'ad portrait, v_m. That's a nice paint job on the bucket. I wouldn't mind examining the full-size picture up close. Props to whoever made that for you.

thanx...it started as a photograph of me with one of those effects that make it look like a sketch.

I cut the head off that image and then pasted it onto a body of an image i created in paint. So the armor and helmet were my own design. Then i just tweaked it so it looks the way it does now.

That's just in paint. I wish i had Photoshop...



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Dude, i want one smile


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congrats, ner vod

well deserved...